350WRC for Pumpking Grenade?

Normally the prices for items are absolutly ok, but 350(3,50€) for Pumpking or Skull Grenade? Thats hard expensive!


  • KelKowKelKow Posts: 6Member Beginner
    it is ! expensive. also, the medic nade slot 5 was 500 dinar and now it is like 2000? like are y srs?
  • [HGM]Cheerful[HGM]Cheerful Posts: 122WR Game Master Trainee
    edited January 19
    Hi there,

    Thank you both for the suggestion. We may implement it for next year's Halloween update. In addition, I could discuss with the team why the price of the grenade for 5th slot has been increased.
    Update: We decided to increase some prices, but we also decreased others. Why? Because we believe that some of them were extremely expensive whereas others were almost free.

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