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My blog Ali's Plunder is still up and will be updated regularly now that I have returned to the game.  Contributions are always welcome!

Alianore (Former CA, Deputy Director of Casa_da_India)



  • AlianreAlianre Posts: 52Member Beginner
    I am working on two new updates for the blog, you will find them as *works in progress* and any submissions are welcome!

    *Pet Acquisitions on Land
    *Land Battle Plunder
  • AlianreAlianre Posts: 52Member Beginner
    *Work in Progress*  If you are not interested in making all of the pet food for the A Form of Love Memorial Album, my pet has collected the food while collecting/procuring in several locations.  I have included this in my blog, but the following foods can be found by your pet:

    • Bamboo Leaf**: Loess Plateau, Yellow River Downstream, Yuntaisha West
    • Live prey (cricket): Edo North
    • Live prey (earthworm): Copan River North Shore, Northeast Guatemala, Northwest Copiapo, South America Southwest Coast
    • Mixed food: Copan River North Shore
    • Mixed Pet Food (meat)**: Island of Sumatra Southwest Coast
    • Mixed Pet Food (vegetables)**: Lake Baikal Region, Sea of Okhotsk
    • Cactus Steak**: Gulf of Mexico Southwest Coast, Inland Yucatan Peninsula, Mayan Lowlands, Southeast Veracruz, South Veracruz, Southwest Merida
    • Provender**: Nagasaki North
    • Peeled Seeds: West Indian Coast, Bay of Bengal North Coast, Himalayan Region
    • Eucalyptus Leaves**: Australia Northwest Coast
    • Cut Fruits: Island of Java North Coast
    • Meat balls**: Africa South-Southwest Coast, Africa Southwest
    • Hay: Africa North Coast
    ***Memorial Album Food
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    I like the idea of land plunder. I’ve been trying to get the firearms enhancement book from Hobart for days :/
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