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Papaya, "Please note that the daily maximum amount of obtainable fruit drops must not be exceeded, and accounts caught exploiting the system will be banned permanently without prior warning". What is the max daily amount of fruits you are able to have, since this patch was suppose to increase the fruit drops and make the Battlefield earing obtainable? If it is the same amount as when the event started, you still cannot get the Sealed Battlefield Earing. If I do the regular solo dungeon bosses and max out fruits for the day (I still don't know what the max is now) and do a couple battlefield dungeons and get the fruits; you are going to ban my character permanently!!!!! Papaya please come up and implement common sense patches to your mistakes. Make the game fun to play, do not scare the player away in fear of being banned. Remember the fan base are the people spending money to support the game, if they are afraid of being banned they wont play the game, or spend money. Papaya hopefully you will read this, answer and clarify my question and implement a better solution.


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    Well, as the Game masters only speak nonsense, since if we see the numbers it is extremely difficult to get for example the final prize of 70 fruit ice shave (flakes) which is equivalent to 700 fruits piesas, and 3500 red Beans .

    The event started on 22-06-2017 and ends on 25-072017,
    Are total of 33 days, are 5, 3 dungeons, with only one free entry per day, a total of 3 fruits, one more dungeon, manirobrador secret passage in link, is free 4 more, would be 7 fruits free, and 1 Fruit more of the dungeon nunvice time, to complete 8 free.

     Then to get 9 more you have to pay approximately $ 0.95 per day buying in the tinued camouflage, a total of $ 31.35, total 7 for free and 9 paying $ 31.35 taking advantage of the event from the first day.

    What about countries that do not have access to forms of payment to get camouflages and Ib2 tickets?

    What about people who did not understand or did not start on time and do not have time to take advantage of every day?

    What about players who do not have money?

    What about the math that even if you use every day, have money and forms of payment, which is made with 17 fruits per day? Maybe 20 or 25 or 30?

     Taking into account that the fruit fall supposedly increased 7 days ago (05-07-2017), when the 4 places to get are in party, or for example in IB2 you have to pay to enter $ 1.8 approx for every 10 tickets, And when there are people who do not succeed, get neither one or 2, or 3 fruits, for every 10 tickets, and more time to dedicate.

    Many players have lives, family lives, tasks, jobs, boyfriends, pets, plants, so many aspects, and not being able to enjoy our favorite game for unfair events and no mathematical logic like this.

    Suppose there are 17 fruits per day (dgs Solos) but 13 fruits, but if we spent all day playing, about 16 hours entering 32 times in Ib2 an example only and spending in that time and about 6 $ per day only in IB2 + $ 33 per month of camouflage in dungeons alone.

    We see a summary:

    IB2 x 33 days: $ 6 x33 = 198 Dollars

    Dungeons only x 33 days: 0.95 $ X31.35 = Dollars

    Total = 31.35 + 198 = 229.35 Dollars + 18 hours of play for only = 30 approximate fruits per day X 33 days = 990 fruits, is this possible?

    No time to complete or complete this will be possible? Is this logical? That goes through the heads of the administrators? Will the game be fun or fair this way? And the life of each player in the daily life of their houses?

    You really do not feel like playing these events but we all need fun to recreate and get good items.

    Please extend the event about 3 months more, please and stop saying excuses, and if they are going to release an event plan it better, copiense of another game, I do not know, but do something good.

    Thanks for reading everything, for your attention, your time, see you later in the game.
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