Scurvy Trader's UWO Log



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    Dec 21st (Day 65)

    More ship building Passed 380 ships.


    Dec 22nd (Day 66)

    Another day ship building. Passed 425
    ships. Made SB R11. I can now make Turkish galleys in Tunis which requires R14.
    SB11 (+1job) (+1 saw) (+1 aide). They gain me 144 SB xp, at my level, but take
    only 5 minutes to make with college ship building skill active.  SB is as exciting as the last two days
    shows... sitting around SB. 

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    Dec 23 (Day 67)

    Took a liner to Cape and sailed to
    Calicut.  I opened SEA and SA west coast
    for my alt.

    On and off ship building. Not too much
    to report as I am going in and out IRL.

    Two days ago the order for country
    strength was

    and I (As Spanish) could defect to any country. 
    (Eng-Ams) and Ven-Fra are listed together because i did not have an
    outsider to verify.  Today the defect
    button does Not appear in England so the order has flipped to
    England>Spain>Amsterdam>Portugal>Venice-France. I did not realize
    that the order could change in such short time with no noticeable events

    There is a post regarding this in the
    general forum, and HuseyinGazi says it can change hourly due to the low
    development levels.  If you want to
    defect, you have to check it all the time.

    Completed Ship # 440

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    Dec 24th (Day 68)

    helped a company mate work on
    handicrafts.   Discovered and opened
    Panama and Suez for my alt.  Quiet
    evening, worked on SB and repair.


    Dec 25th (Day 69) Merry Christmas.

    A very quiet day. Just SB when i look at
    the computer, and set up alt to collect veg oil.

    Completed ship 490, Made SB R12+ and repair R12.

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    Dec 26th (Day 70)

    Another quiet day as I have things to do
    irl. When i have a break i will SB, and my alt will collect berries and Veg
    oil.   Did my 235th college thesis, visited Oxford
    and got building #4 and basic production 3 for building #3 and #4.  I completed one more thesis for each of these
    theses and grinded crystal into glassware and glassware into test tubes using
    the expert craftsman's training book. They gave me improved success #4 (+6%)
    and item improvement techniques. Both of these skills are critical for making
    high level defense boots and high level attack weapons.  Handicrafts is now base R14+2


    Also Wuxu porcelain is on sale in San
    Francisco for appoximately 2400 each. 
    There is a ton of it in Seville/Lisbon and London.  There must be about 30,000 of it sitting in
    bazaars and company shops. I saw a ton of it when I was looking for crystal to

    if it is still around tomorrow, I should
    go do a couple loads of it through the NA railroads.

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    Dec 27th (Day 71)

    Worked Ship building and made several
    pairs of boots to sell. Picked up Navigation skill for (EA) and did a few
    adventure quests along the way.  Wuxu is
    no longer selling in SanFrancisco.

    Completed Ship #555.


    Dec 28th.

    Did a bit of adventuring, then shifted
    back to Ship building. This is because I have to do lots of rl work and can
    check back with the computer every so often, so SB is ideal.

    Completed ship #595, Made SB R13


    Dec 29th. (Day 73)

    More SB and boot making. As you can see,
    lots of exciting things going on when your SB. 
    Started to crash my ship against the rocks I am so excited.  Working repair skill and the SB/Repair

    Completed ship #620

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    Fix the editor please!

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    Dec 30th 
    Day 74

    Filled company shared storage with more
    muskets to deliver to for Nanban liner.

    Casting is now R14+2 refined. Out most
    of the day, so only ship building to ship #640.


    Dec 31, Day 75.

    Helping several company mates work
    handicraft/sewing and opening fame ports.

    Refilling stock of salted fish.
    Completed ship #695.


    Jan 1, 2018, Day 76

    Sat at Tunis most of the day and passed
    Ship #760  SB is now R14 base.

    Made boots and sails for sale. Helped
    another company mate work management and handicraft skills.

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    Jan 2nd. 2018, Day 77

    Tired of SB,

    Doing a BR in the Caribbean and working
    cannon skills.

    Made level 56 Maritime, but more
    importantly, Accuracy R9, Reloading R8, Penetration R8


    Jan 3, 2018 Day 78

    SB again, Boots Again.

    Some trading, made Trade level 71.


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    Jan 4th, 2018 Day 79.

    Picked up the Supply Corp Job and Surgery Skill.

    When I do my next battle report. I will
    work assault and plunder and swordplay skills and hopefully get close enough to
    have the skills for the swordfighter quest.

    There are just too many things (skills)I
    want to work on. I just picked up one of the held +1 Unlock items for cheap and
    was considering going to SEA to work unlock skill. I would have Base 7, with +1
    job, +1 boots, +1 calendar. With these I would be able to sail back and forth
    between Ambon and Ternate with my alt and collect 20+ R12 unlock maps and sail
    to Australia and unlock them all at the same place. The only problem is that I
    do not think that there is a scholar at either town as the development is
    likely too low.  I also recently read
    about the special effects of investing in each of the different north American
    railways and started to invest. My first goal was 300m invested in the  Lakeshore Train to increase the fame and
    experience bonus for activities in NA. On my second trip there just after
    midnight, the investments have been blocked for "special" activities
    occurring in NA. I will have to study the Japanese Wiki and try to figure out
    which train event is occurring.


    Jan 5th 2018, Day 80

    Did the prequests and then picked up the swordfighter job in

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    Jan 6th, day 81.

    The collection bonus in NA is on again
    for 3 days i believe.

    Shipbuilding at Tunis, and boot making.  Ended the day getting Merchandise Knowledge
    and a Tenmoku Tea Bowl +2 MK and going to NA for land battles. Made Trap R7.


    Jan 7th Day 82

    Land Battles all day as Ruin
    Explorer.  Made Throwing R8 and made
    Merchandise knowledge R3+2 and picked up several Merchant Techs.
    Collected/Fished while on breaks from land battle and processed a lot of
    berries and fish.  Made over 100k Trade
    xp from great successes as I have college Increase Production Succes 3 and 4
    active. Leveled Trade.


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    Jan 8th Day 83

    More Land battles in North America. I grinding
    procure and storage when I am going afk. I cannot tell you how important it is
    to have cooking refined and R10+2 while I am in a ruin explorer or court
    gardener job. I can non-stop process berries and exotic food, cotton and grass
    logs/lumber and tree bark.  When I get
    low on vigor food, I just do some fishing and make more salted fish nuts.  I have essentially processed over 10,000
    trade goods to make approximately 400,000 trade xp in the last three days. Made
    R15 Storage and R10 Collection.  It is
    good xp if you can stand clicking all day. Be careful of that carpal tunnel

    When the bonus is over, I will get back
    to Ship building. 


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    Jan 9th Day 84.

    NA festival is over

    Pepper 25k, Mace/Nutmeg 35k Saori 65k
    Huzhou Brush 80k

    Did a battle report in the Caribbean as
    a swordfighter. It was the first time not to use cannons! I meleed 200+1 ships. At the end I had to fight the smaller fleets
    as my plates were destroyed.  I will do
    it again and try to equip 2x heavily armored sterncastles, and bring extra iron
    ore to make plates as needed.  Swordplay R8,
    Assault R6, Plunder R5.

    I don't know how people are making +1
    Skill bookshelves. I purchased a +4 skill bookshelf for 80m.  I have the materials and skills, but can't
    make one at Plymouth of Valencia as the development is not high enough. I will
    have to ask around.   Ended the day
    collecting veg. oil and making boots in Salonika/Tunis.


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    Jan 10, Day 87

    No report


    Jan 11, Day 86

    Was out most of yesterday Dec 10th, and
    there was an update. I did not do much except finish boots and make some plates
    and 2 heavy Sterncastles for my ship. 


    Today I did another battle report in the
    Caribbean with no cannons. 200+1 ships all melee. Swordplay still R8, but
    Assault is R7 and Plunder R6.  I do not
    know if the two sterncastles helps or not, but that is what I used.  When you defeat a Baccina by melee, (4 ships)
    the XP at level 57 maritime is 291. If you finish the A ship by deck battle,
    the xp is 751! I must have finished 20 of those fleets by deck battle.


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    Jan 12, Day 87

    Shipbuilding and boot making again.  Took a break in the middle to help a two
    different company mates. One I helped with Sewing, the other with casting. The
    casting did not work out too well as I forgot I had my aide bazaar up holding
    goods for boot making. I turned on a 7 day +30% booster to help out with the
    ship building and the textile trading and mineral trading.  Textiles are R13 still and mineral trading is
    now R10. Made ship #796.

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    Jan 13, Day 88

    More SB. While I am crashing my boat on
    the rocks and grinding SB and Repair, doing a ship building/repair thesis, my
    alt is collecting goods and bringing them to me.  In between ship building I make boots, spears,
    halberds, and sails.  In the evening I sailed
    to India, which is Safe waters. I want to try my hand at doing melee only
    battle reports in Turkish galleys that I made. 
    It is cheaper just to make a couple of Iron galleys while I am here in
    Tunis and then sell them when i am done. I will be using a Att60 Great Warrior
    Spear that I just made. +2 Assault, +1 Swordplay.

    Completed Ship 837! 40 ships
    in 1 day.. what a grind.

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    Jan 14th Day 89

    Completed a BR in India, all  Melee. 
    Swordplay R9, Assault R8.



    Jan 15th, Day 90

    Came back to Seville to check the
    contribution items. My main's company is Poupelin Trees and my Alt's company is
    Velvet Justacorp. I am pretty sure that I am the only one in my Alt's company
    that can make them, so I plan to go back to India to pick up silk.

    I prep for the trip to India by picking
    up the unlock Trade level 60 for my alt. I have to buy a Jade ring from the
    company shops in Seville as neither the Spanish nor Portuguese have them in
    their colony.  I sail thru Suez to India
    and unlock Trade 60 for my alt.

    I bring back 2300 silk. On my main i use
    a veil of dominion to prevent fires. My alt however loses 400 silk to fire. I
    get back to Seville with 1900 silk, use 900 to make outfits for contribution. The
    other 1000 I put into the company shop and list it at 90,000.  The next morning its all gone! hahah. Spent
    the rest of the evening SB in Tunis. I built Ship #863 and made SB R15

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    Jan 16th, Day 91.

    Back to India for more Silk. I may as
    well take advantage of the veil, which lasts for 24h.

    Baccina down to 376 xp. per deck battle.
    132xp if not finished with DB. Made Plunder R7.  I am very close to leveling Maritime, so I
    will have to do the Maritime uncap level 60-65 soon.

    Some fool bought all my silk thread
    again and paid 90k each.  Made 200M
    selling silk in the last few days. Figure that one out.

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    Jan 17th, Day 92

    Back to India for more silk.  I made and handed out more Velvet Justacorps
    for company contribution.  Then i made a
    few +11 spankers by request for another company mate.  Then back to Tunis for Ship building.
    completed Ship 886.

    While I was SB, I had my alt collect
    berries and refilled my stock of salted fish nuts and then Fish for Tuna, and
    refilled my Tuna steak stock.


    Completed the Unlock Maritime level 60
    quest. Used an AOS.

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    Jan 18th, Day 93

    Took a liner to SantoDomingo and did a
    BR. Made Assault R9.

    The double heavy Sterncastles melee bonus
    definitely stack.  With 1, my melee strength is 200, with 2
    it is 228-230 or so. (Turkish Galley, 150 crew, no ship skills.) Assault R9+3
    and Swordplay R9+3 as well (FYI).

    I came back to Europe and helped the
    company make Poupelin Trees. My cooking skill (in job) is R14+3 now.


    I should also mention that there is a
    Shipwreck boost that is ending right now and I really wanted to take advantage
    of it, but I am not experienced enough to. I have stockpiled about 1000 swmp,
    but I do not think that it would be wise to try and "learn" to raise
    wrecks even with the "fewer breaks/less water used/easier raises"
    because I am not properly equipped knowledge wise or equipment wise to do
    it.  Eventually I will do them with a
    ship equipped with the proper skills needed to do them.


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    Jan 19th, Day 94

    EA goods are on sale in San Francisco.
    Huzhou Brushes no less.  There are lots
    of ships sailing back and forth between Boston and Seville. Players have set up
    Bazaars in Boston and are selling brushes for 40m. Everybody should gain 1-3
    Trade levels from this.


    My 7day 30% skill bonus ends today so I
    am working on my Trade skills in Mineral/Wares Trading (my alt getting to
    refine Casting) and Textile/Fabric Trading (my alt getting to refine Sewing)
    After that, I will be going to Boston for some EA goods.

    Made R11 Mineral Trade, R8 Wares Trade,
    R14 Textile Trading, R8 Fabric Trading.

    I stopped close to R15 Textile Trading
    and was going to refine it, but I got my alt to R15 in casting and sewing only
    to discover that he has not opened St.Petersberg and cannot refine either
    yet.  I used a total of 3200 vigor food,
    6 hours of non stop buying goods and getting my alt to process all the goods.
    His casting and Sewing went from R8 to R15. I will have to chart north sea, and
    the Baltic and do the delivery to Russia quest before I continue.  


    Because of the Huzhou Brushes for sale
    in San Francisco, yhere is a ton of traffic going back and forth from Europe to
    Boston. The players with high craft trades are buying brushes in SF and
    railroading them to Boston where they have set up bazaars selling brushes for
    40k each. Even if you do not have a permit for San Francisco yet, you can take
    advantage and buy goods in Boston and sell them in Europe.  From what I hear, every market in Europe is
    crashed in crafts.  While this is really
    nice for many players, it is only a distraction for me.  Trade xp is not an issue at all.  The real bonus is the ongoing 100% skill
    bonus and it should not be wasted.  Six
    more days to go.  Ship building, Trade
    skills, Melee skills, crafting skills, anything that is difficult and long to
    grind etc. should be the focus for the next 6 days.

    By the end of the day I did open St.
    Pete. Refined Casting and Sewing on my alt and Refined Textile Trade for my
    main account ScurvyTrader. I went back to Oslo and Hamburg and worked up my
    alts skills, as well as getting my textile trade back up to R5+2.  While I was in Hamburg, I fleeted a couple of
    players who were trying to grind casting. They appreciated the R11+4 mineral
    trade boost and the fleet vigor food, while my alt was grinding.


    I did go to Boston/SF at the end of the
    day as planned to invest in the railway for today and after 12:00 I picked up
    one load of Brushes.

    They are on sale in Seville for 65k and
    nutmeg/mace is 36k.

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    Jan 20, Day 95

    worked Sewing with company mate. I will
    work trade and SB so I turned on a +30% 7 day skill bonus.  Textile trade is back to R11+4 and ended the
    day with a little Sb. If you are wondering how I help a company mate work a
    trade skill, I typically collect up a lot of PO 2's and 3's. I equip my best
    trade equip,   +2mineral trade boots and
    silver earrings +2 mineral trade. Then I buy minerals, say iron ore, lead ore,
    copper ore and tin in the market and put it up for sale in an aide bazaar. I
    give my company mate lots of money to buy the ores and process it. I get the
    money back when my co-mate buys the goods from my bazaar.  I can do this for fiber now without using
    PO3's but it takes about 20 clicks instead of 
    3 clicks to buy a load of fiber goods. I can use the "fiber
    order" skill button and purchase 10% more fiber goods.  My current max vigor is 995, so I can only
    get 90% of an order with 9 clicks. Then I have to use 10-12 vigor food to restore
    my vigor to full. I can then purchase the fiber available at the market.  So approximately 1200 vigor food = 100 po
    #3's (for fiber only, not fabrics etc)

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    Jan 21, Day 96

    spent the day SB, ended on ship 910. I
    am about 25% thru R15. I plan to be finished before the Papaya 100% skill bonus
    ends this week. At the end of the day I sailed to Boston to do the double
    railway investment, once at 11:50pm and then again at 12:01 as you can only
    invest once per day.  Both times were
    blocked by some sort of festival. I cannot tell what type of festival it is, as
    there are no more bazaars around and I checked the collection bonus at a
    landing area and there are no bonuses.

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    Jan 22, Day 97

    Sailed down to Santo Domingo to take an
    Antilles BR. I checked out the NPC's near Nassau. This is where the Spanish
    fleets with the sword secrets books are. I sailed back to Tunis and will stay
    put until I either complete SB R16 or the skill bonus finishes.

    Last age 1178 ships to complete R16, on
    the Maris server I should complete at around 1040, if I can get it done in the
    next 2 days! It will be a very boring 2 days, but I think this is THEE most
    effective use of the skill bonus time.. Finished on ship #972

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    Jan 23, Day 98

    Last push for SB.  There are between 10-20 shipbuilders sitting
    with me just outside of Tunis making Turkish galleys.  Kind of boring, so I worked on my alt while I
    was "cooking" ships.


    My alt used a 1h fame bonus and reported
    90 port settlements to get over the 10k adventure fame needed to pull the
    artificer/mechanic job. I found a cheap bastard swords earlier when I did the
    quest, but could not get it for the alt due to his lack of fame. Other than
    that, I used him to collect lumber/leather/veg. oil. and stockpile it in Tunis
    for sails and boots.  He has the skills
    to make most things, but I still make it myself as I have college skills: great
    success 3 and 4 and the item improvement techniques active.


    I read a red (game server) message today
    saying server maintenance tomorrow 24th at 2pm. That is when the 100% skill
    bonus will end I am sure and not at midnight.

    Finished Ship building R16 on
    Ship #1039  BOOYA!

    Ended the day working my mineral trade
    skill in Hamburg.

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    Jan 24th, Day 99.

    The 100% skill bonus and 30% xp bonus
    ended today. I will give an update of all my stats and skills on a separate
    post.  I will take the rest of today day
    to get organized and figure out what to work on next.


    My long term plan is to work towards my
    end game ships in Trade/Adventure and Battle. 
    I have not finalized on it, but most likely will be a Windjammer(Trade)/High
    Clipper(Adventure) /any number of ships that have approximately Base 130crew,
    40 armor, 80 guns, 400 total H+V sails (For Maritime). Since I can make almost
    anything, I want to work my Adventure level up to a minimum of 65 so that I can
    make my endgame Windjammer.  I do not
    want to spend any SSIP's on intermediate ships that I will later dump or not
    know what to do with when I gain more levels. 
    There is a small chance that I will buy Captain's tickets and get a
    ship. It is more probable that I will end up buying someone else's ship that
    they don't want or have extras of and mod it myself.

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    Jan 24th Day 99 Status Report

    Sail Handling 11

    Survey 10

    Geography 7

    Ecological Research 6

    Procure 10

    Fish 15 (not able to refine)

    Recognition 6

    Collection 10

    Search 8

    Unlock 7

    Archeology 7

    Theology 6

    Biology 7

    Art 6

    Appraisal 7

    Throwing 8

    Trap 7


    Accounts 5

    Food Trading 8

    Spice Trading 8

    Textile Trading 10+2 Refined

    Fabric Trading 8

    Mineral Trading 12

    Wares Trading 9

    Cooking 14+2 Refined

    Sewing 15+2 Refined

    Casting 14+2 Refined

    Caution 10

    Body Language 7

    Frugal 8

    Storage 7+2 Refined

    Sociability 5

    Handicraft 15+2 Refined

    Alchemy 5

    Management 8


    Swordplay 9

    Plunder 7

    Assault 9

    Gunnery 10

    Accuracy 9

    Reloading 8

    Penetration 8

    Repair 15 MAX (not able to refine)

    Shipbuilding 16 MAX (not able to refine)

    Surgery 5

    Arms 1

    Tactics 5 (in Skills Bookcase)


    Deleted skills

    Alcohol Trading 6

    Perfume Trading 5

    Metal Trading 2

    Livestock Trading 5

    Rowing 6

    Ballistics 5


    Fame 56k/164k/200k Rank, 5th Knight.

    274 thesis/420 Discoveries/8647 Cultural

    If I were a true maritimer,  I would keep ballistics and rowing, but I am
    limited and had to draw the line somewhere. The trade skills that I deleted, I
    will eventually have on my alt.


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    Jan 25th, Day 100

    doing adventure quests and charting all
    day.  I started with the land charting quests,
    and will do land charting for any area that I have a quest for a discovery in.
    There is always a chance that "make a discovery in the area" is one
    of the actions that helps to complete a charting so there is a possible double
    benefit.  I also spend my cultural
    contribution points to take up low level 2nd quests. These quests are typically
    2-3 star quests and have very low level requirements.   The third thing I am doing to multitask is
    to work a College thesis, for Natural Sciences.


    I have started a 3rd toon to hold the
    endless books that come from rewards.  If
    I could buy them I would not have to do this, but my inventory is perpetually
    cluttered with books as my production skills are fairly good and I can make
    mostly anything. I just need him to get to level 11 so that I can transfer a
    lot of rarely used books to him. Once my inventory is clear, I will be able to
    hold a lot more archive maps for exploring.


    I have invested 6 days now and have 120M
    invested in a railway. My goal is 300M and to see if the +10xp works as I


    13 land areas mapped, 20 discoveries.

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    Jan 26, day 101

    More adventure quests and quests for
    unlocking Adventure 60. I did many maps and land charting in the Caribbean, and
    have to go back to the Med as I am out of maps. I also want to refill my vigor
    food and make boots for sale on my alt's aide bazaar.

    There are only 3 ship builders left in


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    Jan 27th, Day 102

    I have R8 Geography, +1 aide +2 Sextant,
    R7 Recognition +2 College skill and completed the last of the Unlock level
    61-65 Adventure quests, "El Paso." I am thinking about temporarily getting
    march (to aid with land charting).  I
    have two items in my quarters that have +5 land speed, but I do not notice any
    difference and expect that It may be a + skill item. I am also thinking about
    upgrading my Long Merchant Schooner.  The
    road to Adventure level 65 is a long one and I think I would benefit immensely
    from being storm proof and also having a little extra speed.  The 6 SSIP's will be worth it.  I was going to spend the day based out in
    Lima after I completed the El Paso quest, but there is no scholar here with any
    archive maps.  I will save this for later
    when I can double up on maps /quests and charting.


    Mace/Nutmeg are one sale in Seville for
    37k and Saori  and Brushes are selling
    for 65k each.


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    Jan 28th, Day 103

    I spent 3 SSIP's and upgraded my LMS. It is now 625V 301H  7T 12WR (with sails) 12A 710d and 758
    Cargo.  I reduced the cargo slightly to
    stay in the limits with the parts I added. It is now storm proof and has a
    slightly better turn.  It will be my
    workhorse for charting the seas and getting around until I reach 65 Adventure.

    More archive maps, quests and land
    charting. While charting the Georgian Basin, I discovered the Rubytandelus Asteroid at sea approx
    . It might have been a fluke using recognition at approximately
    the correct location while I was trying chart. 
    The weather was cloudy so it looks like the discovery was not affected
    by the weather. I l also discovered a Tornado
    in the South Africa landing
    area.  I
    am using a lot of cultural contribution points to take a 2nd quest at the same
    time as the first.  I have passed my
    100th chart. Discoveries at 490.

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