Why Hackers no ban?

2liveforkil2liveforkil Posts: 24Member Beginner
this two shit prove everything 64 day ago a aloken (not summy or cs) do real bot hack and farm there all day
i send ticket 4 or 5 times and they all time saying ty. but i see this aloken everytime lol
papaya what u will do?
fix mc3? Herzburz?
fix %100 talis etc? (GM Shop everything shit)
add Active GMs (for ban hackers or just let people caugh them and you just ban them)
or this crazy lags?
and if you think to make this game alive = do there alll my says first
next make perfect event for return people
tradable unuqie pets/d shop costumes/wings
and do every week PvP event or every mouth PvP event.
Nexon fked this game pls papaya no destroye.
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