Holiday Season Screenshot Event!

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Holiday Season Screenshot Event

Share your screenshots of achievement(s) that you have made
so far in Maris Server and win the special prizes!

[Entry Period]

After Maintenance on December 13th to 2:00 PM on December
28th (Server time)

[Voting Period]

After Maintenance on December 13th to 2:00 PM on January
3rd, 2018 (Server time)

[How to Play]

- The theme of this event is basically open for anything,
but try to show us what you have achieved in Maris server so far.

- Make a "Comment" on this Event Forum Post (click
button below) with your *character name, a quick note on what you have achieved
in game so far* and *a screenshot of your character* during the Entry Period.

- A player can post a screenshot only once per IP address.

- Players are to "Like" their favorite screenshots
among the entries to determine the Top 5 entries during the Voting Period.

- Players can "Like" as many entries as they like.

- In case of the same number of "Likes," an entry
that was posted first will receive precedence.

- Using graphics software such as Photoshop and Windows
Paint, players can add captions or a tiny bit of effects, but they cannot alter
backgrounds or characters in their screenshots.



 * The prizes will be distributed through in-game Bank.

 * We recommend to use an image hosting website such as to upload your file and use the link for your post.

**Entry is Closed**

Thank you for your participation! You can still Like the post(s) you like until 2 PM PST, January 3rd, 2018.



  • furysoulfurysoul Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Found the mythical golden city of El Dorado. I was then cursed to look that way because I tried to steal some gold :(

    spblackGMBenyaRhend78francoisuwoDestryTheEzioAuditoreHuseyinGaziSeperallisJoleneBaelfireand 2 others.
  • antimatterantimatter Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Deepnight Performing in Xanadu :D

    viennasHaidaodajb101joesyqwzer1987brianlv504080686595376903aiserluisaGMBenyaand 96 others.
  • Live4uwoLive4uwo Posts: 26Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    Otto friendship :)
    ...would like to participate but cannot paste pict over

  • OmegaKaiseRolandOmegaKaiseRoland Posts: 36Member Beginner
    IGN: Roland.von.Zeppelin

    Finally discovered Chichen Itza (and Chacmool,even though I haven't get that discovery) :D

    IGN: Roland.von.Zeppelin
    Company: ACME_Corporation
  • DestryDestry Posts: 40Member Beginner
    Just finished adventure school and dyed my hair orange (that's all I did so far):

  • archdevilsarchdevils Posts: 1Member Beginner

    Marseille Square
    DestryGMBenyaaja1124jellta69pakaji1HuseyinGaziAckersnakeaja1123zaia77deltaloand 2 others.
  • wsp414wsp414 Posts: 58Member Beginner
    IGN: Wsp

    I never thought I would attain enough noto to wear the pirate equipment.  But here I am at the Port Royal tavern, layered fully in pirate gear crafted from the drinking woman whom i'm currently trying to offer more alcohol to!

    Destrycalicaddy46CarnevalSpooklesGMBenyaHuseyinGazifsxguySeperallisJolenenapoleon79and 3 others.
    ~The Spice Must Flow~
  • TheEzioAuditoreTheEzioAuditore Posts: 18Member Beginner
    Never before had he paid much attention to the astral phenomenons above him, but messengers from the gods are not to be ignored.

    Red Sea - Fireball Discovery

    IGN: -Ezio_Auditore-

    furysoulSyrianEagleDestryGMBenyaHuseyinGazifsxguyGlugglugSeperallisJoleneBartandelusand 1 other.
    "I'm taking back the crown, I'm all dressed up and naked, I see what's mine and take it."
  • MaseratyMaseraty Posts: 16Member Beginner
    I was getting my Southeast Asia permit then I saw this great scene for a screenshot!

    IGN: Alfonso-de-Castilla


    A fictional coronation of Prince Alfonso de Astúrias becoming King of Spain. Coronated by a priest as the tradition demands!
    ManOldManSebastAFMMachine2DestryjonasjorgejuniorGMBenyaHuseyinGaziEricGraffsxguySeperallisand 1 other.
  • kekstar87kekstar87 Posts: 3Member Beginner

       Nothing is more valuable than having friends to sail with :))  happy new year!

     IGN : Blackbeard
    ssapbuchunhaKGH30604lycos5943archdevilsDestryHuseyinGazircm011pointat90p2jodeyvand 93 others.
  • patricksvdpatricksvd Posts: 0Member Beginner

    I'm flippin down under!

    IGN: AdamusSutekh

  • dabaddabadabaddaba Posts: 12Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    Many places visited but still so many yet unseen hiding beyond the horizon.

    IGN: Alfa

  • ManOldManManOldMan Posts: 0Member Beginner
    boa sorte ;)

  • RosengallRosengall Posts: 5Member Beginner
    In the game my greatest achievement is that I managed to have a good family around me because after all,Christmas is about being with your family together:)
    -i repost it since i messed my first one (sorry for any inconvenience)

    " Miracles are illusions caused by insufficient observation and understanding. They're just... glorious misunderstandings. "
  • HuseyinGaziHuseyinGazi Posts: 158Member Trainee
    I've many achievements I made in UWO so far, but one of the greatest I found is discovering the mythical place called Avalon where King Arthur once visited ^_^ Only dedicated adventurers can get this far. Hope you all like it and enjoy :-)

    IGN: [CA]Huseyin_Gazi

    RosengallDestryantimatterFarmboy102GlugglugibouquetMissBehavingSeperallisJoleneWalkerDePlank1and 6 others.
    IGN: [CA]Huseyin_Gazi
    Dedicated Adventurer and Maritimer
    Other toon: Disi_Aslan (trader, production, R20 SB'er and Director of OA)
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    Merry Christmas guys! I'm officially the first to sail in a red panel added by FS :)

    IGN: boo
  • joshness27joshness27 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    My first time won a RWJ in a ticket and mod it to 8/8 nocturnal paneling with complete 26/30 Improve Full Rigged Sail and 2 Improve Large Sprit +21 Horizontal.


  • ShiroqueShiroque Posts: 1Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    I've achieved a lot since Maris started but the one thing that made me happy the most is this awesome Mayan Warrior - Set :D

    P.S. Looking like a cat doesnt stop rats from plundering your fish D:

    IGN: Shiroque


  • KossmynnKossmynn Posts: 1Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    It was hard to start all over again, but I've gathered the mental strength to do so, and I managed to recover some of my achievements I had on GAMA (like sea/land charting, techs,  Avalon, The Hanging Gardens, the phaenomenos, the fishes etc), while trying new things as well (building our Colony from scratch and finishing it with the help of my fellow Romaniacs, getting the Display Room etc).
    Here I am visiting Shangri-la again to get more of those nice peaches they have ;) image
    Looking forward to reach 85/85/85 and to all the future expansions of the game, and bidding you all "Happy Holidays!",
    IGN: Kossmynn
    Company: Romaniacs (Sevilla)
    IngrydJolenedanbadaMARQbenighencianDunpeealdanielhristeahectorix73PappolinaAnothermemeand 85 others.
  • bgriver8bgriver8 Posts: 1Member Beginner

    This handsome Koxinga has given me the Qing Pao Armour.
    Not only the function, but it looks very gorgeous to me.
    Thank you, Koxinga :)

    IGN : LadyGaKaRot

  • jinmakjinmak Posts: 1Member Beginner
    X-Mas season in Lisbon
  • Black0SoulBlack0Soul Posts: 1Member Beginner
    imageMy Greatest achivement is stealing this outfit from great plains. Don't tell the fatty guy behind me :D

    IGN : Black_Soul

    mernamohamed1THT3rdibouquetcolinsmithuwo1Shakaricaptainperviefluffiershipsiesulukoruwobbler1and 3 others.
  • jest11jest11 Posts: 50Member Beginner
    The best achievement i've done so far is reaching rank 16 Shipbuilding in maris.

    Captain Purgy at your service!!!
    Ja42bzrsabrinaxenaTrinityofMarseilleGlugglugbuccaneerlizmernamohamed1weekwakeTHT3rdtammie1983deadsiesand 57 others.
  • Jovioh24Jovioh24 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    Achievement so far Casting 12 Shipbuilding 10 WooHoo!

  • AhTuckAhTuck Posts: 0Member Beginner
    edited December 2017
    Snowstorm when doing map creation.


  • benighencianbenighencian Posts: 1Member Beginner
    edited December 2017

  • bbqtankbbqtank Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Building up the company colony with friends, both old and new. Old friends helped me to come back to the grind and new friends helped me stay

    IGN_ Balthazer
  • SeperallisSeperallis Posts: 21Member Beginner
    My greatest achievement? Convincing my wife to return to the seas for a life of adventure, of course! After all, it's only an adventure if you have someone with whom you can share the experience; otherwise you're just a lonely wanderer.

    Oh, yeah, and getting back to being a rank 20 shipbuilder. That was nice.

    UWO: Seperallis (DutchCourage) & M'aiq (FreedomHunters)
    Dutch for Life.
  • SeperallisSeperallis Posts: 21Member Beginner
    IGN: Seperallis

    I may have forgotten that. It's in the signature, but, you know...just to make sure there's no doubt, yeah?
    UWO: Seperallis (DutchCourage) & M'aiq (FreedomHunters)
    Dutch for Life.
  • jest11jest11 Posts: 50Member Beginner
    IGN: Purgy

    Sadly i can't edited my post. So here's my IGN.
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