Fixes that WarRock needs - Amazing Little things to WarRock Great again

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Dear Papaya
First of all i want to congratulate you for amazing server ( less after kills , smooth experience)
and also new launcher where we can start warrock very easily
i hope you will implement "easy anti cheat" soon 
i am old player of warrock , playing this game from 6-7 years 
as we all know nexon was not so good company maintaining warrock 
i have some suggestions which are very little things but can improve this game a lot 

i will try to put this on Forums also but please consider this Important , with these steps we can make warrock a pleasant experience 
IMPORTANT steps---
1.)  Kicking -- if NIU is kicking someone , 
     Derb cant kick a player , we have to wait 
     this doesnt make sense ...every side should be able to kick a player individualy ...
     two sides should not affect each other
     also if you can remove waiting time 1/2 minute to kick another player aftr one being kicked that would be a great step !
     FFA kicking is also important as hackers come in room and start opking and we players cant do anything about this !! 
     Players who die Cant vote OR vote kick ....please fix this as we need to kick hackers/ovcers as soon as possible !!

2.) Changing Character--- Why we Need to die to change character like if im using medic and i wanna switch to Assault next round , why i cant 
    just select character to be choosen for next round , all other games have this option , only in warrock we can change character aftr dying !

3.) AFK ROOMS --  this is also a big problem master being afk , 20 minutes seems too long for room to get auto closed 
    we players dont know if the master is afk , and we wait for too long for room to get started ,
    please reduce the time to 5/8 minutes , people just gone to smoke/toilet leaving open rooms behind 
    this is just unnecessary frustation waiting for him to come back so please reduce the timings

4.)  Word Ban --- Normal words like "Hero" ,"Her" and many normal words are banned and replaced by "****" . this also doesnt make sense i know this has been done by nexon
     but please fix this !! 

5.) PM from ScoreBoard -- it would be great if we can Message a player in game just by pressing right click and message as we do 
    when game is not started !! 

6.) (OPTIONAL) Default Room Making level Limit -- Most of the hackers are low levels 1-20 level , so if by default room is created with the limit of 21+ 
    that would be great , because players dont think abt this while creating rooms , to get room on 1st page or they just make rooms in hurry ,
    no one bother to set a level limit , but if you can do this by default ,
    (IMPORTANT ) -- Give Freedom to non-premium players to change the level limit of the room , so any1 can set a level limit if a hacker is coming to room 
    again and again ! 

7.) (IMPORTANT) -- now player create room -Sniper only to play with Sniper guns , but some players start using 2nd slot -mp5k or smthing else to kill
    game is Useless after that because the main purpose of the room is destroyed . please add an option to create 3rd slot only /2nd slot only like 
    rooms , where we can limit which slot a player can use , also give an option to limit weapons to basic ( like m24) 

8.) Rooms fluctuate- this would be great if you remove Room fluctuation in room list while creating /deleting rooms 

9.) Live Hacker Ban - do something about hackers ,make atleast one admin online alaways so we can pm him and tell the name of the hacker 
    i personally write names of Obvious hackers (opkers,speed hackers, JUmpers) in the Lobby but that is just useless as no admin is online at that time !! 
    make a box in server UI where we can put name of obvious hackers and players can vote him as hacker , you admins can suspect players having low levels and high vote count 



  • CalipheCaliphe Posts: 5Member Beginner
    couldnt agree more! nice work :D
  • imtosszimtossz Posts: 6Member Beginner
    It's simple as you put it, but how much players will be kicked because they're just good ? 

    Do you even know how toxic the community is ?

    The reason im telling this is because this happens every day to good players..
  • Okapi147Okapi147 Posts: 6Member Beginner
    i totally agree everything that was listed should be done. see you in game bro / Okapi
  • creapygamescreapygames Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i remember on the old warrock they have some gm on they servers on banning bad guys :)
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