id.blackshtpavi22 rank.major my all 26 accounts was banned blackshotpavi 1 to blackshotpavi26

blackshotpavi22blackshotpavi22 Posts: 2Member Beginner
hi gm please unbann my acc 26 accounts my friend have hacked my account (1) blackshotpavi1 to blackshotpavi26 all 26 accounts was banned please unbann this all my accounts


  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 604Member Intermediate
    this is uncharted waters online forum,not blackshot forum
  • LadyCatarinaLadyCatarina Posts: 12Member Beginner
    Once banned, always banned... No one needs 26 accounts. I would bet anything that you are a multiboxer (which is against the rules) or you are a gold seller... in which case we don't want you here...

    Either way, you were banned and the GM won't remove that ban no matter how much you beg...

    There is one other possibility... you could be one of the WC trolls.
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