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    Feb 27, Day 133

    To defect to the Ottoman Empire will
    take a whole week to prepare. Day 1 prepare equipment to do battle reports in
    the Black Sea. My alt Aisha is level 36/35/29 and has Ottoman correspondence.
    She has 90 skill in lookout which should be ok. It is going to take me 25h+
    corresponding every 10 minutes. In a perfect world I would do it every 10
    minutes and get 90/90 successes, taking 900 minutes or 15hours. It will more
    likely average every 15 minutes and succeed only 80% or so.  I will be doing one battle report every day
    until the relations with Ottoman reaches 90 (Affection) and I am allowed to
    defect.  At the end of the day I have
    completed my first battle report and made 23 correspondence; 18 success, 5
    fails. I also upgraded my ship to a LeRoyal with 234 crew and 90 guns. It
    doesn't move fast at all, but it does not have to. I do a lot of melee and keep
    corresponding every 10 minutes.  Made
    maritime level 64. For some reason i am getting +35% xp bonus instead of the
    15% for 50/50(full company) Company bonus.

    I only get +15% for adventure xp. I am
    not sure where the other 20% is coming from as I have no charms active.


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    Feb 28, Day 134

    Another day another battle report in the
    Black Sea. I am doing them as a Swordfighter, working my swordplay, assault and
    plunder skills. Every fight I try to end in a deck battle. I do about 4 melee
    thesis that gives 25 points per deck battle and only needs 250 pages to
    complete. It is a third level thesis and gives 2600 college credits per
    thesis.  When I hit the 50,000 cap, I
    will switch to cannoneer and work my cannon skills.  End of day correspondence with Ottoman, is
    30success/9Fails (Amity).


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    March 1st Day 135

    I continue to collect (Famagusta) and put
    berries in storage (700/day) and get my aide to produce more raisins. An EA tip not printed anywhere to those
    who do not know... product storage is a
    special storage that can be taken out at any bank, even in EA
    .  You must click on the quarters aide
    production every day to move the goods to "product storage" I have
    never read about this anywhere so, just to be clear, you can order your aide to
    make raisins(or other goods) and if your farm does not make berries, the aide
    will take them from your quarters storage if you have placed any there. This
    means that you can take a liner to EA empty and go to the bank and take out
    your raisins and with your brew secrets book, turn them into wine and/or brandy
    and use it to unlock and trade! There is a high initial cost for taking out
    goods from far away (say 2M for the first good), but it is not that bad if you
    take out a large quantity all at once. (2.2m for 1000 goods) While collecting
    berries, for 1h, I got about 3k xp for the first hour. With the 15% bonus, I
    make 68 Adventure.

    End of day correspondence, 37 success,
    10 Fails (Amity)


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    March 2nd, Day 136

    307 College Theses 50,482 credits.. Humm.
    I thought that there was a cap of 50k credits available? Well, time to work
    cannon skills anyhow. Odd note, I thought I was keeping good records of my
    correspondence success/fail. I checked after 38 successes, 10 fails and it
    already had me at Goodwill with the Ottoman empire(supposed to be 40 successes).
    Either I did not count properly, or you get a fraction of a success for a
    failed correspondence, maybe 0.2 or 0.25 for a failed attempt?  Completed my 5th battle report in the Black
    sea, and ended the day with 56 Success, 10 Failures on correspondence (19
    successes in a row with 92 lookout skill). With the high success rate, I wonder
    if your success rate increases as your relation with the target country
    increases, ie. I have had no failures since I achieved Trust with the Ottoman
    empire.  I also beat off a 63 maritime pirate,
    who came into the Black Sea. He had an 8/8 ship with 270 sailors and wanted to
    melee me.  He had direct hit prevention
    up, but I managed to shoot him right in the critical zone.  The shot did not cause a critical, but it did
    put him in disorder right before we went into melee. I would have liked to see
    how his "attack strength" looked, but because of the disorder he was
    100+ and i was 500+. I tried to deck battle with him, but he immediately
    retreated.   While he stopped the
    disorder, I easily sailed away.   At the
    end of the day, I sailed to Boston to invest more in railways and then down to
    the Caribbean to pick up jade rings at Caracas (Venice) for other company
    members who need it for the unlock trade 60 cap quest.


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    March 3rd, day 137

    I finished my BR in the Black sea and
    then sailed to Hamburg/Maderia to help a company mate grind his handicraft
    skills. I also went up north to help another company mate complete a maritime
    quest. There were 10 ships all with 30-40 crew and small guns.  I did not move and all 10 of the ships ended
    up surrounding me like legs on a starfish, trying to melee me and failing.

    Seville is overloaded with SEA spice
    from 33-35k each.

    End of day Ottoman correspondence 76
    Success/12 Fails Spain, Portugal, England, Venice (On Alert) Ottoman (Trust)


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    March 4th day 138.

    I am close enough to 90 points of favor
    with the Ottoman empire, Grandor today?ESF Friday, should make a small ship
    (Gunboat) to use in the small ship ESF. I will need to do this for Court Ranks
    so that I can get a level 5 Quarters.Unclear how Trust decays, it does not say
    anywhere.  After 80 success, no
    Affection.  Thinking of delaying my
    defection to Ottoman. There is an ESF next weekend. It will also give me a
    chance to make Maritime level 69 which is a goal to be able to sail a First
    Class Viasseu

    313 College Theses Submissions, Max
    credits is 60,000.

    Will be doing quests for adventure fame
    and not credits now. I completed another battle report and got both my Reload and Penetration skill to R9.

    11pm went to Boston to invest in the
    Railroad and to do my daily collection of berries at NA east for conversion
    into raisins at my quarters.

    End of Day correspondence 87
    successes/13 fails. Interestingly this is close to my aide's lookout skill when
    we started correspondence. (ie. 87/100 lookout skill = 87 success/13 fails?!?)

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    March 5th, Day 139.

    Lanterns are on sale in San Francisco. I
    could easily get another trade level if i was to do the San Fran-Sacramento-Omaha-Boston-Europe
    shuffle, but it is just another distraction. There is no particular reason to
    focus on trade levels as I am already sailing the endgame trade ship And there
    is a +50% skill bonus still on until March 21st. Battle skills and then
    probably adventure skills will be the focus once I defect.   Another BR in Black Sea. Affection with the
    Ottoman empire after 89 Successes. It does not say what the decay rate of
    relations is with different countries, but I suspect that it decays at 1 point
    per day.  If it is, my current successes
    would be 82. I also suspect that any time you Actually fight(shoot or melee) an
    Turkish Flagged fleet you get a minimum of -1 relations.  This happened twice while I was ambushed by a
    flagged fleet and got into melee before I could use a tribute and retreat from
    battle. This would put me right at 80 successes for Affection.  Of course I am not 100% sure, but it fits the
    events. I guess I could get to exactly "Sworn Friends" and see how
    long it would take to go back to Affection.


    While working on Melee skills, I decided
    to try the Cremian Pirates.  They are
    sailing in 3 Heavy Galeasses. 1101 maritime XP if you end with a deck battle
    722xp if you end with normal melee.  My
    main concern is that they can sink me while I am in melee. I have 61 armor, but
    since they have 166+ crew each, it takes me a while to wear them down and I
    constantly get shot. I get 100+ points of Assault skill for one battle.  I am only about 30% vs them but i get very
    good  skills even if I lose.

    End of day, Spain Distrust; England,
    Portugal, Venice, On Alert, Ottoman Affection.


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    March 6th, Day 140

    Started on my small gunboat for this
    weekend's ESF.  You must be English or
    have defected to England to make this ship as it can only be made in London or
    Portsmouth. It is much cheaper to mod since the 1st Mod only costs 1,1,2,3,4
    SSIP's for the first 5 mods. I will probably put FIVE mods on this guy to pimp
    him out and see if I can hold my own in the weekend festivities. (I don't even
    know if the word "mod" as used by ship builders is correct here.
    maybe these are supposed to be called "upgrades"... not sure)

    Another BR in the Black Sea.  Made Plunder R8. End of day correspondence
    with Ottoman empire is Sworn Friends.
    It took 105 successful correspondence; Spain and England is Distrust; Portugal
    and Venice are On Alert.

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    March 7th, Day 141

    Working on making ship parts for my
    small gunboat. Lots of running around to Santo Domingo and Calicut to make
    different ropes. After I get this ship finished, I will have to set up to make
    a pair of boots for a company mate.


    March 8th, Day 142.

    Made Garuda(figurehads) for sale and the
    ESF. Spain is the only country in Industrial Revolution and of course the ONLY
    city of the five nations that I have gone thru and NOT invested in is Bilabo,
    Spain's Industrial city.  I wanted to
    make 18 carronades today, but ended up buying them. I end the day in the
    Caribbean (Safe waters) doing a quick Battle Report in my new light gunboat.  It is speedy and agile.  Nice!


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    March 9th, Day 143

    ESF Day. Although the ESF is actually 3
    days long Friday's ESF is in the evening which is the easiest for me to do.  Tomorrow it is in the afternoon and I will
    try to do it, but no guarantee.  Sunday's
    ESF (small ships) is at 6am so that is definitely out.

    Today I take the time to re-organize my
    gear and items. I need to fill up on lifesavers, calming flags, retreat
    bells,  fire buckets etc.

    Luckily I have +50K college credits. I
    am going to keep Great Success 4 and, Item improvement techniques (both 10,000
    credit skills). The other three I swap to General Check (repairs sails and
    rudder when doing regular repairs), and Gunnery Aid 3 and 4. I am in Cannoneer
    job for the ESF.

    My skills for ESF including items and
    college are:

    Swordplay 10+1

    Plunder 8+1

    Assault 9+3

    Gunnery 10+3

    Accuracy 10+4

    Reloading 9+2

    Penetration 9+2

    Repair 15+1

    Tactics 5

    Surgery 6+1

    I took the ESF quest from the minister
    in Spain, but I tried the Port Official first and it did not work. According to
    the notes on the ESF page, it should have. Luckily there is a liner from
    Amsterdam to Jakarta, so getting out to Ternate (the target city) is easy.


    My old company mates that built ships
    for the ESF, for some reason could not get on and so I joined a random fleet of
    4. Virtually everyone is sailing a small gunboat with similar stats.  My fleet was lead by WaffleBarbarian. The
    other fleet members were Driftwood, Rashia, and Nukeshaw.  In 1 hour I (we) obtained 22 victories and 43
    merits of war. Of the 22 victories, I think 20 were vs. NPC fleets and 2 were
    vs. other player fleets.  We also
    suffered one loss vs another player fleet. 
    I only participated in the light round as I did not have a standard
    ship, nor a decent Heavy ship.


    In the evening I stayed in the area and
    did land battles at Brunei. I fought the
    Brunei bandit level 38 to
    get Hornet
    call, my first level 3 trap tech
    . One of the things not mentioned in the
    notes is that, just like you, the NPC has to do enough damage so that his tech
    bar increases to level 3 so that he can use the level 3 tech on you. Only after
    he uses it do you try to kill him quickly and acquire the tech.

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    March 10th, Day 144.

    Day 2 of ESF.  I found out that I had to travel back to
    Seville to report the quest and pick up the same quest for round 2.  I sailed with another group lead by Corbeau
    and some of his friends. One of our fleet was an alt sailing around with us to
    get some points.  We were not as
    successful as we engaged in many more pvp battles and several were just a mess
    of several fleets. Our success rate in those was about 40%. I (we) had 16
    victories and 23 merits of war.



    The rest of the day will be
    re-organizing my gear. I will drop all of the armor and guns and collect
    archive maps. I have swapped out and sent my best aide to the aide fleet.

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    March 11, Day 145.

    A good day to defect to the Ottoman
    Empire. I have prepared for my exile by collecting 30 archive maps in the
    Middle East, East Asia, and South America. I have to bring my alt just to hold
    half of them. My status is: affection with the Ottoman,  Warring with France, and Hostile with the other
    5 European empires.  I expect it will
    take at least 10 days of sailing to get back to a normal status with the 6
    European countries. I will come back sooner than that, but not until I get back
    to at least "On Alert".


    Affection->Sworn Friends.


    Post Edit note. 40 days later and 4 of
    the 6 countries are still at distrust.


    I turned on a fame/skill and xp booster
    for the next 30 days to help with adventure.

    By the end of day, I had charted 4 more
    land areas and passed 670 discoveries.


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    March 12, Day 146

    All day doing quests, archives and
    charting. Since I am Turk, I can take the camel/caravan from Suez to
    Basra.  It is a good idea to do lots of
    quests from Istanbul and Alexandria that need to go to Basra. The evening is
    spent doing quests From India to East Asia. I have lots of archive maps, so
    this is going very quickly and my adventure XP is going up nicely. The EA maps
    that I collected up are all concentrated very tightly so it is easy to make
    discoveries and complete quests. Over 700 discoveries, and made level 69


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    March 13, Day 147

    Thanksgiving festival is back on in NA.  All day questing in East Asia. I have Chinese
    and Japanese as languages and my alt has Korean. Every time I sail into any of
    the 4 capitals, I search the archives. Passed 730 discoveries.  Even after defecting and losing 70k fame in
    each category, my Adventure fame is 118k. 
    Made Biology base R9.

    Ottoman Trust; French Hostile; the rest
    are Enmity.


    March 14th, Day 148

    More maps and quests in EA. Charted 2
    more sea zones. I made Geography base R9.

    My last quest took me to Hawaii, so I
    kept going east and passed through San Francisco and took a train to North
    America West and ended the day doing land battles. Passed 750 Discoveries and have
    200/289 areas charted.

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    Friday March 16th, Day 150.

    All 6 of the European nations are no
    longer "Hostile" but are at "Enmity" status with me so I think
    I am ok and sailed back to Europe. Made two quick sets of 60d boots and a
    couple halberds. NA festival has ended. The message showed up at 1:30 pst.
    Seems odd but I thought it would end either at the end of day yesterday or
    tonight. In any case, I estimate that I did another 800 or so land battles
    during the festival. After re-Equipping for dungeons on the weekend, I sailed
    to Dublin to do some unlock maps that I had stored while collecting my EA maps.


    After switching to adventure mode, I
    sailed thru Panama and completed  two
    quests from SF;a Hawaii quest and one going to Japan. After that, I dropped my
    alt in Pohang to collect ore and I sailed on to India to get the unlock Fort
    San Domingo quest.  After unlocking it, I
    ran  it twice and got the item I needed
    to unlock the mid level quest for FSD. I also charted the Tamsui River West
    area while I was there.

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    Oops, I posted the 15-16th in the wrong order..

    March 15th, The Ides of March.  Day 149.

    I sent my alt back to Europe to pick up
    lots of Aide food and to check on the Contribution item. Reinvestment booklets
    is an easy item to contribute. I spent the day doing land battles in NA, until
    my Equipment almost broke. Tomorrow I will go back to Europe and make boots and
    weapons for a weekend dungeon run.

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    March 17th, Day 151.

    As I am doing quests in EA, I am also
    doing two other things at the same time. I am working on College theses for
    trade goods. They require many (3600 or 4800) pages to complete. Since I have
    opened all of the ports in EA, I can now sail around and do a

    trade at every city that I visit. When I
    visit, I trade 75 iron at any Korean or Taiwan port.  I trade 50-75 Korean Raspberry S.China. I
    trade wine in Japan.  I made a list of
    every good in each of the four areas and trade for 1 (or a couple) new EA good
    to fill up my memorial album. Every quest is 2-3 more goods and the album is
    filling quickly.


    Notes on trading in EA. As I said
    before, my alt collects Iron ore in West Pohang. The Korean Raspberries I can
    get for trading bulk iron in Pohang. The wine I get from my "produced
    goods storage" from my quarters at any bank in EA. This means I can sail to EA empty on a liner, go to the bank and take
    out 1500 raisins in Japan and make +2000 wine to trade instantly.
    I have
    over 4500 raisins stored up there currently.

    The formula to take out goods (in Japan,
    and may vary depending on distance) is 2,451,310 + 208 per good removed. 1
    raisin costs 2,451,518 ducats, 100 cost 2,472,100, 1000 raisins costs 2,659,310
    ducats to take out.


    Finished memorial album "Goods
    Traded in the East #2, #7, #8, made Art R8. Discovered "Whirlpool"
    right outside of Sakai. My alt who is recognition R4 although fleeted was not
    able to discover the whirlpool. "You have discovered a mysterious
    phenomenon. However your skill rank is not high enough to discover it."
    Passed 770 discoveries.


    On a side note, our company and another
    company had a party at the company house for St. Pat's day and a company draw
    for submitting an aide this last week. I was still relegated to EA. but I
    should be able to get back to Europe very soon.

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    March 18th, Day 152.

    After collecting in NA SE coast, I work
    my way from Portobelo thru South Africa and to India, discovering all of the
    archive maps that I have for each area. I make Search R10.

    In the next three days, while the skills
    boost is still on, my goals are

    1) Search R11 to get the college skill
    "Hide completed maps/quests"

    2) Wares Trading R9 to R11.

    3) Alchemy From R5 to R8 hopefully

    The side goals are to make and sell
    things in player bazaars and company shops to replenish my low cash reserves.


    My relations are high enough so the
    countries that don't like me won't attack, but when I try to use correspondence
    to improve my relations, the success is only around 50%. I discovered a mysterious phenomenon, Moon Pillar in the Black Sea North
    West landing
    area while collecting hemp to make paper ->western books
    (in Venice)->rare books (needed in a lot of alchemy recipes.)

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    March 19th, Day 153

    I am officially back in the Med. Spain,
    Venice, France are Enmity.  Portugal,
    Dutch, English are "On Alert." 
    The stock of hemp that I collected in the Black Sea I converted into
    Rare books and put into a Bazaar for later use when I am ready to grind
    Alchemy. Today I will get more books, copper, sulfur and lumber. With all of
    the gold I am going to make, I will convert a lot of it into tribute for


    Collected berries and white ore in NA to
    make MCCT and Salted Fish nuts. Then back to Athens, and Beruit to collect
    materials to make Reinvestment Booklets for my alt's company contribution
    items. This works well, because I am in a mineral trader job and am working my
    Wares trade buying Parchments/Safflower/ and Wax for RIBs; Paper for Western
    Books and Lumber (much later for Tribute for brigands) and Steel.

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    March 20, Day 154

    I got wares trade to R11 and Alchemy to
    R7, then had to take a break to do Bordeaux Dungeon as I had run out of PO 2's
    (used to buy paper, sulfur and copper ore->gold).

    After running Bordeaux 40 times, I went
    back to making gold until I hit Alchemy

    Now with my hat and emerald tablet, +2,
    I can make R10 Test kilns.  That will be
    another long term goal, to prepare for when there is another +skill event going
    on. I will have to switch my farm from Ascension to one that makes clay.


    After making several hundred normal
    tribute for NPC, I decided to make some fine tribute for Player Pirates.   I had lots of white ore from Bordeaux (
    white ore book -> diamonds) and way too much gold from the alchemy recipe.
    It was easier than I thought. I finished the day in North America collecting
    more white ore and logs for more tribute. 
    I didn't have time to get my search up to R11.  That will have to wait until after I rebuild
    my cash reserves. I wish I could sell these fine tributes for more than 1M
    each, but that is the cap for consumable items and they are worth much more
    than that.


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    March 21, Day 155

    It is clear that I will not be able to
    make Search R11 today. I am at South Nantes collecting dull longswords, estocs
    and folding fans. Finding one of them gives me 4 points in search. I started
    today at R10 and 1200/10,000 xp in search. I only collect about 25 items per
    hour = 100 points of search per hour. 
    The only good thing is that I can do real life chores while my toon
    searches.  I do not know if other items
    give much more than 4xp per find but I picked this place because I can give
    every item to my aide and she destroys the one she is currently carrying. This
    eliminated the need for me to move away from the search location and drop +5
    items.. go back and search again. I am sure many of you have been irritated by
    finding something another player has dropped. (toon stops searching after
    finding another players dropped item)

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    March 22, Day 156

    collected 100 ESBT's doing levels in
    Bordeaux dungeon. Made Throw R10.  I also
    refilled my PO 2's and 3's.  Today I will
    be doing Archeology and Theology in the Middle East. It is safe waters and I
    have the advantage of being Ottoman and taking the carriage/camel from Suez to
    Basra.  I ended the day collecting white
    ore in Newfoundland to turn into diamonds for more fine tribute for player


    Note, that before I started my adventure
    xp and skill grind here, I have Spanish/Arabic/North American Languages/Chinese
    on my main.

    French/Egyptian/Persian/Greek on my 2nd

    on my Alt.

    English/Celtic on my Alts 1st Aide. and
    Latin on my Alt's 2nd aide.

    Missing a language when doing a quest
    was always a pain in the neck when I first started on OGP.  That is not a problem now.

    At any city with a scholar I also  browse the books for the skill I am working

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    March 23, Day 157

    There is a gold rush on in North America
    West coast. It is an ideal time for my alt to unlock San Francisco. I will
    split my time between here and the Red Sea doing quests.


    After talking with the gold nugget appraiser
    in San Fran and buying some pickaxes, we headed to the west coast to do some

    I did not know this, but gold nuggets
    cannot be traded between players. My large gold nugget was 5800g and my alt's
    was 11,200g. From my investment in the railroad, I received a better rate for
    the regular nuggets I turned in. We only broke even on the small nuggets, but
    we traded the large nuggets for some beef steak and a large square sail.

    End of day 820 discoveries.

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    March 24, Day 158

    More adventure quests. I am focused on
    my search skill. I need to make around 100 more discoveries to get to R11.  While doing quests, I found that the French
    refuse to let you take the carriage from Paris to Calais (2 tow permits) if you
    have "on alert" status with them. 
    The message is that your relations are not good enough with the country
    to take the carriage.

    End of day. 209/289 areas charted, 840
    discoveries,  Search is still R10


    March 25th. Day 159

    I would like to stay in the Red sea as
    it is safe waters, but I have done all of the quests that require search. There
    are only Recognition and Ecological research quests left. I moved to
    Portobelo  to do quests and ended up in
    the Baltic sea completing the quest Jaguar's eyes.  I will stay in the Med and do search quests
    and archive maps.   Made appraisal R9.
    Passed 850 discoveries.

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    March 26th, Day 160.

    My relations with Portugal and Amsterdam
    are now "distrust" the other 4 are still "on alert" (My
    aide has correspondence with Amsterdam and Portugal so I have been working on
    the poor relations whenever I see a Portuguese or Dutch fleet.  I helped another company member work on their
    casting skills, by setting up an aide bazaar for him with 8000 minerals and
    2000 coal. It only takes me 15 PO 2's to fill up the bazaar and I will do an
    hour in the Bordeaux dungeon to get them back.


    I just found out that I
    was one of 20 winners of a Lucky Draw for participating in the recent ESF.  I only found out because some player sent me
    a message and wanted to buy the part, which is a Special Ship Materials
    Purchase Order. NICE!


    The rest of the day I sailed around the
    Med and Atlantic doing more search skill quests. Made unlock R8.

    End of day.  211/289 areas Charted:  Over 880 Discoveries: search 7000/10,000.

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    March 27th, Day 161.

    In North America Newfoundland collecting
    white ore to make crystals/glassware. We are at 23k/25k needed for the EA
    company liner.  I found the Ultimate sword training technique book
    for sale in a bazaar in Seville and immediately
    bought it
    . Now I can make 100a Yatagan and Flamberge. Did some dungeons in
    Bordeaux to test out my new Flamberge and Yatagan. My college skills were not
    set up to make a 100att items so I settled on 60 and 70att. I ran Bordeaux
    until my Yatagan forte maxed out at 1000pts.

    Did a few more quests and made level 72



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    March 28th, Day 162

    I had a lot of work to do today, so I
    did not get much done.

    More Adventure quests.  While doing quests, I found some 20/28 -1
    sails in London on sale for 4m each.  I
    think this is crazy as these sails used to sell for 25-30m last age.  I think they may be much more common as they
    show up in some tickets now.


    Passed 900 discoveries.  Search is at R10, 8800/10,000 to R11.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    March 29th, Day 163

    Off to Rio, Portobelo and Lima to do
    more adventure quests.

    After I hit search R11, I checked the
    development in Jaffa, and then picked up the parts to make +3 Equipment Furniture;
    Saws from Beruit outskirts (Byblos stacked boulders), Turkish rugs and lumber
    from Kaffa. I have the R16 Handicraft and R8+2 (10) fabric trading needed to
    make them by myself.

    Passed 910 discoveries and Made Search
    R11, Theology R9.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    March 30th. Good Friday. Day 164

    A time to think of long term goals

    I set up to collect Saws and Hammers to
    make +3 Furniture. It is easy for me being Turk and getting Turkish carpets and
    lumber from Kaffa. While my toons were searching for  Saws, I made a list of things I am close to
    and the things that I want to complete in the long term.

    Short Term

    -Removing Food Trade from my main
    character R8. (My alt has R9) and replacing it with firearms trade. Making ship
    parts +3 furniture requires R16Handicraft and R10 firearms trade. I
    thought about putting firearms trade on my alt, but he is Portuguese and the
    only really decent place to level firearms trade is either Barcelona and/or

    -Complete all quests from Aden before i
    defect to the Dutch.

    Medium Term

    -Working Sundries Trade skill on my alt.
    To make +3 document furniture requires R17Handicrafts and, R8 Sundries.

    -Grinding to Maritime level 76 or 79 and
    building my end game Maritime ship, either a SolRoyal at 76, or Victory at
    79.  There are lots of better cash ships
    or there may be other new ships in the game, but this is from my review of
    ships in the current ivyro pages.

    -Unlock and complete every dungeon

    Long Term

    -complete every college thesis and get
    every college skill.

    -obtain all level 3 techs for swords and
    throwing daggers and at least ONE level 4 tech.

    -Obtain Every job, ending with salvager
    and Astronomer. These two jobs require at least one permanent skill slot. They
    will replace two of my language skill slots, so I am trying to save that for


    Mace/Nutmeg are 31-35k in Seville, Saori
    65k and Brushes 70k, Tan Rifles and other EA goods vary from 55-65k each.


    End of Day, my relations with the Dutch
    are back to normal. Portuguese is distrust, the rest are On Alert.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 479Member Intermediate

    March 31, Day 165


    More adventure quests.  Working the Art skill.


    While working my Portuguese relations
    back to normal, I got the message "Your relations with other nations will
    not improve due to your relations with Ottoman Turkey."  I checked to see that my Portuguese relations
    are now at normal status and I guess you can't get any better than normal with
    any of the European nations while Ottoman.


    Discovered Sun Dogs (natural phenomenon)
    at the Newfoundland North Coast landing area.


    India just became safe waters, so I am
    going there to work more adventure quests.

    End of day 920 discoveries. Made Biology

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