Divine recruiting

Magiccn17Magiccn17 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
Hello everyone
We are trying to rebuild the old Divine Damage guild (DeathIsEternal ally)
If your interested pm Magicn17 or send an mail
Trying to do some dungeon runs titles etc mostly CET after work and have some fun without being online 24/7


  • geegee2ugeegee2u Posts: 0Member Beginner
    hey magiccn, old player (FrozenTank) looking at coming back to dekaron, do many of the old DD players still play? is it worth playing dekaron again? cheers
  • Magiccn17Magiccn17 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    hey mate
    well not many of the old players still play
    some also in other guilds etc
    we try to rebuild the guild thou
    just come back and take a look
    many people say its not worth coming back cause for sure its still p2w
    but there are many new dungeons titles etc you can do and for me its still fun
    hope to see you in game im mostly online after work in the evening CET
    hope to see you in game
  • ScantronMachineScantronMachine Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Would you consider adding any new players? What is your required level to join?
  • Magiccn17Magiccn17 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    hey there
    we got no lvl requirements
    new players are welcome
    just contact someone in game>everyone in the guild can add you
  • geegee2ugeegee2u Posts: 0Member Beginner
    do you know which old DD players still play off the top of your head?
    i already started playing 2 days ago, lvl 180 bagi with full 170 +9 :) 
    what are the guild req?

  • Magiccn17Magiccn17 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    no requirements bro just catch someone of the guild in the game
    everyone is able to add you
  • sirkilalotsirkilalot Posts: 2Member Beginner
  • GarethDarkmourneGarethDarkmourne Posts: 1Member Beginner
    You guys still recruiting?
  • backstab89backstab89 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    i was a bagi name Moreyarty long ago can i still join ?
    is seggernaut still playing ?
  • BlazingziteBlazingzite Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Is the Guild still Active? Can i Join?
  • Magiccn17Magiccn17 Posts: 8Approved Member Beginner
    not really active like nearly every guild these days
    but still some people online every day
    youre welcome in here
    message Magicn17 in game
    will be online in 3 h from now on which is around 4 pm CET
    see you
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