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    Nov 20th (Day 34)

    spent the morning collecting honey and
    made another 800 Poupelin Trees for the company, I used mysterious spices to
    get the R16 needed to make the Poupelin trees and made R14 base while doing it.   Will go back to NA and make some deerskin +1unlock
    +1 trap boots and spend the evening working swordplay. traps and plunder as a
    thief.  The boost for thanksgiving in
    North America is back. Every day I will be collecting and producing goods there
    as well as doing land battles.


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    Nov 21st, (Day 35)

    came back to Europe to work on last two
    adventure skills/appraisal and theology. I want to get to the Ruin Explorer
    job, but will need Theo R7 and to do a bunch of quests.

    Picked up the Priest Job card to help with that.  While
    trying to get a theology quest going towards Istanbul, I accidentally got the Court Gardener Job Quest and took it.

    It will take me to the Caribbean, where
    I will make a few more unlock boots and do a few (100) land battles, while I am


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    Nov 22nd (Day 36)

    The Thanksgiving festival in NA is over.
    No more easy adventure XP for collecting.

    Working on Theology to get R7 and take
    the quest chain to become a ruins explorer.

    Ran into KillaDub (Pirate) camping
    outside of Istanbul. I could have waited or used a flag. I did not let it stop
    me. It cost me 30 seconds, 0 coins, 1 life preserver and 3 MCCTs as he was in a
    cannon ship. No time to waste or complain about pirate, when I am in adventure
    mode. If he was in a galley type ship, I would have to go back into town and
    store anything I did not want plundered. 
    My deck battle is not too shabby and my storage is R9. If I ever do get
    meleed, I will test my deck battle skills. So far I have 22 Techs, 16 Traps and
    6 weapon Techs. Otherwise I made no changes and keep sailing.

    Japanese Katanas 60k in Seville Bazaars,
    Saori 80k, Huzhou Brushes 100k Nutmeg/Mace 46k.

    Same deal happened again with Benbolt
    outside of Istanbul. He tried to melee me and i tried to deck battle him 2
    times. I was obstructed and was going to lose and get plundered, but his aide
    which he called in accidentally critically shot me and sank me before the 3rd
    melee round, which would have reduced me to 0 sailors. haha.

    lucky <(")))< Me.

    Picked up the Treasure Hunter Job Quest,  while
    continuing to work the Ruin Explorer Chain. The guides say I will need 30k
    adventure fame to pull the final quest.


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    Nov 23rd. (Day 37)

    Japanese Rifles 75k, Saori 80k,
    Nutmeg/Mace 45k, Huzhou Brushes 100k

    Made 6th Knight. Can finally upgrade to
    R3 Quarters and when it is done, I will pick up a 4th aide to sail with men and
    put one of my current aides in the Aide Fleet.

    I finally completed my mini goal to
    complete all of the adventure skills to R6 minimum.

    So I have the 6 basic archive skills
    (not astronomy), the 3 search methods and unlock all at R6+.  Next I will focus on getting the last of the
    Merchant skills to R6 which is Alchemy. The alchemy quest requires R13
    handicrafts which I just completed today, but there is a pre-quest that
    requires Search R11 and Appraisal R13.  I
    will have to use a founder reward +3 adventure skill to get.

    I have not done a decent search of
    Seville shops in a while, so I will do some ship building and use the time with
    my alt to search for certain items. I want to get a secrets and Ultimate sword
    book, which are rare plunder items. I am also looking for an improved rope
    book, a processed lumber book, or a metalwork book,  which are key for ship building. I am also
    looking for + Alchemy items at a discount, (Emerald tablet for 70M, or academic
    Tam at 100M is a bit too much). Lastly I try to pick up cheap PO 1-3's for 650k
    -700k each. When people want a fast sale, that Is what they sell for, PO 4's
    maybe 800k.

    I found +15-16 Special Rolled Steel
    armor for 10m each! They usually go for 100M

    Found a modified Transport Clipper with EA for 120M (requires 58 Trade to sail)
    and purchased it.
    my ship speed is increased from 301/382  160/160 to  317/371 0/200 ship Handling Proficiency.  it will have another  +40/+5 when i am 200/200.  I will have to sail back to VeraCruz to pick
    up navigation to start skilling as I will need Navigation R8 to work the
    Emergency Acceleration skill.

    Cargo is now 767/492 Alt 857/464  Max cargo 2580


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    Nov 24th (Day 38)

    gave up Alcohol Trading R6 to pick up a
    language skill. Esentially I have to do a quest that requires 3 languages. I
    will keep Alcohol trading on my alt. More Ship building and appraisal quests
    and maps today.  Passed 300
    discoveries.  Appraisal is R7+3 items+3
    founders reward. Search R7+1 item +3 founder reward. I will try for the last
    alchemy prequest tomorrow. I also have Biology at R7+2item and will try for the
    xxxxx job quest again, even though my adventure fame is only 18k.  If it does not work, I will have to do some
    land charting first.

    The plan in the last 4 days of bonus
    skills xp is

    1) 1 day of Ship building R8->R9

    2) 1 day to get alchemy job quest and
    work on Alchemy. (possibly get naturalist job quest too)

    3) 1) day to work on Alchemy and get it
    as far as I can.

    4)1 day of land/sea battling to work on
    plunder, throwing, swordplay, assault

    if there are any breaks, i will work on
    investing and sociability, and crafting / management by making wine into lime

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    xxxxxx Naturalist Job quest.
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    Did I really not post for 6 days?!? wow.

    Nov 25th (Day 39)

    I spent the morning prepping materials
    for the job quests. Have Seal of salamander and vodka ready, picked up Italian
    and 200 QMP's just in case.  I have
    enough culture/coins/hammers to buy another 150 QMP's just in case too!

    Picked up the philosopher's stone after
    10 QMP's, and took 1 minute to complete the quest.  I am off to a good start.

    Found out the modified Transport Clipper
    is storm proof. Wave Resistance 11. Nice! I didn't even look before, I just
    assumed it was not.

    Tried 50QMP for the alchemist quest, but
    think my Adventure fame (only 17k is too low)

    I will turn on a fame booster and do
    some mapping and try to cross 30k adventure fame by tonight and then try again.

    End of day, not close on Fame. Only 22k
    fame. I will turn in lots of discoveries tomorrow and see how far I get.  Charted 28 sea zones.  I did manage to get my Mangement skill to R6.  Saw pepper in a Bazaar for 35k. Nutmeg/Mace
    40K, Katana 58k Saori 85K, Huzhou brush 100k.

    Personal note. I went to see Yiruma (a
    piano player) in concert this evening.

    I like to have his music in the
    background when I work.


    50/58/48, Fame is 22k, 64k, 98k (184k

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    If you watched the video, that is his
    music, but not him playing, this is an duet version with nature sounds in the

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    Nov 26th. (Day 40)

    Pulled overfat goose and Demon bones
    from Cape with 22k fame so I am close. Took overfat goose first to stay in the
    area.  Fishing hit R15, while charting

    Charted 38 total sea zones and did
    several high level geography quests. I also reported the majority of non port
    discoveries to make the 30k adventure fame. Used 30 QMP, no luck, Tried a 10qm
    destination Permit and it worked first try. 
    to get "Natural History Treatise" and the Naturalist job card. After that, " Learning from Paracelsus"
    the Alchemy job quest only took 3QMPs.  Completed the Alchemy Job quest and
    spent the rest of the day collecting hemp in Jaffa to make paper and books.  There is no paper to buy in Beruit. Either
    you have to be Dutch or the city is not developed enough. I collected the items
    needed for the Memorial Album "Alchemy Primer" and picked up the
    Basic Alchemy Secrets book from Paracelsus. By the end of the day I was R4

    50/58/48 - 30k,64k,98k fame.

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    Nov 27th 
    (Day 41)

    Today I will work on Alchemy, 28th will
    be ship building, and 29th sea/land battles.

    Stuck at R5 Alchemy, I need a +1 to make
    gold. Those 80M-100M +1 Alchemy items are starting to look like they were
    priced right.  I was collecting materials
    to make an academic Tam +1 Alchemy Item when I finally found an Emerald Tablet
    for 50M in an aide Bazaar in Seville. Now I can go collect hemp to make 1000
    rare books and go make gold in the North Sea area.

    Well today was a total bust. I
    collected 10,000 hemp, 10,000 black mud, 10,000 cedar and 10,000 rocks. I only
    kept the hemp to make 3300 paper. The paper i turned into 1100 western books
    and 2200 paper, which i eventually turned into 1100 rare books at Paracelsus.  I then went to London to set up a bazaar and
    collect sulphur and copper.

    On my first attempt to make gold, I find
    that John Dee does NOT have the recipe yet.

    What a waste.  I will be stuck at R5+1 Alchemy until it
    shows up and it will take much longer to level without the restart bonus.  Sigh.

    Ended up working on Cutters. Completed
    cutter #140 this evening.

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    Nov 28th 2017 (Day 42)

    I have the feeling that the restart
    bonus will end at 2pm tomorrow rather than at midnight, since there will be an
    update at 2pm.  I better finish my SB R9
    and get working on my throw/Trap/Plunder/Assault/Tactics.


    worked on SB for the afternoon, got to
    schooner #174. I am close to R9 SB.

    I will work up my land battle skills.
    Hopefully there is time to get them from R3-4 to R6.

    I brought a bow, axe, sword, spear and
    throwing dagger. I gave up a language slot to get Alchemy, but I want to get Arms
    and think that I should give up ballistics for it. I had ballistics R10+ last
    age and always had it in the skills bookshelf. It was really only needed to get
    Cannoneer and Sr. Officer jobs. Since I have them both already, I think it is
    the perfect candidate to dump.  I got
    throw and trap to R6 and the three R1 throw techs.. I will go back to Europe
    and set up for BR in the Caribbean.


    Started a BR , but arms skill won't
    level. I don't have anything on my ship that requires arms. My battle ship has
    no skills at all, and my regular clipper only has EA, which only needs

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    Nov 29th. End of restart bonuses.  This is roughly Day 43 of the new
    "Maris" age.


    Too late to change to Navigation. It is
    the last half day of restart bonus.  So I
    will stick with completing the battle report "antilles" in the Caribbean.
    Then change to land battles in Pirate job to maximize assault and plunder. 

    I am still sailing my beat up La Reale.
    I am level 49 maritime now and the ship only requires level 32.  The ship is so beat up that it has 310
    durability, which i believe is the minimum. Sometimes when i fight I can get
    sunk if the pirates get a critical hit on me!

    I did not finish my BR before the 2pm
    update time rolled on in. 

    Since the restart bonuses focused on
    levels under 40 and skills under R9 this has been my focus as well. During the
    restart I have gotten approximately 40
    skills to R6 or better. 
    I will list
    the skills in a separate post.


    For the rest of the day I worked on making money, put some 22/25's
    sails in a bazaar and then started to pick up the items needed to unlock Trade
    level 60+. Unfortunately the Jade ring is not available in Trujillo yet as it
    is under developed.  I did fine one for
    sale for 20M in Seville.  Some other
    country must have developed their Caribbean port and bought extras.

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    Nov 29th Day 43 Status Report

    Sail Handling 10

    Survey 9

    Geography 6

    Ecological Research 6

    Procure 8

    Fish 14

    Recognition 6

    Collection 9

    Search 7

    Unlock 6

    Archeology 6

    Theology 6

    Biology 7

    Art 6

    Appraisal 6

    Throwing 6

    Trap 6


    Accounts 4

    Food Trading 7

    Spice Trading 8

    Textile Trading 10

    Fabric Trading 7

    Mineral Trading 8

    Wares Trading 7

    Cooking 14

    Sewing 14

    Casting 13

    Caution 9

    Body Language 6

    Frugal 7

    Storage 9

    Sociability 5

    Handicraft 13

    Management 7


    Swordplay 7

    Plunder 4

    Assault 5

    Gunnery 8

    Accuracy 8

    Reloading 6

    Penetration 6

    Repair 9

    Shipbuilding 8

    Tactics 5


    Deleted skills

    Alcohol Trading 6

    Perfume Trading 5

    Metal Trading 2

    Livestock Trading 5

    Rowing 6

    Ballistics 5


    50/58/49 Fame 30k/64k/100k Rank, Lower
    5th Knight.

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    Nov 30,


    Wow, got an academic Tam +1 alchemy for
    10M. Nice!

    Spent the day making,  boots to sell and vigor food. I am still low
    on both cash and vigor food.  I will have
    to take some time to think of what to do next. 
    Open ports? Chart Sea and Land zones?, Work Adventure skills? Land
    battle skills? Refine my four production skills? humm...  The only thing it will not be is Maritime,
    unless I find a decent level 45-51 maritime ship for sale.

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    Dec 1st, 2017 (Day 45)

    time to help my company. I will do a bit
    of re-organization. I need honey to process the last of the poupelin into trees
    and make an open space in the company shared storage.  We/they are working on level 3 buildings so
    they need a lot of stone and lumber. I will look to fill up the company storage
    there as well.  Easy stuff. Set up for
    honey collection in Salonika and go afk to set up rl house decorations.

    Nutmeg/Mace 40-42k in bazaars.  EA goods from 65k-90k mostly.


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    December 2nd, (Day 46)

    Nutmeg/Mace 38-40k in bazaars. EA goods
    are the same and vary from 65k-90k.

    I will spend the morning doing ship
    building so i can think for a bit on what I want to do next. I am starting at
    180 ships completed and from my previous notes of last age It took me 1178
    ships to get to R16 ship building. Ended the day on ship #216 and SB R9.


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    December 3, (Day 47)

    I bought a Long Merchant Schooner for
    100M with EA. I will go to Bahai to learn Management and skill it to R8 which I
    will need to use this ship skill. I have another week or 2 before i can even
    sail the ship. I need to get to Merchant level 65 first.

    I also found a LargeTransportClipper
    with some speed and cargo upgrades (+105V/+20H, 820 cargo) to it. it was enough
    to buy it and sail it for a couple weeks while i get to level 65. My speed now
    with sails is 412/388.

    I spent the day collecting oil and
    making boots for sale; leather from Porto/Cattle from Malaga, boots from Tunis,
    veg oil from the outskirts of Salonika. I went through 60 pairs, +2400 veg oil
    and 2400 leather to get 4 pairs to +50def. No wonder nobody is selling them. Eight
    hours of collecting to do that. I really need to get the improved
    offence/defense college skill to make anything decent.

    I found bastard swords on sale for 10M
    in a Seville bazaar so I bought one and completed
    the Artificer/Mechanic job quest.
    This sword can only be made with a rare
    NPC book drop Sword training Secrets. If i see one for sale for 100m I will buy
    it. It is 1 of the two books needed to make 100a Flambergs, Rapiers and
    Yatagan. Interesting note, the Rapier and Yatagan were both featured on "Forged in Fire."

    Helped a company mate open mid and lower


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    Dec 4th, Day 48.

    I am short on cash after buying ships
    and other goods from the bazaars. SEA is safe waters, so I will take a trip out
    to SEA do a few adventure quests and grab some spices for the trip back.  I should do all the port unlocking ending
    with EA, but SEA is safe waters and it is too easy to take a liner from Lisbon
    to Cape and then Cape to India/Jakarta, do a 
    few quests and spice run at the same time. There are plenty of adventure
    quests in Cape going to India, and quests in India going to SEA. I just have to
    remember to change to a trade job in Europe before I sell the spices.


    Before I go to EA, I want Portugal to
    have it unlocked so that I can set up my alt (who is Portugese to start
    collecting and have a full bazaar of iron ore in Pohang ready to trade)


    70 and 69 minutes from Ambon to Seville
    with a full loads of Spices. I made a record (for me) sale of Mace, which was
    at 142% in Valencia. I also used a Hanseatic League Seal and made two
    successful haggles before I sold the Mace; 37,000 Each!  I noticed a big difference in the +% when I
    had the seal active and when I did not. I only thought it affected your success
    in haggling, and not the %. I will look into it.

    Passed 300 discoveries.


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    Dec 5th (Day 49)

    Adventure quests Africa/India/SEA, Red Sea
    charting/ Spice back from SEA. I did more adventure quests and archive maps
    when I got back to Europe, then I set up to collect vegetable oil to make
    boots.  I tested the HL Seal when
    haggling at the market keeper. It seems like the gain for a successful haggle
    is 1% per skill rank of accounts, rounded down to the nearest even %.  The % gain is based on the original price of
    the good, so Mace at 25,000 haggled at R8 or (R9 rounded down to R8) will gain
    exactly 2000 to 27,000.  The second
    successful haggle will gain another 2000, not 2160.



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    Dec 5, Day 50.

    Started off by stockpiling
    rocks/lumber/and berries in the company warehouse. They apparently need bergmot
    as well. I had no idea this was needed for anything. Apparently it is used in
    Imperial Quests; will fill it with that tomorrow.

    Did more spice runs and stockpiled mace
    and nutmeg. Wow! I hit it big and a new high for nutmeg 140% and 2 successful
    haggles with a Hanseatic seal for 39,200 each! I am using a 7 day 30% xp bonus
    to burn thru the trade xp to get to level 65 as fast as i can to sail the new
    LMS.  Same deal as yesterday 16hours of
    work; spice runs, 2 sea zones mapped, adventure quests and spice on the way
    back from SEA safe waters.  When I left,
    there was mace and nutmeg for 40k, when I got back there is none for sale.
    Players must have bought it all to sell at the huge bonus %.


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    Dec 7th, Day 51.

    This morning mace and nutmeg are available
    again at 40k each and EA varies from 60-90k. I have put my second aide into
    reserve mode and am going to do some European Adventure quests in east Med.
    While I am there, I will pick up my 4th aide Aisha, who has Ottoman
    correspondence, salvage and haul, unlock and some east European languages. Now
    I will have an aide to send to the aide fleet. I will also pick up the expert
    craftsman book in Jaffa. I need to make more glasswork for my alt's company.
    The glasswork is used to donate to the company office towards the nanban liner.   We are at 1500/17,000 (34 members)

    I also have 4 College skills available
    to me. I believe, once you have done 10,000 credits worth (even if you spend
    some/all of it), the 4th slot becomes available. My current skills are Great
    Success 2, 3; Efficient ship construction; and Field Studies 2. I frequently
    swap out field studies to whatever I need.


    found a Iron Viassu for  10M! The surprising thing is that it has a lot
    of speed added to it in 4 upgrades, but is 0/200 in ship handling proficiency.
    +50 durability, +110H, +60V +4 turn +3 wave, +1 armor, -6 cabin, +20 cannon,
    +16 cargo.  The price has to be a huge
    mistake. The parts for a single upgrade are +20m. It is a G0, with ZERO ship
    skills, so it makes me wonder... did the SB make a huge mistake when building
    this? It should have at least  EA, or 2-3
    other ship skills on it with this much work on it.  will have to do a BR in the next week to get
    maritime level 52 to sail this.


    Changed jobs to Artificer, loaded up 500
    iron ore and Sailed to NA, Newfoundland to collect white ore. I will load up on
    Master Craftsman carpentry tools (MCCT) and stay for a while and collect more
    white ore and make crystals with the white ore book.  This is doing 4 things at once; casting skills,
    handicraft skills, making MCCTs and with the load of crystals, making glassware
    for the company liner.


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    After looking at the last post, I wish Papaya would fix the edit function on these posts. Give it a 20 minute window for edits, then make it un-editable. It just looks dumb having such a wide gap in the last post. (of course that gap does not show up on my word document)

    Dec 8th (Day 52)

    woke up late and decided to work on
    Adventure, I have a +30% xp 7 day up and should not let it go to waste.  I have done many adventure quests, but the xp
    is pretty poor. I should make an effort to chart some sea zones while I
    can.  I am going to use a fame and speed
    boost as well.  I will open all of the
    port permits as well while I am charting.

    Sea charting while doing quests is
    decent adventure xp. Charted 9 sea zones; opened South America West.  Opened Panama Canal.


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    Dec 9th (Day 53)

    Opened Suez Canal and then took a liner
    to Cape. An hour later took another liner to Jakarta.  It is just too easy to only spend a few
    minutes at the keyboard and end up in Jakarta 90 minutes later.  The key is to set an alarm to make sure
    I  catch the second liner before it
    leaves for Jakarta. I can do laundry, clean up have a snack and when I'm done I
    am parked in Jakarta, ready for Unlocking/Charting, and a spice run on the way
    back.  Unlocked EA with an easy Imperial
    quest from Manilla.

    58 minutes Ambon to Seville with a 30%
    speed boost and full load of spice again.

    Back to EA with a load of Sherry, so no
    liner. Unlocked the 4 EA zones and did my standard action, of collecting ores
    in Pohang West and Trading them.  This
    time I get to use a NPC and bring back a decent load of EA goods


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    Dec 10th, (Day 54)

    Saw a level 85 Maritime, and a level 85
    Trade, (two different  players) sailing

    Today I will unlock San Francisco. I
    want to make sure that I am able to take advantage of any North American
    Festivals in the future.  I will also
    unlock SA(West) for my alt, and do Adventure quests on the way.


    Realize the alt has to open SEA first
    from India.  Charted 5 more sea zones
    from the Galapagos to San Francisco.

    Pepper in Bazaars for 30k, Nutmeg/Mace
    40k, EA goods 60-80k. 


    After getting back to Europe, I made
    myself a new La Reale and armed it for a battle report in the Caribbean.



    Dec 11th, Day 55.

    BR in Caribbean Antilles. The area is
    safe waters so that is a bonus.  I will
    do a second BR here after as well and work plunder/assault/and melee skills as
    a "Pirate."  I am using regular
    Rapid Fire 18's and they only last for 1 BR. 
    One of the guns broke before the end, so i had to finish with 3x18. 


    Completed my 2nd BR ahead of
    schedule.  Made level 52 and can now I
    can sail a Vaisseau. Sailed a La Reale for 20 levels and worked my melee
    skills. I will switch to cannoneer and work my gun skills now.


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    Dec 12th Day 56

    Somebody in my company wanted boots, so
    I started collecting oil to make boots. Made R15 Handicrafts while doing this and so decided to go to St. Petersberg
    to refine it
    , and get it back to R10+2 or so. Next on the list was filling
    my alt's company with muskets to donate for the EA company liner.



    Dec 13th (Day 57)

    Server update at 1:30pm pst. Just prior
    to update I find that NA has an unannounced festival bonus on. I will
    collect/produce and fight here until my weapons and food are gone. Then I will
    go back to Europe and refine my cooking so that I can make endless salted fish
    nuts at the NA Southeast landing. My cooking skills will be 10+2 even in an
    adventure job, so I can fish and collect berries and make vigor food. I will
    also plan to have every type of weapon to fight with until i get all of the
    level 1 techs.


    The collection bonus is on and there are
    lots of top players in NA collecting...

    some notables are 62/65/60, 50/83/64,
    54/73/82, 54/70/60, 66/75/66

    Me, 54/67/52

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    Dec 14th (Day 58)

    Alt made level 52 Trade and so I moved
    him up to a trading clipper, when not fleeting in a BTC.  After many land battles and a few thousand
    fish processed on NA east coast, I head back to Europe. With the 100% skill
    bonus active I easily refine my cooking and work it back to
    R10+2.  Now I cannot run out of food in
    NA as all i have to do is collect a few berries and fish and make some salted
    fish nuts, even while i am in an adventure job. Worked my cooking up with pigs
    and pork, then moved to Syracuse to re-fill my depleted tuna steaks. Cooking is
    back to R10+2


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    Dec 15th (Day 59) Contribution day.

    Collecting and then land battles in NA,
    my goal is to get to Throw R7. I believe you need this as a component to get
    the college skill, increased attack/defense in land battle.  Did another 200 land battles and got a
    company mate from 21 to 25 maritime so he could sail a Xebec. I picked up 3
    rifle techs.  I processed another few
    thousand fish collected lots of berries and maxed out on my salted fish nuts. I
    am close to Trade 69.

    Contribution is Tuna Steak. Easy stuff.
    Lots of company members can make it so I do not have to devote any time to
    making them. I put a few hundred steaks in the company storage just in case.


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    Dec 16th (Day 60)

    Good thing I did those land battles
    yesterday.  The NA festival bonus is

    One battle report and the rest of the
    day ship building. Not much to report.



    Dec 17th (Day 61)

    Ship building all day. There is a huge
    party of top players with super fast ships sitting around Tunis making ships
    including [CA]CadillacShrimpin, PieRat, WSP, LadyGaKaRot 66/80/62, AYZ 54/78/82.
    I won't do this three days in a row, it is just too boring.  I do understand the push to do it as it is
    one of the top things to do when there is a +100% skill xp bonus on.  I calculated about 170h of ship building to
    get to R16 even with the bonus and College 1/2 time skill.  It would take approximately 5 hours per day
    until the skill xp bonus was over to complete, which would be a Huge
    accomplishment, but I think I will spread the time over many skills.

    Passed 300 ships built.  I looked at the discussion in front of Tunis.
    Some players claim that they are already at 1000+ ships at close to R15. Good

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 492Member Intermediate

    Dec 18th (Day 62)

    Refined CastingRefined
    . These Merchan Boots are
    the best for merchants. +2mineral trade +2 wares trading and +2 textile
    trading.  Textile trading is now base R13.  Did so much casting and sewing that I
    actually gained 40k trade xp and leveled.

    Did a little bit of ship building, but i
    changed the location to double up on skills.

    I started building large galleys, 52
    levels to sail and 8 days to build.  If
    you are a SB, you will know why this matters. It is not the best, I could build
    refitted heavy carracks 64 and 11 days, which would be better. I am sailing
    between Naples and Genoa trying to keep the sailing days to 8, in my Vaisseau
    to increase the ship handling proficiency. At the end of the sail i build a
    ship as I am in SB mode And i browse the archives for geography treasure maps.


  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 492Member Intermediate

    Dec 19th (Day 63)

    More SB of RHC in Seville. I will look
    for some carronades and look to do a BR in the Caribbean as a break from the
    boredom of SB.


    Had to go out and didn't get enough time
    to do the SB. I ended up doing unlock maps in the med and a few adventure
    quests.  Unlock R7.

    Built Ship #340. Unlocked
    Trade level 70+


    Dec 20th (Day 64)

    A day for adventure quests. I spend lots
    of time in the archives specifically collecting treasure maps that can be
    repeated.   I do regular adventure quests
    and in the Eastern Med and Nile area. Passed 400 discoveries.  The evening i work on Shipbuilding/Repair and
    making leather boots again.  I saw a 4
    skill bookshelf in Seville the other day for 80M. I will have to buy one.


    changed my mind and tried to make my own
    furniture. I took the Adept of age15c p2 to access the processed lumber recipe
    in Amsterdam, and bought Metal work. It turns out that the town man recipe is
    not even available in Valencia nor Portsmouth. Guess a skills bookshelf is out
    for a while. 

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