Want an active guild?

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Hey guys, new "threader" here

I've recently joined back this month from being absent from the game for about 8 years now.
It really was a nostalgic moment for me and I was excited to come back with a better equipped computer.
I joined a few guilds and realized that game's community wasn't the same as it used to be, however that didn't mean that it can't change.

After joining a few guilds I really wanted that community of the old game back so a friend and I decided to make a new guild with the only requirement of playing 3-5 times a week consistently. I know most old players now have jobs and families LOL but if you really do love this game and want to join an active and friendly guild, please join us. We are on average about lvl 170s.

Just one more thing, it'd be nice if you were able to type english ^^

Guild Name: Gas Monkey Garage
Pm me
IGN: SilentDoom
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