What if Costumes were Costumes and Wings were just Wings

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Happy count down to the holidays everyone,

I have a concept that I want to share and hash out with the community before I take it further. 
The basic idea is to separate the stats from the costumes and wings. This would take a bit of work, but it could be a better play in the long run for the player base. Wouldn't it be nice to use a costume or wings that you wanted aesthetically? Instead of worrying about the stats and there effects?

So around this design, and those familiar with the crest system over in korea, you can take costumes and fill them with crest gems to make a custom stated costume. The idea would be to separate the item from the stats completely. So the costume just becomes a costume, Then a new item slot in the inventory would be added for a "Costume Crest Band" and "Wing Crest Band". These Bands will contain the slot for a crest system.

This in the end would allow the player to make some controlled custom bands, along whit some other standard band options, Then allow you to wear what ever costume or wings you wanted.
This could then open up ideas around costume and and wing die coloring.

Let me know what you think of this idea. Management has asked me for a presentation or document on the topic.


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    So basically you will add 2 new equipment slots, players who have costumes will receive a band with the old costume stats and a clean costume and those bands will also have one slot for crests? If I understood it correctly, I LOVE this idea and I bet flag owners will love it too. Also, you could bring back all the old costumes. Oh, and I was actually making a list of some quality of life changes that would be nice but this thread seems appropriate to mention that option to hide your wings would be really nice as well.
  • [DK]Gismo[DK]Gismo Posts: 240DK Moderator, Approved Member Trainee
    So yes the basic idea would take the current costume and exchange it. You would then get that costume (no more stats) and a band relevant to the stats that use to be on it. This band cant be changed.

    Secondly, there would be band to acquire through questing, exchange, etc., that would allow certain types of stats per slot, allowing for some minor customization.

    My overall personal thought would be that the costume and wings would be D-shop bases, like it should be for cosmetics, but still offer the past bands from previous sets of costume and wings separate, then establish the in-game band system focused around grind/event specials.

    New costumes would be available when developed, but the shop bands should not increase past a point in time 

    I would prefer to keep the crests for the custom bands out of D-shop, allowing for a natural cap of stats and combos to occur in-game.

    Second phase of the idea would be the color die system. This I would have a mix of mainly d-shop, but allow a rare or unique one to be in drops or event. 
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    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="WKcM8dj"><a href="//imgur.com/WKcM8dj">Just do it!</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Hmm can't eddit or add something to message above...

    Well the concept is awesome, and if you do it that would be great!
    On the other hand, will those "bands" will be trade-able, how long would it take to make it ? And you know, that we, as a community are pretty fed up with promises or false hype.

    Questions out of topic:  you know there are a lot of bug in game right or more like unfinished touches if you say, if it is possible could you say where all the work is stuck at (if you can't, just say why. Please! )

    Umm and whats with all those seed of dreams sinks?
  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 222Approved Member Trainee

    I did post this on your F2P topic and also by PM to you and
    Levante back in February but got no reply so here goes again

    It's a bit more complicated than your concept but gives more flexibility.

    Provide basic items (costume or wings) with a series of
    slots in the item which could take any combination of ‘stat gems’.  (attack, Def, Res, Crit, HP Recovery etc). ‘stat
    gems’ could be made available in D Shop, drops and quest rewards and either
    various level of stat or upgradeable to a maximum cap. This will give all
    players the ability to create personalised items with the stats they want. I
    would love that because no one item has everything you want.

    The basic item is made available to players by whatever
    means, your choice whether it's via the shop or by collecting items and exchanging
    them for said item in-game.

    You could further customise the item by providing them with
    basic stats for STR, DEX, HEAL, SPR which increase when upgraded by the
    argating system.

  • [DK]Gismo[DK]Gismo Posts: 240DK Moderator, Approved Member Trainee

    The interface that you are describing is actually the current set up for the crest system ingame. We just lack the slotted costumes.

    But as I can point out, that method makes the stats stick, or stay with that costume. 
    My method would allow entire separation of costume, wings, and stats system, which allows the player full customization to their stats and appearance.
  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 222Approved Member Trainee
    Yes I would keep the ability to remove and replace the stats for different/better ones. It would be great if any combination of stats could be created on the crest so the player could tailor the stats to suit their needs. For example I focus on PVE so PVP stats are a waste for me.

    While were on the subject of slots, what are the purpose of the two slots on the bottom row of the inventory, the two on the outside of the armlet/bracelet slots. What gems do they take?
  • Unbr34k4bleUnbr34k4ble Posts: 16Approved Member Beginner
    I really like this idea. Costumes will finaly serve its true purpose again and that is change look of char to what we like instead of something ugly we are forced to wear just because it has broken stats.
  • magazinul2magazinul2 Posts: 63Member Beginner
    The concept indeed is great, please add back all the old costumes back and make them also farmable, because let's face it, we ain't really so into investing another dime into dekaron because of the fraud that is going on, this current christmas event is pure p2w and I'm actually amazed papaya had the guts to do such an event when it was natural for them to offer us presents and an actual great event from which we could benefit without investing or farming unrealistic hours in deadlands.

    I understand you are trying to turn a new page and try to revive the community Gismo, but there are still actions to be taken for so many people and we still expect a Banlist, also please fix the last events that have been bugged and were left in the air without notice or any initiative to work it out and compensate all the players.

    Gismo if papaya really cares about their costumers, they would help all the new players advance faster twards becomming competitive in pvps, however there has not been such a thing and most new players or old players that return realize how incredibly hard it got to be competitive and just delete the game.

    Right now there is nothing to do in the game and I mean it, nothing to farm, nothing to persue, no vision, no target, just looking for kos but not finding any1, afking in doomed maze or crespo pking maybe 1 or 2 pks and logs off cuz the boredom is too much to take.

    Spice it up, bring the costumes, bring the milk and cookies, make santa spawn on regular mobs not just deux because the other dungeons guess what, they are all bugged...

    People need skillbooks step 2 mostly (got mine maxed, this isnt a selfish request).

    For the love of God bring Coloseum 2v2 back and make it 24/7 opened, make costumes estethics be farmable through pvp medals as RedDK wings were farmable. (No random boxes, just FIX A CERTAIN AMOUNT FOR THE WANTED ITEM)

    Yeah, thats about it about my personal opinion and suggestion.

    Wish you the best Gismo, Merry Christmas and hope you can push your ideas further for aprobation.

  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 174Member Trainee
    pass it and approve it.

    and while you guys are working on it, please go and re-open the Colosseum.

    most of the high levels in the game are bored..

    Have a taste of my Kameha-meha boom boom boom.,
    Black Wizard
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