How Do Enemies Disable Your Number Key Attacks?

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It's a good question. I am new to the game. I leveled up past 100 over some several days. I was wondering how the opponent players disable your keyboard numbers.

Side Note: Does the DK armor do anything extra for you? Does it cost real money? There are a lot of unlabeled parts to actual cost as opposed to a different set of points. I may be confused. I plan to rank up to those levels one day.

Many thanks


  • ulliklliwiulliklliwi Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner

    To disable keys its a skill the character has.
  • frkx1337xxfrkx1337xx Posts: 22Approved Member Beginner
    There are certain skills in the game that have the ability to "disable your number keys", such as 

    segnale 135 skill "Curse Blizzard" ,
     segnale sleeps, segnale menta step 2 crimson empress tree , 

    segreaper has 3 of them, (I don't play a segu so I don't know how they are called) there are 3 short attacks that throw a thing at you and also stun you for a short while if they don't miss, 

    Azure Knight lv 102 skill also has that effect for 2 - 3 seconds

    Aloken Judgement Step (level 82) has that effect for 2 - 3 seconds

    Concera summoner also has 1 - 2 skills that can have that effect if they don't miss

    These are all that I could think of on the spot, there are probably more. 

    And about the DK Square Armors, you can buy them +0 or +7 for points gained by winning DK SQ. 
    The buff effects of the DK SQ Set only work in the DK SQ servers
    The - monster damage tolerance works on normal servers as well ( if you go in a dungeon wearing the dk sq set it will be harsh regardless of your level).

    Hope this helps. 
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    well such skills is called debuffs which do some things like some debuffs block you from use skills for few seconds or put you on sleep or reduce your resistance to some types of attacks or put you on bleeding you can try skills on duel and ask a friend to see what the effect so you understand a lot about them 

    and about dk square parts or necklaces they work on dk square equipping them in normal maps make you weak to mobs easy die on mobs cause they reduce your monster tolerance which you needed in farming 
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