[Event] Simon says... (3) [UPDATED]

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Hello Soldiers,

This is our third “Simon says...” event and this time we will test your observational skills.

You have exactly 4 hours to try and find a gun that has its name written on it. Example: The Assault weapon Famas if it had the word Famas written on the side of the gun. You must send a PM to this account on the forums with a screenshot of the weapon with its name on the gun. A full screenshot is required. 

To take a screenshot press the "PRINT SCREEN" button on your keyboard and then locate your WarRock Screenshot folder. Computer > Local Disk (C:) > warrockEU > Screenshot

The top 5 users will receive a weapon of their choice for 30 days! If there are more than 5 users that submit a screenshot with a weapon with its name on itself we will be doing a random draw to select the 5 winners. So don't go sharing your astute observations or your chances of winning will be lower.

Most importantly have fun!


War Rock Team


  • WarRockTeamWarRockTeam Posts: 124WR Lead GM Trainee
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    Congratulations to our winners! We had many submissions of a variation of guns. 

    We originally hoped that someone would have submitted a screenshot of the Tac-15. To those of you who did not win, go buy the Tac-15 and participate in our Video Contest that is still happening (located here). You only need 1 kill to enter to win free WRC! The top 5 videos get WRC and we don't even have 5 videos yet!

    Winners - the gun they submitted:
    Rosenweiss - G36C
    ejder81 - AK47TC
    DragonForceWR - XM8
    gainward - AUG
    OldDays - USP

    Thanks everyone for participating and we hope everyone comes back for tomorrow's final Simon Says... (Part 4).
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