'Unregistered User'

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I see many of you posting about 'Unregistered User'

When you Migrated your account over to Papaya Play you would have needed to Merge it to your Papaya Play account.

For example;

Nexon Username : WarRock1
Papaya Play Username : WarRock2

You need to login with the username "WarRock2" which is your PapayaPlay Username and is the account you merged your Nexon WarRock account to.

Short version : Use your PapayaPlay ID to log into WarRock rather than the one you used at Nexon.

If you're still struggling to login then there must be an alteration with your migratin process and would need to contact the support team at Papaya Play. (Support Ticket)
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  • SodukinSodukin Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Sorry to say, but Support teams don't take the time to review submitted tickets.
    I've submitted 2 tickets regarding my account, 1 was 25 days ago, another 1 recently lasst week, but both aren't review still Open .
    i'm not flaming, just speaking the truth.

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