Finishing what I started!

CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
Helloo, I did this thing for OGP shutting down where I wanted to draw as many characters of my friends characters as possible in one big picture.

I grossly overestimated he amount of time getting that many people into one picture took, combined with my lack of free time, and i ended up not getting a lot of people I wanted in there. I was dissappointed in myself.

However, I decided to pick myself up after a break. I hate not living up to my word. So I'm just gonna drop off chibis of everyone I couldn't get to here at a much more relaxed pace. I can put a lot more into them individually since I'm not on a deadline, and of course, its good practice. Thank you for your patience guys, and to everyone else. thanks for looking!


More to come!


  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee

    ... -swats at random circle in the corner-
  • MiumimiMiumimi Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Oh boy! I just noticed your post. It's been awhile since i've Logged in forums. Sorry, Recee Q A Q
    It's ok If you didn't make it, This little Miumi is cute enough to me. I love it! ♥
    Thank you for taking the time to draw her, Recee 8 v 8 /

  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
    I'm really glad you like it! Was worried i missed my chance to show you,phew.... Thank you for letting me draw your qt char!
  • AmakuniAmakuni Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i remember your img posts on the discord nice that you kept doing them!
  • CyrilicCyrilic Posts: 109Member Trainee
    Hello there, Thank you!  I don't recall ever posting my art on the LT discord... and there's only 2 other servers i have. Interesting.
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