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dsarikka1dsarikka1 Posts: 2Member Beginner
please launch Retails. this Christmas papayaplay didnt launch any retail . . at list we u should launch Christmas packs .   


  • v0nndutchv0nndutch Posts: 470Member Intermediate
    They have launched a few Christmas Packages which can be located here.
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  • [HGM]Cheerful[HGM]Cheerful Posts: 121WR Game Master Trainee
    Dear @dsarikka1,

    We would like to tell you that we have released some random boxes where you can get permanent weapons (a lot of them - for Engineer&Medic, Sniper, Assault or Heavy Trooper). In addition, you can get a free MP5K for spending 4000WRC or an ES for spending 6000WRC.

  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 307Member Intermediate
    Please do not release any retails anymore.
  • angelo246angelo246 Posts: 5Member Beginner
    Christmas one of the most important holidays of the year,you could have done more...compared to simple packages that do not really give big things, as already mentioned as 
    year there should have been the retail package of Cristmas weapons including premium, I am disappointed with this event that is taken this way lightly....very bad
  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 307Member Intermediate
    @angelo246 we do not need more useless packages containing several permanent christmas weapons. Like, what is the point of having 5 K1's for example. We need fixes and weapon balancing, which they are doing right now (Great work Papaya).

    And not everyone has a lot of permanents I'm aware of that. But still, permanents will not fix the issue of the playerbase decreasing. The day they fixed the major bugs in the game, and do more important balances, they can think about selling (new) permanents. And Papaya is doing great at the moment, it's just DE who is not supporting our version of the game anymore IMO.
  • angelo246angelo246 Posts: 5Member Beginner
    certainly papaya has worked a lot on the game, but for Christmas I think it is right to give a boost to the players who still play forever ... and instead I saw that for Christmas were added only the trivial packages that have replaced other much better, random boxes do not count as an event are something really useless, and just think about popularizing the game but we must also take care of the players who are present, about the fact of the same weapons  recalls that the cristmas weapons are well different from the normal ones

  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 307Member Intermediate
    The only difference between christmas skinned weapons and normal weapons is that the christmas weapons shoot some kind of lightning and have a different sound.
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