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Dear Players,

Here is list of chat commands you can use to quickly access critical functions. To use a chat command, type it into your chat box in-game.

Switch to All Chat:

Switch to Buddy Chat:

Switch to Guild Chat:

Switch to Party Chat:

Privately message or whisper someone:
/whisper (Nickname) (Message)
/w (Nickname) (Message)
/dm (Nickname) (Message)
/pm (Nickname) (Message)

Invite someone to your guild:
/guildadd (Nickname)
/gadd (Nickname)

Leave your guild:
Go to Shubur at the Premium Shop in Elias and select "Leave Guild".

Invite someone to your party:
/partyadd (Nickname)
/padd (Nickname)

Leave your party:

Add someone to your buddy list:
/buddyadd (Nickname)
/badd (Nickname)

Remove someone from your buddy list:
/buddydel (Nickname)
/bdel (Nickname)

Add someone to your block list:
/block (Nickname)
/ignore (Nickname)

Remove someone from your block list:
/unblock (Nickname)
/unignore (Nickname)

Request a trade with someone near you:
/trade (Nickname)
/t (Nickname)

Request a duel with someone near you:
/pvp (Nickname)
/duel (Nickname)

Change channels:
/ch (Number)
/cc (Number)

Reset personal dungeons:

Reset party dungeons:



  • dalles5566dalles5566 Posts: 10Member Beginner
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    Interneting that we can use short phrase to chat.
    Ogp never told us this before.
    Nice work Papaya GM team.

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  • shaddurashaddura Posts: 19Member Beginner
    Yarr! I didn't know you could CC through chat until now; it's really useful!
    Thanks, Eris!
  • RPGproRPGpro Posts: 9Member Beginner
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    Every single emote also had a chat command associated with it, i.e. /wave ... you can experiment to find different ones or most (but not all) of them can be seen via hovering the mouse over them on the emotes skill menu. 

    There's also chat commands that can use any skills you have available BUT they involve long strings of seemingly random numbers and therefore aren't really practical or usable. 

    There's also /opensesame but that's only available to characters that learned it during season 1 soooo, no-one on this server can use it. 

    iirc there's also a chat command for opening each of the UIs, such as the guild menu, party menu, etc. Can't remember the actual commands though. 
  • BigAshBigAsh Posts: 570Member Intermediate
    I believe those just have regular hotkeys. 

    And you can set those up through the Options hotkey menu.

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  • [LT]Eris[LT]Eris Posts: 109LT Lead GM Trainee
    Two new chat commands /dr and /pdr are added following today's Aki City / Agni patch.

  • BigAshBigAsh Posts: 570Member Intermediate
    ^ Ooohh, that's actually pretty useful!

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