Lost my EXP+Dinnars after emergencial maintenance yesterday 09 August

Yesterday GM noticed they would have an emergencial maintenance for 30 minutes. But after this maintenance, I lost about 10-15%  EXP + Dinnars of my account! My level is not so easy to up anymore, so I would like to know if I will have it back because I spent a lot of time playing for those EXPs + Dinnars! Thanks! 


  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 280Member Intermediate
    They won't give the EXP back.
  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 393Member Intermediate
    Experience and Dinars cannot be given back because there is no trace of them when a Server crashes.
    Instead.. The WRCash can be given back because there is the transiction on the website.

    However, try to show your problem on the Help Desk: https://support.papayaplay.com/

    I wanna suggests to GMs when these mistakes happens , the only possible thing for "giving back" the lost EXP and DINARS is to put an Event.
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