[HOW TO] Submit a Support Ticket

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Few simple steps showing you how to submit a support ticket here at Papaya Play!

Step 1;

Go to the
WarRock Website

Step 2;

Log In


Step 3;

Once logged into your account, go to the top right of your webpage and select 'Support'


Step 4;

Click 'Submit a Request' in top right corner of webpage.


Step 5;

Fill out the support form and await a reply from Papaya Play Support team.

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    Really nice topic, specially because I was looking for it and I didn't manage to find it (I did it in the end by myself though). And, by the way, I did not know that after the step 4 it comes the step 7 :)
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    I know. I was talking and typing at the same time and typed 7 but not feature to yet edit the post :-(
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    Thanks V0nndutch. I changed the step. Locked.
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