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imainleesinimainleesin Posts: 0Member Beginner
hi, i want to sell the following:

******Armour and Weapons******
1x Armour of Ong Khan - 25mil
1x Janissary's Gun ( 82 attack, 195 durability, 10 defence, + gunfire, + sniping) - 50mil
1x sword of Inheritance (  60 attack, 100 durability, + swordplay, + surgery, + leadership) - 20mil
1x Saladin's sword ( 60 attack, 86 durability, +2 tactics, + swordplay, 10 disguise) - 25mil

***** Bonds, tickets and documents *****
3x Land Redevelopment handbook - 5mil each
1x Shinny Tarrot ( The Empress) - 20mil
5x Pardon - 12mil each
5x Emergency Shipbuilding request - 40mil each
5x Special Purchase Bond - 20mil each
1x Strongbox permit for 15days - 150mil
3x Battle King's talisman - 40mil each
1x Efficient Action Manual - 15mil
1x Efficient Action Guide - 25mil

***** Ship Parts *****
2x Improved skysail - 25mil each
2x Expanded Shiphold for stern - 25mil each
1x Maestro full rigged sail - 250mil


reply with your purchase and your in game name for sale to be completed. Thanks guys/girls


  • HelloAllHelloAll Posts: 701Member Intermediate
    I would like to buy the 2 sky sail and 2 expanded ship hold please.
    IGN: Somchai
  • EryandonEryandon Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Hello, is the Janissary Gun still available? I would like one, thanks :D
    IGN: Eryandon
  • demago2000demago2000 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    i would like the land redevelopment books
    IGN demago
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