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Hello Soldiers,

This is our last “Simon says...” event for the month. So far we have gotten you to conquer your fear of heights by jumping off bridges / out of helicopters, show us your skill by killing one of the toughest AI characters, and lastly show us your astute observational skills by analyzing guns.

So for this last Simon says... we want you to show us your Microsoft Paint skills! Simon says... draw us your favourite map.

Your picture has to be 100% made by you and it has to be made all with Microsoft Paint. If you are spending a lot of time making this picture, it would be nice to see a picture or two halfway through (so you can submit more than 1 picture, but only of the same artwork). 

We want everyone to participate, even if you do not believe you are artistic.

You have exactly 4 hours to try and WOW us or make us laugh. At 11:59 pm time CET we will lock the thread and select the winners.

The top 5 users will receive a weapon of their choice for 30 days!
We will randomly draw an additional 5 names to receive a consolation prize of a weapon for 15 days. But you will only be able to participate in this random draw if we see that you put some effort into your drawing.

Most importantly have fun!

The winners have been selected. The 4 hour time period takes precedent over the 11:59pm CET that was posted since the thread was not live exactly at 8:00pm CET. Also, the last few posts had to be approved (and that is why they show a later time). These users did post in time, but we didn't approve their posts until later.

"Your picture has to be 100% made by you and it has to be made all with Microsoft Paint."

After looking through the submitted pictures we unfortunately found many that did not qualify. Some of these pictures were taken from the internet with a few added paint brush strokes and others were a screenshot that was painted over. Therefore, we decided to simply reward the top 5 users.

Without further ado the winners are:
- OneTarallo
- deathwishwarrock
- ghbeee
- Fundament
- DragonForceWR


War Rock Team


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