I got finished with my daily runs a bout a hour earlier so i was going my old screenshots

UmbreonlegendUmbreonlegend Posts: 10Member Beginner
https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/644370215575375699/08141EB34F94FE890A73ABC9FA4D3D14ABFD0B27/ ;

i cant believe its been 3 years since ive made my arc master Lol! -to be honest i think it might be 4 i just know this screenshot is atleast 3years old

boi i miss this gem for the simple fact i had duo it and it was 25/380 something i was hype about it xD

i have so many screenshots of this noob and me together that its crazy and i mostly only did it to update myself we was just together during that time lawl i wonder if she stills play if anyone knows let me know bruh wouldnt mind hanging out with her again to be honest i doubt that would happen i usually do daily and afk busy busy busy

and now for the final screenshot my last screenshot i took on latale -keep in mind i reached like lvl217 on latale -yes i cant stand it was a uneven number- but it was my final screenshot 

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