Status Update II (Cash Item Issue)

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Hello everyone, 

I’d like to update you all on the status of the recent cash item issue before today’s maintenance. 
The previous announcement can be found here:  

We’ve confirmed that the ‘GM Shop’ isn’t any hidden separate platform or functionality GMs can manually open in-game. The so-called ‘shop’ is a result of modifications by individuals to the resource/client files allowing for the additions of unreleased items to the D-Shop. This issue is one of illegal game file hacking and manipulation through and through by individuals unassociated with Papaya Play.

At the same time, however, regardless of the result of accusations against them, GM Lavante has decided to leave their position to pursue a full-time work opportunity outside of Papaya Play. We wish them the best of luck.

The prices of all items in the GM Shop (specifically, all items that have been sold at least once before) have been increased to the maximum to avoid any further purchasing. Before this, we requested the disabling the purchase option of all DKC cash items’ if they are not registered to the DShop, but this wasn’t successful due to technical issues. 

We’ve been working with the developers and engineers in Xigncode regarding this issue, and we are applying the patch to the server to prevent further client file modifications tonight. 

We are continuing to investigate this issue thoroughly so that all accounts/IPs/MIDs that are directly involved with the hacking will be permanently banned, and that none of the accounts that were wrongly accused will be further impacted. 

Please send us a Help Desk ticket if you feel your account has been mistreated. 

Thank you,

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