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Hello Heroes,


Firstly, we want to apologize for the recent issues that have
been going on in-game with the so-called GM-Shop crisis. We know that such
issues should never have existed, however it seems that there had been some flaws
within management that caused such things to happen.

We are currently investigating to remedy this issue as soon
as possible. Translators do not have access to the game servers, and/or authorities
to modify game content – and this goes for GMs as well. Such requests are made
to the Developers in order for changes to be implemented. This may explain why
some issues (i.e. bug reports, minor issues) may not be addressed as promptly as anticipated.
With that in mind, we are always trying our best to quicken this process.

Unfortunately, we as
a team were unaware of the ‘GM-Shop’ issue. Precisely, we were investigating to
find where these suspicious transactions were being made. In this process, a
few players were detected with suspicious activities, and upon investigation,
we have determined that such players were to be banned. Since we generally do
not look into an account for no apparent reason, some players who were less
noticeable might have slipped away. However, some players (i.e. reported by
other players) happen to be vulnerable targets for investigation – thanks to
reports from other players. This has led to our team investigating reported
accounts based on the information received, and information found.

If there are any players who feel that they were mistreated
by our actions, please submit your concerns to our Help Desk so that our management
team may review your case and provide you with an adequate answer.

Thank you for your kind understanding.


Team Dekaron 

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