StarOcean, 'Till the End of Time~

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Who we are

StarOcean is a level 12 Neutral Guild which was founded by StarBlade as an Order guild in 2010. The guild was originally founded on the principles of building friendship through raiding, questing and grinding support. Several years have passed since then, but our core values have still stayed the same.

What we aim to achieve

Our collective goal is to create a guild with an environment where members are free to express themselves without the fear of discrimination or other forms of harassment, provided that the said actions are deemed to be appropriate and acceptable by management and the guild as a whole.

We do all of this while having fun, whether it be running members through dungeons for gear or rep, slaying hordes of monsters for job advancements, lazing around town or while enjoying our guild crops, previously daily, which will return once there are a good supply of guild seeds available in the server.

In StarOcean, we aren't just members of a guild or a collective of high level players, we’re a family. Have you ever been the victim of harassment from other players in a high-level guild? Have you not felt as though the guild was your home, your family? I believe a guild is a place to call home, a place to gather with your friends, with people you consider your online family. This is Starocean. Now, members of our family have come and gone since 2010, but I want you to join our family, today. Part of an inactive guild but have some friends you don't want to leave behind? Bring them, we will accommodate you all.

Our Leader: Supermelee

Vice Leaders:

Credit to Chizu~

(More to come soon!)

As with any guild, we have rules which our members are required to adhere to, to maintain order and keep our members safe; failure to do may result in disciplinary actions depending on the severity of the infraction.

1. You're active! (if you’re going on a break/vacation, tell us!)
2. You're friendly and random
3. You can handle other random people
4. You don't constantly beg
6. You like to take part in events
7. You respect other guild members and other players in game
8. You welcome all other members as your family.
To promote guild participation and growth, we host a large variety of events, varying from Guild point races to Dot Nuri races. These events serve as a way to spur activity from our members, reward them for their participation and as a way of mixing up our mundane daily routines. 

Should a member have an idea for an event or contest, they are free to run it by either myself or one of the vice captains who are online. Once the event or contest has been approved, you may be eligible to seek additional funding from the guild.

Guild Discord:
Once joined, we can give you a link to our guild Discord server for easy voice chat.


  • RaySempaiRaySempai Posts: 2Member Beginner
    The Adventures Are Back With StarOcean C:
  • SuperEdwakSuperEdwak Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Guild Events

  • SkyleanSkylean Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Hey, w8ing for place in guild :) pm me if there will be free spot 'Skylean'
  • RaySempaiRaySempai Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Where All The Waves At o-o
  • sylverlightsylverlight Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Id like to join if i can. IGN: Sylverlight 
    I dont talk much cause im usually doing my own thing but i like to participate in what i can
  • NissavibesNissavibes Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I'd very much like to join your guild if possible! My IGN is Yukis. I just came back to LT and I'm very active when life lets me. I will let someone know if I am away or not. But I love to take part in events and other guild things.
  • Mcubas01Mcubas01 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hi i would love to join your guild. Im very active and came back to latale My IGN is XxKiritoxX. I love being include with guild activitys as well as hanging out with alike ppl.
  • CaethasCaethas Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Hello, I'd like to join the guild please. My IGN is Caethas :)
    i'm usually pretty quite unless spoken to honestly lol.
    but playing alone does get boring.
  • itsLitzyitsLitzy Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hello ! I'd like to join the guild too ! My IGN is itsLitzy :) See you soon ! =3
  • jackle34jackle34 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    I’m back active on LT again, and I’m looking to leave my inactive guild to join a more active one like this. I love doing events and I’m looking for people I can grind with!
    IGN: Ssaucyy LVL 187 Psykicker
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