ButtPirates - LGBT+ friendly guild with social and PVE focus (Neutral)

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ButtPirates is a newly-created guild, hoping to become a place for LGBT+ and supporting Latale players to get together and have fun playing and socializing in-game. You will be free to express your orientation and identity without worries here.

This is a beginner-friendly PVE and social guild at the core, so there is no level requirement, but chatting at least a little is definitely encouraged.
As we work together and the guild grows, the in-game bonuses and perks will also rise (Neutral guilds give attack bonuses).
A Discord group will also be made in order to more-easily communicate with offline members or for those who prefer voice chat.

The only rule is to respect everyone, and try to be active. If the guild becomes full, the activity requirement will become stricter (no more than once-a-week) to allow new members in.

If you would like to join, just add Kouki to your buddy list and send a whisper, and/or add me on Discord (Kouki#0418).


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    I'm not too familiar with guilds, but I would definitely be interested~ > v <b
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    Edit: Sorry for spamming your thread, had some issues with the site.
    Good luck to your guild!
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    I've sent you a PM about the plans so far for a new guild.

    I don't really know if I should believe you since you disliked my post for whatever reason, and spammed 3 replies in a row saying the same thing all in the same minute.
  • NaotohNaotoh Posts: 20Member Beginner
    i dont think any guilds are against LGBT but do you man LOL
  • pikangiepikangie Posts: 12Member Beginner
    That's likely true, but I think it's nice for there to be at least one that is openly supportive and will actively encourage support, conversations involving it (which may not be appropriate or appreciated in other guilds), and not risk having any members who may be anti-LGBT or not want to hear about it.
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    I was wondering if you are still recruiting <3? I sent you a request on Discord (PK#8674) and I couldn't post on here since mobile was wonky.

    You can also whisper/in game mail Aikou as well! Hope to hear from ya soon~
  • pikangiepikangie Posts: 12Member Beginner
    Yes, we are. :D
    I'll send you the Discord group link right now.
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    Not looking to join or anything (I won't really be active after 2 months or so, so can't really join guilds), but I just wanted to say that it's nice to see LGBT+ guilds being formed these days. This gives people who are unsure if their identity will be respected or not a safe place to go at least.

    While I'm not in that case though (bein' a plain ol' straight man), I know people who are, and who fight for it, and I agree with most of their ideas, too. So keep up the good job, and next stop, let's hope Actoz accepts to bring same sex relationships/marriage to LT!
    Hakusen : Judgment 200 (Still mad about that 198 > 197 rollback though.)
    KisekiKuroi : BA 189
    Makimoke : Will be BM 200 / SD 140 at end of event!

    If you need help or want to talk, I'll be glad to oblige.
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    Thanks! Actually it is not required to be identifying as LGBT+, as it's also for allies of LGBT+ people.

    It really would be cool to see more games with unrestricted marriage. XD Especially when the games take place in a fantasy world that shouldn't be completely bound by Earth traditions, and even many RL couples play as a same-sex couple (like my fiance plays as a female character in MMOs and is a straight cismale, and I know many female friends with bfs/husbands who do the same, as well as female friends playing as male characters lol).
  • MangobunnyMangobunny Posts: 1Member Beginner
    ooh I would love to join :) what times are you usually on? I tried adding you but it says player not found.
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