[Event] Christmas Clan Spirit [UPDATED]

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Hello Soldiers,

You asked for new Clan Logos, and we listened! Our team created an event where you can win the exclusive chance of customizing your own Clan Logo!

Gather your clan family, wear as many festive accessories and/or characters as possible, and submit your Christmas screenshot on this thread! The top 5 clan family portraits will win the exclusive chance to design their own Clan Logo!

Screenshot requirements:
1) The screenshots must be of this year (no previous screenshots will be allowed)
2) Screenshots cannot be edited with external programs
3) You must submit 2 screenshots, the first being your Clan Family Portrait and the second being the same screenshot with the scoreboard (press tab) so we can ensure that all users are from the same Clan.

We will close this thread on January 7th. Make sure to submit your screenshot before then!

P.S. You can find some festive accessories and characters in the new Christmas packages we released on the webshop here!


Hopefully everyone has written their letter to Santa for the chance to win a Christmas Package! If you haven't you have up until December 24th to participate in that event located here.


Thank you to everyone who participated! If your Clan was not selected as one of the winners, don't worry as we have other events just around the corner with similar rewards such as custom Clan Logos!

The 5 users that were selected as winners based on many tallied votes are (in no particular order):

2) sexstarz 
3) archrival22 
4) OldAccount 
5) crazybrain4 

We will be reaching out to these 5 users shortly via a forum PM with more instructions about their custom Clan Logo.


Team War Rock


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