Blessing Warp Stones?

whatever30whatever30 Posts: 0Member Beginner
I just returned to Dekaron after bidding farewell to 2Moons many years ago and I noticed a lot has changed. For example my inventory has been filling up with these Blessing Warp stones and I have no idea how to use/get ride of them?

Also is there a way to destroy Binded items? I'm almost completely out of space both in bank and inventory because of these.


  • h2obrrh2obrr Posts: 291Approved Member Intermediate
    Near the minimap there is an icon you click and can teleport to one of 3 maps of your level using one Blessing Warp(if Im not mistaken).

    Binded items: Some you can destroy by throwing it on the ground and some by selling to a NPC. Be care to not delete quest items.
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    The blessing stones can also be stacked to save space. Many items are stackable, so take advantage of that.

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