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I've just started grinding Management Skill.

I am fishing (R16+1) and using Storage (R15+1). I ws processing massive amounts of fish and the skill level was only climbing slowly.

I did a quick experiment. I processed 5 Peto (R4) first individually and then in one batch. I got much more Management Skill EXP doing the storage one fish at a time. 

It's laborious but the ration was 4 exp to 10.

(Incidentally with Management at R2 any fish at less than R4 returned no EXP at all).


  • SeperallisSeperallis Posts: 21Member Beginner
    As you may or may not have discovered by now, Management only gains proficiency exp when you 1) earn a Great Success from production and 2) are moving at sea. Furthermore, more proficiency is gained for each Great Success if the recipe requires a higher skill rank.

    Really, 5 fish is much too small a sample size to get any useful data from that experiment, precisely because, with 5 productions, it's quite likely to get 3/4/5 great successes, or even none at all. On that note, don't compare the number of items you processed, but instead the number of great successes you've achieved, and then perform the same number of great successes via both methods.

    For my part, I've run no experiments on Management to see if the prof rate changes based on how you process your items. It's a possible there's a difference, but I've not noticed it be so great that I'm willing to waste so much time processing items one at a time.
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