Status Update on Recent Cash Item Issue [12.06]

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Hello Heroes,


We’d like to update status of the current inquiries about the in-game shop.

The issue has been identified mostly by user reports; many thanks to your investigation and help on the game.

We and the developers couldn’t detect the issue early due to low volume of transactions of the items and restructuring of our service team.

So far, we’ve suspended accounts with apparent suspicious activities based on user reports and our investigation. (We review user logs before any giveaway)

- If you feel that your accounts were mistreated by our investigation, please send us a ticket to Help Desk or at

Recently we started our investigation with the new development team and engineers in Xigncode, and found the cause of the issue (User reports helped us a lot on this process as well). 

We are developing a new module to prevent this type of activity and in the meantime we set all items prices that are not on DShop to 999999.

We hope the new patch module fixes not only the shop issue but also other hacks that are known in the community.

We are sorry for causing you concerns and we appreciate your understanding and patience on the issue.


Best regards,


Team Papaya Play

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