2H Axe or Dual Axes

bartek420bartek420 Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
What do you guys think is better for AK above level 170?
Few years ago almost everybody claimed Dual > 2H but what about now ?


  • bartek420bartek420 Posts: 5Approved Member Beginner
    Thank you guys so much for all of these responses.
    I'm 175 lvl now and decided to switch to 2H axe. Can you tell me what skills should i max (mainly for PVE)?
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    Hi! I wouldn't expect much response honestly, no one really uses these forums. :P

    To answer your question though, 2h or duals is mainly personal preference - i'd say 2h is more popular at high gear levels, and personally i'm 2h aswell.. But duals is fine too, and even arguably has more potential with perfect gear.

    In terms of main skills you need to max for PvE: (Prot tree) One hand mastery, agility, shield mastery (only rank 5 is needed, but you can get 10 for a bit of extra defence with a shield if you want), bounce defender, 3 spirit buffs, protection sanctuary, weapon defence
    (Destruction tree) Two hand mastery, guidance, genocide, fury of rondou, break arms
    (Honor tree) Strength, wind rush, attack acceleration
    (Trans up) Everything other than judge of hellion

    As a 2h AK you're gonna' find you have some downtime between your dps skills, especially until you unlock your step 2 and 3 meisters - so you might want to use some level 1 skills like berserk or divide spear or something for now. And make sure to use taunt bash and point target (prot tree) a lot too! Even though you keep them at level 1.

    Hope that helps. :3
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