Nexon GOD Destu?

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176 bagi elite infantry kicked her 190 ak elite knight + there 1 black wizard help him (segu is alone) me alone
1vs1vs2(destu and other geared blackwizard)
(i just explain for dogs cant undurastand when watch)
why i post this video?
after this video i was focus lvl up i was make 7 day (holiday no work) 190 and my bagi deleted
i did search everywere at forum ban list etc i found nothing and i send tickets
but nexon always send auto messages.
and we all know destu is crazy rich and there no have any prove to my bagi ban/jail
when i was back play dekaron at Papaya i see Destu friends spam chat on me your bagi banned ahhaha etc
and i undurastand Nexon did corrupt for ban my bagi :) was have 100b+ dill with l3 set +9 etc everything totaly worth 110-120b for sure its ok i no care item/dill or anything i just care my honor.
why i open this topic?
because this shit destu back papaya and i ask him? why u back here not nexon u cant ban me for kick ur ass
or u cant do anything and i hear (1 day later %100 talis %50 mele pets and perpetus and alot more shit
and i see destu why back. :)
i just waiting and hoping Papaya will fix everything and give us a fair game.
(note: dont Pray Money. pray to Real GOD. (translate for dogs in game whos praying to Destu /Humans not GOD)
(Few More Note:pinoys pls dont say rip english. i know my english bad but dont feel british. just love your country im a Turk and i no shame for say this)
(Last Two Note:i know here alot dogs will trash talk for i shame them GOD destu. maybe them GOD read that for say her dogs ignore me for try to shame me :) but no1 can shame me XD always i got Proves for everything.)
(Last Note:i will soon Save a video for youtube The God Destu in bet pvp (if he no scared) i will have her money and will sell to npc) and video name will = God or Dog (i promise that)
(i know here rly long talk i hope no one read this because if i see that i wont read but i will do there all my says)
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