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BodaffBodaff Posts: 14Member Beginner
I'm usually not much on these forums, because I have a lot of gripes with the design of the website and the inactivity of the forum itself, but I feel like I should leave some feedback on the recently released Iris Boxes in a place where it has at least some chance of being seen.

To cut to the chase, I'm extremely disappointed in them. Having played this game for over seven years, I'm used to runs of bad luck, but after I and two of my close friends went through a substantial sum of boxes (and money) without a single top tier prize (and no, primes are not "top tier"), it's very clear to me this isn't a run of bad luck. These boxes are simply poorly designed with awful rates for top level prizes.

And considering the price of these boxes (over $1 a shot), it is absolutely unacceptable that you can go through boxes in the triple digits of amounts without a top roll, especially when there's a significant variety of possible 'top rolls.'

I fully understand that these boxes are designed in such a way that you're always getting relatively valuable, useful items, even if you're not getting top prizes. I can acknowledge and appreciate this design philosophy. However, as a consumer and fairly high level spender, know that at the end of the day, people like me buy these boxes for their top prizes. And if they're unreasonably out of reach, I'm not interested in the gamble.

I know this box won't be changed, and that's not what I'm asking. I'm simply asking for this feedback to be forwarded to the developers: these boxes are too stingy and it's leaving players like myself and my friends very frustrated  I will not support boxes designed with unrealistic top prize drop rates.

Thanks for the read.


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    Sounds like someone didn't pray to RNGesus.

    Seriously though. I feel ya feel. I see top tear prizes like pets being given in relatively few numbers through the walls of green in the server chat box.  And as expensive as those boxes are, it's a shame that most of it involve receiving a dismal payout.

    Buuut, this is LaTale. And the game its self is one large gamble. You know this already.


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  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
    I originally started this server with the intention of never buying gamble boxes, after my one and only try with these boxes after reconsidering, I realize i was right.

    One thing ill give papaya credit for is that they're adding other pets through direct buy. And thus, an alternative to gambling for progression. So at least there's still some reason for me to charge. 

  • FurrylovesFurryloves Posts: 8Member Beginner
    My sentiments exactly, granted I've opened far less, only 60 in my case, I feel the box percentages are simply too much. While like you said I doubt they will get fixed in any way, I would like to suggest what most other companies do PaPaya, and implement a "Pity Timer"on gamble boxes.

    Allowing every 10th, 15th or so box to have a guaranteed "top tier prize" (we really need a better word for this, i.e "Legendaries or "Epics" or what have you) following suit would no doubt help bring Papaya and actoz more money through guaranteed "top tier" rolls as players would be able to achieve a top tier roll for a fixed amount. Make it so there is more than 1 top tier prize (which there usually is anyway), let's say a pool of 5-10 top tier prizes; they would still have to spend a lot of money if they wanted them all, but it wouldn't feel like a complete waste, and would allow for community building through trading of un-wanted or duplicate top tier prizes (provided they're tradable...which they should be, always.)
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  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
    The certificate system can  be re-tooled to do almost that, if it was changed from the current list to the top prizes of the current box.

    Kinda like sparking in granblue (getting enough sparks to auto claim a SSR weapon), it wouldn't be cheap since i know papaya wants the $$$, but at least spenders wouldn't get the "completely screwed" feeling and stop altogether. knowing they'll eventually be compensated.
  • BodaffBodaff Posts: 14Member Beginner
    The current problem with the certificate system is that they come too few and far between. I am not exaggerating when I say that $200 in boxes would be unlikely to get you 100 tickets.

    I don't necessarily blame papaya for any of this. The current box rates and their contents are likely 100% the work of LT developers, and they need to be made aware we don't really like how this system is currently working. Substantially higher rates on certificates would be lovely, but in the end I don't think it really solves the root of the issue where the things you actually want are basically out of the question at all times.

    Like, you can't put a value on "I can spend this much to get the new pets from the gamble box," because you're more than likely simply not going to get them no matter how much you spend. And that's a really unsatisfying way to run a cash shop.
  • VoltStarVoltStar Posts: 41Member Beginner
    Ive bought quite a bit of LTC so far, and I just simply refuse to touch the gamble boxes.  They are just too expensive for their payout. 

    Another game that I've played (not gunna name it, idk if thats against the rules here or not, so w/e) BUT!  In this game, once you open 70 boxes you are guaranteed a top tier prize from any given box.   It would be really nice to know that we could get a guaranteed top prize from these boxes after X amounts of pulls. 
  • DevillAngellDevillAngell Posts: 53Member Beginner
    I opened quite a lot of em boxes and all i got is junk... i think the rng systam is 2 cruel and makes many people quit... i was considering quiting after opening them... i wish i could atleast get the almighty that is not tradable so i feell like i got somepayout not the syrup coupons and stuff thats ... unwanted and cheap ><
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