Christmas Letter

DEcenaiDEcenai Posts: 6Member Beginner
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Dear Santa, 

My name is Esjay (Flock in game) and i am from the Netherlands. i really enjoy playing warrock and i love this game alot. im trying to become an esl player right now. But yea who cares? anyways i have a stupid joke for you (cause im stupid myself). Why doesn't Santa has any kids? He only comes once a year. But back to buisiness. Whenever i win this event i which i probably wont since i have no inspiration i would love to get the M4a1_snowcamo_Esl. i dont even care for how long i just want it cause i think it looks sicks. Anyways. Merry xmas and a happy new year for you all who are reading this. Much love and peace out. Flock


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