Game Guard Issue

babybakababybaka Posts: 55Member Beginner
There's this issue with GameGuard that makes it hard for LaTale to start. Whenever, I try to start the launcher, it says something like " GameGuard is running in the proccess. Please try again later or reboot your computer". Does anyone know a solution other than restarting the computer, it's a hassle to do that.  This issue occurs whenever I try to restart my client again because I've  been feeling laggy. Thank you in advance, for reading this.


  • NitschesNitsches Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I also got this sometimes and i thinks the only good solution for that is to quit the game really proprely, and restart it a bit later.. I also got this when i try to dc/rc instantly sooo maybe that create a bug from gameguard
  • ShmigamiexShmigamiex Posts: 4Member Beginner
    How exactly do you guys re-start your clients? I want to try to recreate the issue to see if I can solve it. 

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