honestly i am disappointed on this christmas event! hoping for milk and cookies... :(

shebal360shebal360 Posts: 77Approved Member Beginner
another new costumes and wings...

alot of you do i know is hoping for milk and cookies event for miesters book,like the past christmas event that event was the best ever event on dekaron history,ive seen alot of returnee and new to the game as in zero knowledge,i was thinking they will have the chance to farm having them to sell like cookies,milk,or miester skill book to make some profit to start their dekaron journey.,and most importatnt leveling their miester's skills, especially step 2 which is very costly and very hard to get,nevertheless you spam dshop to max it out instantaneously., and how about the low,moderate spender!? endless farming!? make it atlist enjoyable while farming.

i was hoping to bring back the past christmas event right after this new christmas event ended.
hoping for all players support and the dekaron team.

to dekaron team milk and cookies for miester book revamp please bring it back!!!


  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 200Approved Member Trainee
    I'll be honest i do like that they brought new costume/wings. But that the only thing i like about this event. 1st and for most clearly they pushing hard mostly on premium dungeons, that have one free daily enterence avaible and based rest on  buying tickets. Exception is Karon fire pot.  But that wouldnt be the problem, the problem is they where clearly lazy or that bug they where talking about has to do something with Santa not appearing from any regular monster kill. Last year it was kinda nice that after monster kill Bad santa did spawn and was hoping this year would be same. Besides they could have include Christmas Cookies and Milk as a drop as well. Maybe it's early to judge this event but one thing is clear besides costume and wing this event is overall meh and clearly a big step down comparing to awesome Halloween event we had!!!
  • ExonosExonos Posts: 8Member Beginner
    This is actually exactly the same event as the halloween event, just with a santa spawning after dungeon boss instead of that halloween monster. And just like it was with the halloween event, every dungeon except Deux Marble is bugged. No santa, no drops in other dungeons.
  • risingashesrisingashes Posts: 1Member Beginner
    that is because if it dropped then d-shop not make any money It is clear to me that they want you to buy seeds and parca's  gift they are just trying to build bottom line every company does it 
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