Bug of New Seed of Dream Random Box

nando02nando02 Posts: 0Member Beginner
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Hello ,

My nickname in game is IntelCore. 

I am collecting all days the tix of Mid-Autum Festival.

When i got 25 i took The New Seed Of Dream Random Box and it says  ( 10 EA ). But it came only 1...

Please check it.

Best Regards,  and thanks.


  • sexstarzsexstarz Posts: 40Member Beginner
    Are you sure you're on the right forums? We have no such thing as "The New Seed of Dream Random Box" on WarRock...
    Ooooops, you're gone! Shocked?
  • phca91phca91 Posts: 15Approved Member Beginner
    I had the same problem. I bought 2x.
    Would love to be compensated with the missing 18x boxes. 

    IGN: Daylen
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