The store next door- The detective girl (part 5?)

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Please tell me the story is nigh
Of the girl born with mysterious eyes
Her golden hair, sheared by light
Reflected the sorrows of those past their life.

She could not see ghost, she could see figures
And read the memories that still linger.
Her white doll-like figure told a tale
Of when she found out more about herself.
For she was an odd one, yes she was
A presence she didn't have, yet her looks were more than benign
She used her gift to help solve crimes.

Fair as she is, she is pretty young
Age eleven, yet so strong.
Solving crimes the police could not
Because she could see the world that rot.
       The young girl stood in front of Temurs house after the funeral was over.
       She was clutching her rabbit doll as she walked the road towards his door
       and knocked out of habit. Hearing no response she tried to see if it was open
       and unsurprised she was when it was locked.
            "Well at least he dropped the key to his house in my hand at the funeral. Honestly
              I wouldn't know it was them since all I can see is the shape of a figure and no detail, 
              but since I was at both their funeral, it was only logical it had to be them. Mister Temur
              and Misses Eliza. . . I wonder what they want me to figure out" she spoke as she found the 
              right key and opened the door.

      Where should I start with my story? Hmmm I guess I will start with the basic.
      When I was born my parents were shocked when they saw me.
      I was born with my left eye colored blue, and my other eye colored green.
      From birth I could see mass amount of dark energy that gave it the silhouette
      of human. It was  due to that, that I didn't actually confuse ghosts with humans
      because they were just silhouettes of actual human. Though they didn't have a 
     mouth, they could communicate with me through thought, and its what I like to call,
     their "dying regret". You wouldn't believe this, but I used to have the blondest hair 
     all the way to age 10, but now its fading to a bleach blonde. I learned how to truly 
     use my ability at the age of 7, when I started finding that I had no presence. It wasn't 
     that people were ignoring me, but it was the fact that I didn't exist to the world, as if 
     all my data was lost. I guess its a charm now, since I don't have to worry about leaving
     my traces for others to find me in a life or death situation. I can see the memories of 
     those that died, as if they existed and were doing said action by coming near of what I 
     like to call a "key object" which could be as simple as a favorite pendant, to something more
     difficult as a certain spot at a certain time. You could say that I am watching bits and pieces of 
     a movie as I get near these keypoints. Thanks to that, if a certain case appear near me, then
    I try my best to solve it. 
I want to give these spirits a place to rest in peace.

    I closed the door as I entered the house just in case someone outside saw that it was open and 
    would get suspicious. It seems like the cop hasn't visited this place yet, but they might soon.
    I walked forward about eighteen steps and took a peek at the open area next to me, which seems
   to be a kitchen. I took a step forward the kitchen and instantly the memory started to play.

   The events that flashed by was the delusions of Temur when he saw a shadowy figure and 
   the torture they did to him. In the midst of all that I saw that he was receiving mails from
   himself. Curious as I was, I took a closer peek and saw the date of when this was written.
. . .10 years ago. I was shocked and confused. There couldn't possibly be a delay that big when 
   sending messages.
       What was weirder that he read the messages all wrong. He was reading as if there was
       a Daniel in the conversation, but the messages made no clear sign of that.  Finally, he 
       received some images. Although he again saw something completely different, what I saw 
       on the images took me by a surprise.
       The pictures were of this town and its citizen, but with a twist.
       The first image showed this town from a bird eyes view, most importantly it showed the market
       area, and in it, the store Priceless was nowhere to be seen. In fact, in none of the pictures,
       was there even a single mention of the store or its owner, it was only mentioned in the messages.
       In this picture, Mr. Jeffrey was being successful with his business, so much that he branched into
       other items and his brand was far and wide. To celebrate that success he had a town gathering
       and was throwing out a massive party, with bounce houses  for the kid, and barbeque and alcohol
       for the adults.
       There was more differences such as that Temur and Eliza were in a cathedral getting married.
       Also, pictures of their kid. 
       As I scroll through the pictures and see their dates, the oldest was 20 years ago while the 
       youngest was 10 years ago. As I near the earlier pictures, they started getting more mysterious.
       August 9, year XXXX. This date showed a small coffin that Jeffrey found in one of his journeys.
       August 15, year XXXX. This one showed when Jeffrey decided to open it, the whole town was
       there out of curiosity.
       September 7, year XXXX. A picture of inside the coffin. There was no body but a jar and a book.
       It seemed like Jeffrey took these items with him and buried them.
                           There was a mysterious video in the message, and just when I was expecting
                           Temur to not press it, it seems like he decided to, and that was the video of what 
                           he saw as the shadow.
                  From my sight, the video showed this.
 October 12, year XXXX. A small boy and his friends dug the jar and the book out of the spot
one day. After opening the coffin and taking the items out, they sat down near the tree, and opened
the book.
                                                    Part 6: The beginning.
              (Its going to be an arc of itself, I want to tell the full story but I'm probs already at my max character limit or near it, so it will branch into part 6 although it will theoritcally still be part 5 so I will keep it at 5.)

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