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    Jan 29th, Day 104

    With my newly upgraded ship, I spent the
    morning doing quests and charting north of England. When I finished, I visited
    Mercator to get the NE passage charting permits.

    I did a few more charts and quests and
    ended the day in NA for a festival.  I
    have done 124/263 and have 86k adventure fame. 
    (263 is current available areas to chart; last wipe I was up at 280+
    land areas available.) I will be doing land battles all day tomorrow. 


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    Jan 30th, Day 105

    So, I meet up (not surprisingly) with an
    old company mate; Slide. Yes that is his name. He used to be in my old company
    last age.  We used to partner up and do
    land battles in North America SE.  Well,
    while I was doing land battles he shows up again and is way out ahead of me in
    Adventure xp and land battle skills. His trap skill is already R11. Nice!  He formed a new company this age and asked me
    to join, but I was already in an existing company so I thanked him and
    declined.  The important part of this is
    that we were discussing what skills we were working on and he said he got
    alchemy to R11!! I asked how he did it since there was no recipe for gold at
    John Dee in London.  He explained that
    the recipe does not show unless you have the skill level for it. So I will have
    to put on my +1 alchemy hat R5+1 and see if the R6 gold recipe shows up.  Go back and Read Day 41 and see if the bust
    was due to my ignorance.

    We did over 600  land battles.. holy cow! My forte with a self
    made halberd is now 840, the max I can get with a level 42 NPC.


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    Jan 31, Day 106

    All day land battling with Slide again.
    We discussed Nanban strategy, nanban liners, Boston college, Steam Engineer,
    "Breeder"=animal trainer and other things described (poorly
    translated) on the Japan wiki for UWO. 
    Another 500 land battles in a fleet and then we broke fleet so I could
    go make some trap/unlock boots.  In the
    evening I worked on land battles again, but used a charm to gain tech xp and
    worked on gaining tech for throwing daggers, spears and swords.  My goal is to get the minimum levels to allow
    for gaining level 2 weapon techs if we do more land battles. Over 2 days, I did
    about 10 hours of  land battles.  I also acquired my 50th tech," new sure


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    Feb 1st. Day 107.

    Land battles all day in NA. Six hours of
    non-stop land battles. At least 780 land battles. Holy grinders. How do I know
    we did 780 battles today? Well I picked up a low attack yatagan in a company
    shop yesterday.  Since it is a throw
    weapon and one of my end game weapons that I can make (assuming I eventually
    get the books) , I decided to open a forte slot for the item and started today
    with 0 forte on the Yatagan.  1 fight, 1
    forte points.  I ended the day with 780
    forte points in Yatagan.  Oh and the
    level 37NPC stopped giving forte points when I passed 20x37=740 forte. The
    mesage reads that you must fight higher level NPC's to gain more forte in that


    We were discussing the new item display
    effects and how you actually need a R5 quarters AND some type of points to
    activate the items. Again this is all poorly translated on the Japanese wiki so
    my not having march may or may not have any effect on the display items' +5
    land speed effect. It just doesn't work because I do not have a display room to
    put it in. (it/they are displayed in my quarters with no effect.)

    On a side note, a funny thing happened
    while we were land battling and talking display ornaments.  A guy named Nemi with his two alts/all
    looking and dressed the same, came by and watched us land battle.   We were moving around so I tried to use Tell
    and say Hi. He was in private mode, so no messages were delivered. Anyhow after
    15 minutes, he says that he has been videoing us and accuses us of 5 boxing.
    (one player with 5 accounts) Then he says he can only see 2 and sometime 3 of
    our fleet of 5 fighting.    Well I and my
    alt ContraTrader are one person/player. Slide is a 2nd player, and the two
    other company mates of Slide are a 3rd. 
    We had 3 players from 4 different nations, and all looked/dressed
    differently, and only 2 names were remotely similar, mine and my alt's.  We are from different time zones and of
    course IP's too. Some players are really uptight! Made Throw R9, Trap R8. On a
    weird side note, when you do land battles, you get a ship wreck map piece every
    so often.  I collected 150 pieces in two
    days of land battles.  Ended the day
    processing 20,000 berries into lime juice and salted fish nuts.


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    Feb 2, Day 108

    A day to relax and go thru the Europe
    shops and make things for my aide bazaars. 
    Looking for cheap equipment, books, vegetable oil, lumber.  At the end of the day I changed back to
    Adventure mode and started to collect archive maps for the Red Sea.

    The area is safe waters and is a good place
    to work my college thesis.


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    Feb 3, Day 109

    Doing quests in the Red Sea and Arabian
    Sea while it is safe waters.  Completed
    college thesis Building #3, Natural science and Humanity II. Now I can use the
    +2 adventure skill, skill. I am 142/263 maps charted and over 530 discoveries.


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    Feb 4th, day 110

    More quests and collecting archive maps.
    If I find a map or quest ending in a land area, I chart it.  Since I have completed 300 discoveries, I
    collect the reward "5x pegasus feather" I end the day doing the NE
    passage over Russia and use Pegasus feathers when I get to the end of the
    zones. Instead of sailing back, I teleport to Bergen. I dont get any adventure
    xp for sailing and I can teleport with goods on board.  I am trying to think of a devious way to use
    the feathers to teleport with EA goods. 
    I guess that would require you to sail from say Seville to EA and meet
    your alt who loads you up with goods AT SEA, and then you use the feather.  In any case the current mapping over Russia
    is going very quickly with the speed boost. I am at  151/266 areas charted, and over 540
    discoveries. It really helps to be in the Naturalist Job, when searching the
    archives for maps.


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    Feb 5th, Day 111

    75 minutes to chart Kotenly Island
    Shores, East Siberia, and Chutki Sea; Pegasus feather back to Bergen, and autosail
    to Amsterdam.   I reported back to
    Mercator and he gave me the permits for 
    Bering Sea, Okhotsk, and Kamchatka. 
    East Asia is lawless waters so I will probably put this off until later
    and work on the south India and Pacific Ocean charting first.  If we had an active EA liner, this would be a
    piece of cake, but our company is only 8/25k towards that goal.


    While charting the Perth Sea Basin, i needed
    to chart 2 more co-ordinates, or find a discovery in the region.  I did not have any biology archive maps so I
    was charting and fishing. I caught/discovered a Saw Shark by chance and
    instantly completed that chart. Nice!

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    Feb 6th, Day 112

    580 Discoveries, 165/272 areas charted. I have the levels to sail a windjammer now,
    and the levels to make one. I will put it off while I still have the +30% fame
    and xp bonus. Charting and quests will be my main focus for the next 3 days.  Taking archive maps and charting first is a
    huge bonus later on when I get more maps. It is much easier to point on a flag
    and click, especially if the quest is "inland" and it requires a lot
    of twists and turns.   When the bonus ends, I will start my
    defections with England as the ship can only be built in London or Portsmouth.

    I am looking at a OSP build with a steam
    engine. Then grade to G3 with speed bonuses at G1 and G3. Then I will add a EA
    and probably either high lookout or enhanced ship handling.


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    Feb 7th, Day 113.

    Age of Revolution is on. More
    celebrations and prizes for those who are into playing with the GM. Bingo,
    catch the GM etc. Of note, I am sad that I did not get all of the enlightened
    login event. Even though I clearly logged in to post every day, it does not
    count, because they want you to log off and on in the game.  As you can tell, I am on almost all of the
    time and when I am not at my keyboard, I am frequently set up with a bazaar
    selling boots or sails.  When I read the
    post about where to look for your status, I found the note under the "days
    to next reward" that says you must log in "in the game."

    So I only reached 18 out of the 28
    possible days as the first 10 days. I only logged on if i got booted
    (unidentified reason for disconnection) from the game. Second funny note: While
    I was typing this, I saw my ship was not moving and wondered why. My ship
    suffered ice damage and hit 0 durability and I did not notice and do any


    Koei, must have been told that the
    amount of xp needed to reach level 85 Adventure is more than is available in
    the game with all discoveries and charts/shipwrecks and so continues to add
    exploration areas and new discoveries to get closer. I expect that if you made
    every discovery available and charted every zone, raised every wreck,(without
    boosters) you would still only be around level 80 in Adventure. The 8 or so new
    land charting zones and 20+ new quest/discoveries will help.


     am off in the North Pacific, charting The
    Bering Seas.

    173/281 zones charted. 600 discoveries.

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    Feb 8th, Day 114,

    Picked up a new landing area Black Sea
    North East. A quest from Portobelo. Later doing another quest going over the NE
    passage I got a quest to a new landing area "Siberia."   Fighting in Siberia level 72NPC "Gregory
    Gang" gives 70Maritime xp and 137 Adventure xp and 10 roman coins!  Fought 2 at a time.. 140+ maritime and 280
    Adventure xp, but only 11 roman coins. This is a good place to work your traps
    as they are too tough to fight heads up with essentially (only adventure) no
    combat gear. It is not available for land exploration yet.    I spoke too soon. Sailing just north from
    Siberia is a supply port Mangazeya.  At
    Mangazeya, you can take a grandor transport to a grandor port and visit the
    bank and take your maritime equipment out and gear up for land battles! Nice!

    180/282 zones charted, 629 Discoveries.

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    Feb 9th, Day 115

    Sailed on to EA and did finished the
    charting of the NE passage. I am here to do some EA quests as my college thesis
    needs 300 pages and you only get 10 pages for a level 7 quest or discovery, and
    20 pages for a EA quest. So I will stay till this thesis is done, plus chart a
    bit while I am here.  I fought a level 45
    and 49 NPC, in Yuntaishan West and got 67 Maritime xp and 130 Adventure xp. A
    56NPC regional pirate gives 46 Maritime and 90 Adventure xp.  EA is lawless waters (ends today) and you
    would think that there would be lots of pirates around, but they are all in
    Europe trying to make new steam ships, or blockading Boston because of the new
    Boston College. I had a company mate R20 SB say he made 500m for just standing
    around the shipyard calling out as a R20SB and letting others fleet with him
    for $!!


    One other thing of note, discovering a
    city in EA counts as an EA discovery for the purposes of your college thesis.
    Nice! Ended the day at 187/284 areas charted, and 639 Discoveries. My 30% bonus
    ends tonight so I am thinking of starting my EA opening and memorial album with
    a special focus on getting the liner going for both of my companies.

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    Feb 10, Day 116.

    I have switched to Trade Mode.  The plan is to do multiple trade functions at
    one time.  Of note, what I will be doing
    is not easy. The requirements are refined cooking 10+2, for unlimited salted
    fish nuts. Refined textile trading for unlimited silk purchases in Gia Dihn.
    R14 Sewing to make Taffeta.  A free aide
    bazaar to set up in Macau to store Taffeta and 
    silk and other goods.  Most importantly
    you need patience, to get your port in the right city status. It cost me about
    225 salted fish nuts to get 1500 silk thread from the market, which turns into
    1400 Taffeta. My go to items to trade are Two handed swords in War and Flood;
    Ham/Beef during Plague and Cold Damage, Taffeta, and Iron during Ship
    building;  Ham during Festival. My
    weakness is Drought, which I do not have a spice/Fragrance/Dye that i can
    collect or make from what I collect nearby. 
    When not in a "special status" I can trade Glassware and Western
    Books. Crafts have a normally low backstock line, but are only
    "special" during boom. 
    Everything is good in a boom as long as someone doesn't dump a few loads
    of your good right before you.     Opened


    Special edit from March 27th after
    completing my Initial EA grind. Please note
    I found it hard to trade taffeta (fabric always in high backstock), and
    too hard to collect materials for Glassware. 
    I recommend sticking to Iron, Two Handed swords, Ham, and on occasion
    Western books.


    EA Day 1 Cultural Points, Korea 6240,
    Taiwan 14904, Japan 0, S. China 0 : Total 21K

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    Feb 11, day 117

    EA day 2, Korea 20,941; Taiwan
    15,699;Japan 0; S.China 1040: Total 37K

    By only shipping needed goods to cities
    with a special city status, I am going at 2x normal cultural unlock. I have set
    my base up in Tamsui.  It is central for
    organizing my aide bazaars.  The key
    locations/ingredients are West Pohang for Iron, 
    Taiwan SE for Graphite and Hemp->Paper->W.Books, Yuntishan for
    Pigs/Berries/Wheat. The berries are important for making endless salted fish
    nuts as I use about 2000 fish nuts per day, the rest I turn into dried

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    Feb 12, Day 118.

    woke up to Flood status, was expecting to
    make a quick delivery of Two Handed Swords, but some fool paid 80k for each and
    emptied my Aide bazaar.  Nice! Off to
    make more.

    EA goods (wuxu) is available in
    SanFrancisco again so there are no pirates around in EA. They are all hanging
    around Boston.

    EA day 3, Korea 25,175 ; Taiwan 28,233;Japan
    0; S.China 8170. Opened Anping.: Total 61K

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    Feb 13, Day 119

    EA is safe waters. Nice!  Every day I check the city statuses and
    record them every hour or so. I have between 12-16 city statuses every day. At
    the end, I will do a tally and let you know how many of each status shows up.
    My statistics from the OGP age was

    2.5% boom, 12% Recession, 2.5% cold,
    3.2% Flood, 3.2% Drought, 2.5% war, 3.8% festival, 5.1% Plague, 1.3% Ship
    building, 64% Normal.  I will do a
    comparison for you at the end of this week.

    EA day 4 Korea 38k; Taiwan 38K; Japan 3k;
    S.China 8k. Total 87K 

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    Feb 14th, Day 120

    Another quiet day in EA. Last night
    there were no good markets for 6 hours, so I stockpiled 4000 two handed swords
    and 4000 iron ore and 1000 graphite as well as pigs, taffeta, and Korean Black
    Raspberries. Hopefully today I will get a war/flood/ boom or shipbuilding
    status and unload 10,000+ goods.


    Hanyang went into "war" status
    and I delivered all of the two handed swords.

    Unlocked Quanzhou and Busan

    EA day 5, Korea 50k; Taiwan 43k; Japan
    3k; S.China 15k. Total 111K

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    Feb 16th , Day 121.

    Almost done. This should take me one
    more day, maybe two, depends on the city statuses.  It will be nice to get back to Europe and do
    company contribution, train investment, battle reports.. anything other than EA
    really.  I will work out the statistics
    over the last 7 days of EA trades and put them in a separate post.

    EA Day 7, Korea 50K, Taiwan 50K, Japan
    27K, S.China 50K

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    Humm.. that doesn't look right. should be day 122. as I skipped Feb 15th.
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    I skipped this post, so here it is , out
    of order.


    Feb 15th, Day 121

    as time goes on things get easier as
    more cities come online and I just take my goods to where they are in high
    demand. I will do a buy 1 of each for the memorial album, once I have every
    item unlocked.

    EA day 6, Korea 50k; Taiwan 50K; Japan 10K;
    S.China 37K, Total 147K

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    Feb 17th, Day 123

    Finished with EA. All areas are 50k
    culture, so all ports and goods are available. I used a few Nanban Purveyor
    Certificates at the end to fill up on Saori to take back to Europe.

    I ended up unloading about 2400 extra
    two handed swords to a company mate, rather than trade 300 at a go to get one
    of each of the EA goods to fill up my memorial album.


    Notes on EA.

    1)The city status changes every 2 hours
    or 120 minutes. You can typically determine when the next change will be by
    scanning the back stock charts. The time between points on the chart is 12
    minutes, so after 10 points, the status will change. The easiest way to check
    when the last change was, is to look at a city that was in Recession or other special
    status. During a recession, all of the back stock lines will angle upwards and
    you can just count the number of dots on the chart since the back stock line
    started angling sharply upwards. This also works for other city statuses, ie.
    check the ivyro back stock charts and see that during "cold damage"
    food and seasonings will angle sharply downward. etc.

    2) Cities never go through 2 special
    statuses in a row. They always flip to Normal status before special status
    again. You can have several Normals in a row. 
    Over the last 8 days, Tamsui went, N(Normal), Flood, N, N,N,N,
    Recession, N, Flood, N, N, Cold, N, Recession, N, N, N, Drought, N, N, N, N,
    Recession, N, N, Cold, N, N, Recession, N, N, N, Flood, N, Ship Building, N,
    Recession, N,N,N, Recession, N, N, War, N, Plague, N, Boom, N,N.

    3) my non scientific breakdown is as
    follows. (I started with 4 cities and made observations every hour. The second
    hour was always a duplicate of the first, so I eliminated the 2nd observation
    and reduced from 920 to 460 separate observations.  At the end it was 13 cities every hour)  295 normal, 18 war, 17 plague, 18 Drought, 17
    Flood, 9 cold, 53 Recession, 11 boom, 11, ship build, 11 festival.

    Approximately 64% normal, 3.9%
    War/Plague/Drought/Flood, 1.95% Cold, 11.5% Recession, 2.4% Boom/Ship


    Side note, I collected 118 Shipwreck map
    pieces on myself and alt collecting for the 7.5 days in EA. I also used about
    15,000 salted fish nuts producing all the goods to deliver.

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    Feb 18th Day 124.

    Returned to Europe yesterday and did a tour
    of capitals with myself (ContraTrader) and my storage alt.  By noting who each toon can defect to (defect
    button shows up at the palace) we can tell the order of countries from
    strongest to weakest. Dutch>Spanish>English>Portuguese>Venice>French.
    I am Spanish and can defect to every country Except the Dutch. ContraTrader is
    Portugese and can only defect to the Venetians and French, and my French toon
    cannot defect to any country.


    Please note that the order does change
    from time to time (affected by game events and player interaction ie.
    Investment Battles and Epic sea fueds..) so check before you defect.


    I forgot to invest in the new Spanish
    industrial town before I defected to the

    I just followed the ports on the
    7Nations shipbuilding guide by HuseyinGazi, but forgot they added cities after
    the guide. My fame after defecting is 160k Adventure, 165k Trade, 196k


    I collected the ship parts from the
    company shops and bazaars in Seville and built
    my first Windjammer
    with Emergency Acceleration (EA) and teak panels.  The levels needed to sail this ship are
    65/75/30.  The reason I waited until
    after my trip to EA to build this, is because you have to be English/Invested in
    London or Portsmouth to make this ship. Those are the only two cities where
    this ship can be built.


    I have to take a detour and go fishing
    in the Amazon. My alt's company has grilled salted Pirarucu for contribution
    items. They can also donate amber hair ornaments, but they are a pain in the
    neck to store. I will spend the afternoon fishing and making the dish. In the
    evening I sailed to and invested in Grand Cayman, then spent the rest of the
    day grading my ship to G3.  It cost me a
    relative fortune to grade my ship. Some players grade ships to G5 and G6 which
    I can't afford.  Realistically the only
    way to get to G6 is if you pay real money and 1) get a
    modified/custom/Festive/superior etc. end game ship that you can sail at 1/2
    levels and 2) you sell other end game ship tickets for billions of ducats which
    you can use to pay for the grading to get a ship to G6.  HuseyinGazi has a grading service which he
    charges 2B to get a ship to G5 and 5B to get to G6.  My G3 which I did myself with no
    boosters/mayoral bonus (etc) cost me about 500M.

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    Feb 19th, Day 125

    I picked up the Steam Engineer job for both myself and my alt. Apparently my alt cannot sail
    the ship without completing the job.  I
    took the liner to Cape Town, picked up the job and took the liner back. I am so
    lazy.  I did not even make the chrome ore
    needed for the quest. I just bought it from a bazaar in Seville.  The only other thing I did today was invest
    in the Railways and upgrade my Windjammer's ship handling proficiency at the
    arsenal in the company colony. I will spend the rest of the day planning my
    ship upgrades (to maximize speed/turn/wave resistance) and getting parts to do
    the upgrades. 

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    Feb 20th, Day 126

    Sailed around Europe looking for the
    right parts to get High lookout on my Windjammer. I was also looking at getting
    +Nav or +management items as I will need +2 on each to get from 10 to 10+2 in
    each to use the steam engine function as a non steam engineer. Defected to the Portugese. Sailed
    around and made all the investments in the Portuguese territories.


    From a new shipbuilder point of view, I
    think that OSP's (original ship permits) are totally misleading by name. They
    should be Original Skill permit or
    Original Ship Skill permit. I might be wrong, but from what I just learned and
    how I used them, you cannot use them to make a ship. You can only use them to
    add a skill to a ship. When you get to 
    the screen to use the permits, it asks you "build a new ship?"  It should ask, "add this skill to your
    existing ship?"  After investing in
    Pernambuco, I stopped in at Boston and invested in the railways, and then to
    the company colony to up the ship handling on my windjammer. I also made some
    extra G2's for sale in Seville. Typically G1's sell for 20-25M and G2's sell
    for 85-95M.

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    Feb 21, Day 127.

    Nice! sold my G2's for 90M.

    Sailed back and forth between NA and
    Europe, I was making rope and had 96 Jute to make 2 rope and 2 improved rope. (
    I needed 90) somewhere sailing there was a fire and of course I lost 8 jute, so
    I had to sail back to Cueta to get more. 
    I finally finished my ship. Windjammer
    G3, 4/5 Emergency Acceleration, Steam Engine and Exploration ship refit
    .  I have some minor errors, that I would
    probably change, if I could, but I am not sure if what I want is any better or
    where I went wrong. When I graded the ship to G1 I put Exploration refit on it
    instead of Ship speed up 1, and it showed up as an inherited skill. at G3 I put
    the Ship speed up 1 on it, which did not take a ship skill slot but is hidden.
    The Exploration took up 1 of the skill slots and most likely blocked the high
    lookout. In any case, I am pretty happy. The
    ship is 513V;599H 12Turn; 14 Wave
    .  I
    won't be able to get anything much better unless I lucked out and won a
    superior windjammer from a bottle. Plus I have another upgrade slot if I am
    unhappy with the turn or wave resistance. I also made extra G2's for sale in


    I have no info on the original skills
    steam engine, so you will have to look at a future report. My opinion is that
    this skill (Steam Engine)(different from sailing the Clearmont steam engine
    ship which uses coal) is only worth it IF you can refine Management and
    Navigation and get the permanent +2 skills. Otherwise you will have to sail
    with equipment that gives +2 management and +2 navigation to utilize the skill
    as it requires both skills at R12. Koei, did realize there were very few
    players using the ship skill as there were too few items that bestowed the
    needed +2 skills.  They recently added
    many more of these items.


    Today I will work on Management,
    Navigation. I defected to Venice and
    invested in Venetian ports. I also need to work on theses. I have 278 completed
    but have another player tell me that you need 300 to get professor of
    voyages.  This is the title you need to
    use an academic gown, which is +1Nav and +1Management.  I will work on easy production theses while I
    work management.

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    Feb 22, Day 128

    G2's didn't sell and there is a new
    thread called "Grading Broken after update" discussing the success
    rate of grading ships...

    Completed 290 Theses, but the scholar
    says as a reward for completing 100 theses you are awarded the title
    "Professor of Voyages" .. not sure how that works. I immediately
    change title and put my windjammer's steam engine to good use.  After a day of sailing I estimate it removes
    about 1 minute of sailing time from any/all straight trips and 2 minutes from
    trips that need many turns and adjustments. The steam engine is definitely
    worth it, if you want quick speed.  I
    have a very good chance of outrunning any (non high level row skill) pirate
    now. (actually I think any row ship with a speed boost could catch me)


    Post edit. I currently use fine tribute
    for brigands (when I do run into a pirate) and usually have the Naturalist job
    going so I do not use the steam engine at all. The only time I DO use it is
    when there is a race on. But even then my ship has a hard time making the top


    Defected to France and
    invested in French ports.


    I am still short on funds, after
    spending about +500M on grading my ship, ship parts and steam ship
    equipment,  so I made sails and boots for
    sale in my alt's bazaar.  Investing in
    all the cities and railways is also draining my account. I help 2 company mates
    unlock all fame ports and take them to North America SE coast to work adventure

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    Feb 23, Day 129

    NA festival is on. Land battles and
    collecting in NA landing areas. After 200 land battles and completing
    collections, I take ContraTrader around and do the Six quests needed to unlock
    Adventure level +60. To pull "El Paso" took 240 QMP's.  After that, tried pulling the last quest, but
    after using 280 QMP's, I decided to leave ContraTrader at Willemstead to do
    collection theses. He gets 150 fame per thesis 225 with a charm.. and is at 16k
    fame. According to Ivyro, he needs 19.8k fame to pull the "a culture
    without water" quest (I am unlucky or they must be correct).  Trujillo would have been way better, as there
    are sharks there and with his 16+1 fishing skill, he can catch random sharks
    and get 50 pages instead of fish which give 5 pages BUT there is no scholar at
    Trujillo yet.  The collection thesis
    takes 20-25 minutes where I am instead of 10 at Trujillo. Sigh.  I do another 250 land battles in North
    America while Contra fishes.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    Feb 24th, Day 130

    8 more collection theses at Willemstead.
    ContraTrader's adventure fame is over 20k now so I went back to Seville and he
    pulled the "a culture without water" quest.  It is NOT repeatable. I made him admiral and
    tried to take the quest with him but was not able to. He has recognition R3
    with a cross +1 and Ocean Explorer +1 makes the needed R5. He has Archaeology
    R5 with a Litzen aide +1 and an amulet of the sun +1 makes the needed R7

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    Feb 25th, Day 131

    Collecting and land battles on NA SE
    coast. In the evening I took a break and went to Hamburg to pick up some ores
    and made cannons and plates. My old company TerraNova is trying to run Grandor
    missions on Sunday and I joined them. I went as a Supply corps and worked my
    surgery skill.  I get 0 xp and almost no
    money.  The good is that you get decent
    skill experience and interesting items for completing the missions. You can get
    broken cannons, ripped sails, MCCT but the best is if you can luck out and get
    a National panel for your ship.  Out of 4
    of us and 10 missions, we got 1 Dutch panel.


  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    Feb 26th,  Day 132

    Thanksgiving Festival in NA is over. I
    wonder if this is now a monthly event?

    Last one was Jan 6-9. This festival ran
    from Feb 22-25.  I will keep track and
    see if the next one runs in about 7 weeks which would put it around April 12th.
    Starting to store berries in quarters and get my aide to process  them into rasins.


    I make some Masters rapid fire 18's for
    Bazaar, then turn my attention to the current race from London to Naples
    I think I have a fast ship, but I am sure it is not nearly as fast as
    those who care about fast ships.  I will
    not be using a slingshot start. (The practice of fleeting with a mate who is
    going full speed past your starting point and when you start sailing you follow
    him and instantly hit top speed.) I will be in a Steam Engineer job, with
    12Management and 12 Navigation. I will activate the (non coal) steam engine on
    my windjammer.  With no charm on it takes
    me 15 minutes 23 seconds to sail from London to Naples. I am currently placed
    179th in the race. The top time is an astounding 7minutes and 1 second.  Even with a +50% speed charm, the best I can
    hope to do is 10 minutes.  I don't think
    there is a +100% wind charm, is there?


    There is a new land battle quest
    available at Naples, Tunis and Genoa. I decide to try is as it is one of the
    things I want to practice. The quest guide is busted. The description in
    Journal/quest says to check Morocco, Africa N, Bay of Biscay or France N coast
    landing areas and fight " Enemy Soldier" I sailed around and found
    NONE in the listed areas. They ARE in Tunis/Naples and Genoa outskirts. I
    fought about 50 of them and got a total of 5 certificates. On the quest
    progress chart, you only increase when you get certificates, not kills. After
    50 kills, I was 5/200.  I got a little
    Battle fame and Xp; in my opinion at my level, not worth doing.

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