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v0nndutchv0nndutch Posts: 470Member Intermediate
I'd love you see the old events come back where the GM's are in-game hosting the events.

I miss the days where we all had to wait for the room number and password to scroll across the top of the screen and we was in a mad rush to join it, and it felt like an achievement for being able to type fast and to get a spot!

I loved the days where we use to have the events where we had to play Ravello, Harbour IDA, Nerbil (Snipers Only). Then when you had to play FFA and only KILL the GM.

What's other's opinion's on this? I'd love to see this in-game again! Every weekend or every other weekend!
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  • sosikx7sosikx7 Posts: 17Member Beginner
    I support you in 100% :) Some events like that were 2 mounth ago, but now they could return to make that events again. 
  • [HGM]MaskedMan[HGM]MaskedMan Posts: 80WR Game Master Beginner
    You'll love 2018, then.
  • v0nndutchv0nndutch Posts: 470Member Intermediate
    Oh little spoiler alert there :-)

    Can’t wait now! Thanks Maskedman!
    WarRock Beta Player since 2006!
    Mike & Mikee
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