The store next door- Temurs Obsession 2 (page 4?)

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I can't remember what happened yesterday. It was more like
I didn't want to remember what happened yesterday. 
Hnng. . .my head is hurting. I think I stayed on the kitchen floor 
for an extra 3 hours. Despite my fanaticism for this kind of stuff,
maybe it was just too much for me this time. I like reading about it,
I just don't want to be a part of it. Maybe I was too over my head on this.

Now I am in the restaurant with Eliza, having a fun conversation about Priceless.
The days passed and I tried to forget everything, but lately, I don't think I have 
forgotten. Lately it feels like I am being forgotten. "Enough", I thought.
I just want to spend this day with the girl I love.

Eliza, you are the key to solving everything. Yet I can't have you doing that,
you are my precious, yet you are also my destruction. I CANT WAIT TO 

She stared at me, asking why I was sweating and covering my head.
I played it off saying. "I suddenly got the chills, maybe someones talking
about me, haha" and all she did was shake her head saying, "that's when you sneeze".

Yes, ever since that day, A foreign invader has taken over my body and my mind.
It made my love for Eliza become an obsession as well as my obsession with the occult.
Mixing these two made it seem like Eliza was part of a cult or involved with one,
and it also made this obsession turn into hatred. In my mind, I had to kill her
or I would end up being killed by her. This invader started making those thoughts
more frequent, and its just self control that I haven't actually done anything to her.
. . .The opportunity never came for me to do something.

Once we reached Priceless, we each went our own different way.
I pretended to look at something, as I saw Eliza speak with Lartz.
I came to this store for one thing and that was to confirm my suspicion on that old man.
Before all the fiasco happened, there was one phrase that stuck in my head
"Nothing is priceless, always let the items go."
Maybe it was because of the whole pictures, but these items slowly
started losing what they were, like this miniature disco ball was just
a broken down glass ball. It wasn't just the items, but the store itself.
Cracked walls, the floor a murderous red, the ceiling in shambles and probably
the most important aspect, was that there was no storage room.

I couldn't make out what he was saying to Eliza, but he did went back to the "storage room"
so I decided to get closer and see if it was just my imagination.
It wasn't.
There was nothing there, not even a door that could lead him to that area, so how was he doing it?
Furthermore, he only lasted seconds in that storage facility, as he was
expecting the person to come looking for such item.
Moments later, Eliza started to fall and I ended up grabbing her before she felled down.
I didn't understand why, on the counter there was a kitchen set and
a torn down book with no title or author, might not have even been a book
just a diary or journal.

As I decided on what to do for Eliza, The man who stayed behind the counter 
suddenly appeared behind me. His hands changed form and the nails
turned to claws, digging itself in my shoulders.
"You seem to have a certain. . . immunity to my magic.
Unfortunately that comes with a price. I hope you can entertain me
before your desires take over you."
His claws kept digging but I didn't want to leave a shout and his face 
started melting and acidifying the floor. His words continuing.
"You are not the protagonist of this story, you
cant even be considered a side character.
Whatever happens here should be forgotten and must
never be spoken. Or I will kill you."
With that his grip let go and I checked over my shoulder, but
there wasn't a single scratch on them, and the old man was behind the 
counter, making sure it was clean and looking back at me and smiling.

This is where we stopped, Eliza in her house and about to open a page
on the book. I stayed inside thinking she might need some food
or just proper care the moment she woke up. To my surprise
the moment I saw her try to open that tattered book, I saw something
quickly dash out of it and bite her neck, and immediately saw what that implied.
Her reactions were erratic, flipping through the book and saying "Yes"
as if she was looking back in time and confirming things. 

I didn't like it. I just didn't. I took the book away from her and she was surprised
I was there. It was a bad time to play hero though.

Those instincts awoke inside me and in an instant, the item I was holding in my other hand
was clutched strongly and I stabbed her neck with it.

She tried to muster what few strengths she had and tried to claw my hand, her body spazzing
across the bed, wanting air but not being able to receive it. The action I did was finally 
being realized by my mind, and in the shock I took the knife out of her neck and pierced
my heart.

Good Job, you killed the one I love and now you are killing yourself.
Everything went perfectly before it could have been worst.
I like to play a game, but I sure don't like to play it fairly.
You and all 56 people living in this town
will be seeing each other in hell.

Those last few words weren't the demons inside me, it was Lartz.
We both were played and it seemed like I was stuck in an illusion
as there was never really any voice inside me to begin with.
In my last moments I gave a cocky smile, because if he planned
all this out, then he shouldn't be surprised at all the evidence
I left behind scattered around. It would take a genius to figure it all out,
but I have my faith that this injustice will lead to a brighter
world. Sorry Eliza, I never got to tell you how much I. . . Love . . you.

I also forgot to tell her about her grandpa, That. . . he. . .
he. . .
he. . .

The first two corpses laid on top of each other. It was a week later that they were found
due to the bad odor that was leaking and the neighbors were complaining.
The small community was shocked. They experienced death and even had 
their shares of murders, but this spectacle was too grandiose for them to understand.


When the police went to check the scene of the crime, the results were:
Two dead. The reason was a mental break, it seems like they
both died due to some kind of shock. 

They left it like that. There was no blood or knife at the scene of the crime.
Much less, the only thing in that area was a tattered book, and some old
dusty kitchen supplies. Inside the book was nothing, not a single written word
and the pages were already all burnt and old.

A week later their funeral was held, and in that crowd there stood a peculiar girl.
In her field of vision she saw two ghost, a male and female walking towards her.
The male dropped something on her hands and said
"The eyes that caught us cannot interfere with you"
The male smiled and hugged the female as he continued
"We are now heading to a worst place. I left some clues for
someone, Maybe it was for you. You will meet more like us, The
numbers are going to be unknown to you, but known to us. 
Hear out what they have to say, there is still hope for you."

The young girl just stood daze, she knew what was happening, she just didn't know
what was going on. She smiled back at them though and said:
Your pain and suffering. . . Is there anyway I can free your imprisonment?

They both smiled.
And left.

Yes there is a way, but you have to get it off his hand.
Right now you are not ready, but some time you will.

I will help you then, the girl said. I don't know whats going on, but I don't want 
spirits to suffer. I will do all that I can and I will help you.
I wont meet the same fate you guys did.

She smiled and continued on with the funeral, but as soon as it was over
she decided to visit the house of the deceased male, Temur.

Part 5 story: The detective girl.

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