[EVENT] Chasing Santa! (Finished)

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Ho ho ho! 

Your traditional Christmas is always accompanied with Santa's presents, but this year, Blackshot Global has a game changer, as you chase down, YES!, chase down our special Santa! and earn your Christmas present!

Careful, though... the Blackshot Santa has Monster powers and it's armed with a powerful Christmas Tree!

✪ Event Mechanics: 

 ● From December 08.12.17 to 28.12.17 every Friday at 17:00 (MYT) the GM team will create several rooms with the name [**EVENT**] Chasing the Santa!

 ● We will announce the channel and also the password to the room and you need to try to join the room as fast as possible;

 ● Your objective is to hunt the Special Blackshot Santa (with GM-Monster powers), to try to kill him and also defeat the opposing team;

 Event Settings:

 ● Characters: Only Default characters are allowed (Rayne, Travis II, etc. are not allowed);

 ● Weapons & Gears: All weapons and gears are allowed;

 ● Mode & Maps: Any TDM map;

 ● Room Settings: 8 vs 8, 80 points and 15 min;

 Event Rewards:

 ● All participants win the M4A1 Xmas for 1 day;

 ● If your team wins, you will all receive a M4A1 Xmas for 3 days;

 ● If you kill the Santa you will receive the AWP Candy for 7 days!

Happy Santa hunting and Merry Christmas everyone!

Team BlackShot


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    what do you mean etc you mean all skin cannot use

  • GMALEXAGMALEXA Posts: 230BS Game Master Trainee
    Hello ALOL40015,

    It means that you are only able to use the default characters, (Travis, Adam, Vanessa & Cathy)

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    this good for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think this not good
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