Forced Termination/GameGuard Issues



  • MorphemMorphem Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Same problem
    Game freeze or deco after 15mn
  • UWO0001UWO0001 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    My Game wont even start... GameGuard scans memory and shuts all processes in vicinity, and after that just dissapears... But when I uninstall UWO totally GameGuard seems to work some how, and can be deleted only manually after PC restart...
    What am I missing? Is there any other software I must install to get the dam' GameGuard work properly?  
  • bassist5520bassist5520 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    i cant login time to time.. and sudden big lag in game. when i disconnect i cant login anymore. i cant login totally idk if server is down or what. they should have a server status on this forum/website..... can u guys  login?!
    I'm not a Nerd just loves to play.
  • bassist5520bassist5520 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    Now i cant login completely.. idk if its server down or what..  they should have a server status thing.  and i keep getting red ring and DC'ed . getting tired of this  :(
    I'm not a Nerd just loves to play.
  • KajdaxKajdax Posts: 2Member Beginner
    please tell me you solved the problem with forced termination of uwo,
    you wont see any of my money until the game is going to be without any problem like before update 2 weeks ago

  • KajdaxKajdax Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Game freezes after 15 minutes... Problem started after last update, 2 weeks ago
    So when is Papaya going to solve the problem? 
    I reinstaled the game, tried to set compatibility, nothnig is working
  • john1029john1029 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    My game runs fine until maybe 10 minutes in each time. Then it freezes and I have to end task in Task Manager. Disappointing as I was looking forward to getting back to this game. 
  • DebbiedoDebbiedo Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Can not even login.. played all morning , now gamguard never opens:(

  • AirhaunAirhaun Posts: 182Member Trainee
    Experiencing same problems. Losing connection and getting DC'd intermittently, sometimes right after logging in, to as long as 15 min. after login. This is a recent problem, game ran find up until around Nov. 30th.
  • AirhaunAirhaun Posts: 182Member Trainee
    I've tried 12 different things to try and fix this issue with no luck.  Papaya, it seems my conx to your server gets frequently causing disconnect.  Running a ping -t shows "request timed out" and "Destination host unreliable" occurring as I get booted from game every 5, 10, 60 minutes.

    Has anyone who's had this problem been able to resolve it?
  • windancer34windancer34 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    wow...least I now know its not just me that is getting a "Forged Gameguard"???? wonder if papaya got hacked with some form of ddos attacked or whatever? idk and idrc...i was having fun with the game..but i guess till y'all get the problem fixed...and the fixed fixes fixed...guess ill stay off of uwo a while...kinda bites...ah well....maybe ill see everyone at a later time...maybe not...idk....

    ~ShadowJester aka RhelmRat

    Only time will tell...
  • AirhaunAirhaun Posts: 182Member Trainee
    After much work I think I've finally fixed my disconnecting problem and thought I'd share incase it helps someone else. I had to change the wifi band settings on my computer from dual band (2.4ghz & 5/5.4ghz) to use only the 2.4ghz band.  I tried using just 5ghz and back to dual band and I'm able to recreate the problem of intermittent conx and dc'ing.  Turns out some of the older machines have a hard time with the newer 5ghz band.

    Hope that helps anyone who's still struggling with this. I dealt with getting kicked from server every 10min. - 60min. for nearly a month and was def. a game killer.

    Steady as she goes...
  • CulvernCulvern Posts: 646Member Intermediate
    I will give this a try Airhaun and will report back if it helps out.
  • DestryDestry Posts: 40Member Beginner
    Not sure what it is about UWO/Gameguard, but my laptop often won't turn off anymore after I play. Other issues I have when/after playing UWO, are webbrowser (opera) stops working, other programs can't start, disconnects, and sometimes restarting UWO freezes the computer. I never had these issues before (during OGP and NM times) and I also don't have these issues when I don't play UWO. 

    Now, each time after playing UWO, I often have to forcefully shut down the laptop in order to use it normally again. This takes away my motivation to play :S

    Anyone know of a solution? I don't get pop-ups from gameguard though, so I don't know what I should put in a support ticket...
  • EcklairEcklair Posts: 2Member Beginner
    I follow this topic from the first day when they made it. I have exactly same problem like for Destry mentioned (on regular pc not on laptop), and i played 2 days when i said i dont care the game if Gameguard doing this, i won't play.
    My only question, is anyone here got any answers? Because here i dont really see it, so for me seems papaya is pretty ignorant about the problem.

    All what i found on the net gameguard doing this quite a long ago with certain ppl, who are enough "lucky".That's just one thing i can't play and i miss events whatever, but for me seems pretty unacceptable that in January still exist this problem.
    So please tell me at least they do try to solve this thing. I start to believe the game and the people don't even matter.
  • Spiritt925Spiritt925 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    GameGuard shut my PC in Blue screen of Death.... 
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 636Member Intermediate
    Game became too instability lately.

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    I also got the line is congested messages often, 2;2/2;3/3;3 error, abrupt close without warning, and non-responsive when I clicked on sail or gate occasion.
  • Live4uwoLive4uwo Posts: 29Member Beginner
    Just have no clue why, but lately since month till now sudden 2:2 disconnections happens very often and it is getting really annoying. This has no Gameguard issue it is just sudden 2:2 disconnection and while doing BR's with mean opponents disco is very very annoying speaking in getting ship/item damage or lost melee battle and being item plunder till coming back ingame again. Before few months ago disco's were not so often but nowadays they are getting more and more. Why? I don't think these are issues about too many people are connected to servers and thus misc disco's are needed to release server's "breathing". And think PP should do lot more than now to settle such annoying errors because they are very discouraging for people to do "work" like adventuring/BR-ing/trading plus such errors helps a lot for people's quitting play or even bringing new and fresh players into game. Plus something....if server buff will goes on all the time like it was on ogp with constant 50 or 100% add people would do a lot more valuable "jobs" like more investments/more trading/more adventuring/more br-ing and all that will helps a lot for game prosperity; which sadly is not happening now. 10% cheque handling, low or no % buff especially for newcomers, disconnections, 3 pirate gems for newcomers and time limited daily login rewards...these are not things to inspire most of the people to enjoy or welcoming to play this nice game. Suggest  to Papaya: start working on better game stability and to make game attractive to current and new players; 10%cheque/low no buffs/low or no events are just not  the way.
  • sgamirulsgamirul Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Hi, I can't download any patche (still at v1.00) and whenever it downloads the patch, at 60% an error pops with the message "An error has occurred during file update . (320:32) GVOLnchr.bin" I require assistance on this.

    Thank you
  • GrenianGrenian Posts: 14Member Beginner
    I'm having issues where every so often my PC locks up and gives blue screen of death. This happens with no other game and must be UWO or anticheat. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed in over 2 years.
  • uwoplay624uwoplay624 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    The game worked perfectly for me until today. Tried to run the game but keep getting 'Failed to connect to server (-2)' and game crashed after trying to start game. Tried a few more times and I was able to get to the server selection page but it always end up 'Did not receive response on World info due to line congestion or server failure'. Any clues as to what is happening here? 
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