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Hello there dear readers!

The various notes, booklets and other pieces of informations that will be collected here are the tales of a daring and dashing traveller saling among the waves, a retelling of my adventures as I go see the world, looking for its marvels. With the help of my assistant Nikoleis (Note: My name is Nicolas, the fact you are still learning isn't a free pass to botch my name to comply with your italian accent, and the 's' is still silent... but you are likely not going to read my notes, do you?), these compiled informations will be presented to you in an enjoyable, yet informative way, sharing some lights on a variety of subjects and hopefully entertaining during those long days of sailing when winds are not cooperating and all you have to do is wait. (Note: Ah! Like you ever know the meaning of that word!)

And the first subject I'd like to talk about is a little phenomenon I have had the pleasure to first see sailing near an island named New Caledonia, which is the kind of things an adventurer lives for. We were busy charting this area when we noticed the sea was still shining after the sun has decided to set, something we at first chalked on the moonless night letting the milky way appearing shining on a calm sea. Wanting to see from a little closer so to document this view, we finally noticed that, even in the shadow of our ship, the light was still there! In view of that fantastic sight, we anchored on that island for a couple days to observe the phenomenon... or rather, that's what I wanted to say.

See? There's one thing that tends to get on the way of any good little discovery, the kind of thing you cannot control. Rain. Not that the shining sea left when it started to pour, but... yeah, have you even tried to write under a waterfall? Likely that you don't need to to say it is a bad idea! So... yeah we had to wait. (Note: Again, your definition of waiting was to, I quote you there: "Find the biggest coconut to see if it is bigger that my head") But yeah, after four days, luck was on our side and finally, we could see about exporing that beach and its strange light! We took some time before touching it, ensuring that it wasn't a man eating sea luring us in (Note: Or you know... toxic?) then let our fingers in... and it reacted! Somehow at first it moved away but after a moment, it simply stood there, as if it was something inside the water avoiding us. And I decided to test it out by diving in! In the end, still alive and well, so... guess it isn't dangerous? We even saw some fishes eating some of that light, so Nik estimates that it might be edible for them, but strongly suggested to avoid testing it ourselves. (Note: Yes, I did. No, you didn't listen in the end. No, salt water, as clear as it can be, is still not good to drink.) We decided, after our first deduction, to call this the Milky sea

After this little adventure however people in Wanganui told us of some grottos where they observed something similar, not going to pass up this opportunity, we thus headed there to look into it, as it might be possible these can also live in fresh water. Surprise, I was wrong, as it was actually not the water holding the source of light, but... worms, suspended on the roof! Very interesting view in that otherwise flooded cave system, as it feels like seeing the stars flashing with all their light under a fresh and clear night, the droplets falling forming a reposing orchestra... hmm, I could have spent hours in there! I heard from the locales it is called the Waitomo caves, and that's the name I am going to record those under, but I shall myself call those the caves of the stars! (Note: If you could name things and, more importantly, people the way they should...)

Well, that's all for those opening notes! Hope you are enjoying these!

- Mizielli

(The Biolumiescence is an actual ingame discovery, for potential new players who do not know where to look at for it, while the caves are not as far as I am aware. But if you are adventuring for the actual sense of discovery, I bet you will still find this interesting! I might do more if there's interest, trying to get something different from all those grind related content, the alts controversy, and the like. UWO is an unique game that doesn't rely exclusively on big numbers and complaining about Healers and Tanks, so I'd like to keep a glimmer of this magic. Sail safe and have fun!)
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