Latest Doala version?

DextruzDextruz Posts: 0Member Beginner
I have the 1.9 version of Doala but I can't seem to make it work with Papaya Latale. I keep getting an Error 0 with some Japanese writing. Not sure if there is a fixed version out or a hotfix for my version.


  • SewiusCatSewiusCat Posts: 50Member Beginner
    1.9a is the latest version I'm aware of.

    However I had a similar issue.  I found the problem was having the exe for doala in the LaTale folder.  If you install it anywhere else and point it to the LaTale client exe file when prompted it should work.
  • AmoxxcideAmoxxcide Posts: 0Member Beginner
    1.9 Does work, Just pretty glitchy as well as doesnt include the majority of release content 
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