Paper Moon

xKitsuxKitsu Posts: 10Member Beginner
Hi like most of you I used to play Lt years ago back on OGP 
I also had an art shop in the OGP forums ( I dont remember the name) 

I decided to give this another shot! 
I work as a tattoo artist in rl, 
whenever I'm not in the shop or on latale, im drawing! 

Preview of some of my sketches: 

Tanky AF birbs in Odin: [img][/img]

Im hoping to get the opportunity to draw people more since its not something I technically "enjoy" doing. 

Not a shop (yet) But wanted to see if anyone would be interested in my work :) 



  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
    For a second there i thought you learned how to edit posts and i was like, gurl how?

    Make Lumina hot please ty
  • xKitsuxKitsu Posts: 10Member Beginner
    Hey you wanna... leave a ref pic? 
    Or should i draw Lumina from memory? 

    Might end up drawing Cranbadook due to bad memory 
  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee

    Oh yeah, wanted approval first LOL. Ty Kitsyyy <3
  • Adm110Adm110 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    hmm; for a moment I actually thought this was a post about the anime soul eater O_O
  • xKitsuxKitsu Posts: 10Member Beginner
    A bit guilty for forgetting about this post. :'c 
    But on the bright side i have new work to share :D 

    I recently took part of Papaya's fan art contest! 
    maybe some of you will recognize the submission.
    but this is kind of the style id like to offer. 
    But the bigger question is.. is there a market for art on this server? 

  • BehoimiBehoimi Posts: 48Member Beginner
    Well... used to be some people who sold art for ely, like signs or avatar, idk know x3 but if you are good in something dont doit for free :3
    and i liked your pics :P
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