The store next door- The Beginning (part 5.1)

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 The book had no title or cover page.
 When the kids opened the book I saw a small black fog spread across the skies. Clouding the moonlit sky into a bloody red.
              The boys seem to have noticed this as they opened it and shakily flipped a page.
                                From here on out are the words written on the book.
If you are reading this, then I thank you for setting me free.
Its been thousands of years since the last time I stepped foot in this world, the last time I was alive. . . well I was sealed by an optimistic idiot. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to inflict some wounds on my immortal body and then sealed a part of me in this book and the other well. . .who knows 
 (The boys flipped to the next stage, the way he said "who knows" is implying he does know where the other 
part is, but wouldn't tell them in fear that he wont be freed) 
(the words continued to appear on the page, as if the writer was writing this book at this very moment, but sadly he wrote it as he was being sealed, since I can see his memory.)

Page 1.
My name is Lartz Stone and I was a humble merchant a million years ago. Due to my ability to understand peoples desire, I sold them various items catering their needs.  I went on doing this until someone caught my false words and items and had me executed.
(though the page was empty after that, he started filling the next one, I guess that was also a small intro into this Lartz guy)

Page 2.
I destroyed cities and towns wherever I passed but this one was too intelligent for me, it was amazing what people would do for their own greedy desire, the sins. Everyone went wild and those who hold strong bonds would be devastated the most, as they are killed and massacred, all it takes is a single push. . .
Ah well, about my execution, in the moment of my death I only wished that I could spread chaos more, but that was impossible, I was sent to hell instead.
I don't know the years I was in there but I do know all that transpired. Using my merchant skill, I ended up rebelling all the lost souls against satan himself and took him out of the picture, taking in all his glory and power. After that I decided that in order to not have any weaknesses anymore, I slowly started winning over the angels in heaven and launched an all out attack to god.
   The result was in my favor, in no time at all I killed God. I felt happy, and I gained even more stuff.
At this point in time, my knowledge of what the people wanted and the new found gifts from the god 
helped amplify my potential. To gain even more power I had to suck as much soul as possible, but 
it was really easy. I sucked every soul in both hell and heaven and I had almost an unimaginable power.
 (He is boastful at least, but this background story might become necessary. The kid flipped the page
   and the story continued)
Page 3.
The years passed by and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any traces to reach Earth, and its not like I could meddle with their work. . . the people of Earth that is. Suddenly, after getting lost in Gods Chamber, I found a small area with a portal that said Earth. I smiled, I am just so lucky, everything always falls in the palm of my hands. I stepped on the small device and I was instantly teleported to Earth.
   (It stopped again, and the page was flipped. The boys were fascinated by this mysterious being who
    took down both god and Satan. I was astounded that they even existed, if they actually died, maybe 
    I could find traces of them and see their memories. Well that's optimistic thinking.)

Page 4. 
My life began again and with no obstacles or so I at least thought. I began in a small village and sold my wares like I always did. People fell prey easily to my illusions, I could sell a pile of cow dung as gold, and people would believe they are buying gold. As a merchant though, I at least sold them items in similarity to what they wanted. A burnt out candle could become a lightshade, and a splinter of a tree can become the wood from noahs boat. 
              (Too much bragging, these types tend to fall down hard. Illusions huh, that can explain why
                Temur was experiencing all those fear attacks and stuff.)
I know its too much bragging, so I will get on with the story. I move to bigger cities and did the same, chaos spread everywhere and soon enough I met someone else who could cause so much damage to me.
Yes. . . His name was Daniel Emeri, a historian of lore and myths.
                                         (The page stopped again and the kids had to flip it to the next one.
Daniel Emeri again, it seems like he might hold some clues into all this. Hes Eliza's grandpa
from what I could understand. Well I guess I should postpone my thoughts for now)

Page 5. 
I was starting my new business in the Bahamas, a small wheel cart with random wares near the beach. 
I always took the best form due to location and everything, and it turned me to someone in the primes
of their youth with golden hair and a suntan. As I was preparing my wares one day, Daniel and his family 
visited me and it seems like he was expecting my wares, as he questioned "Hey, are you really selling
all this junk?" and gave me a smile as he knew who I was.
The question got me off- guard and made me break in sweat, "Ahaha, what do you mean sir, these are the 
best wares that I could muster. You seem like an intellectual, how about that book over there that is about
the myth of treasure island."
He sighed and walked away, he then turned and said "Daniel Emeri, lead historian in myths and lores. Might I have an Interview with you, Mister Lartz stone." and continued to walk, picking the young girl next to him up and putting her on his back, then holding the hands of his wife and continuing to walk.
 (The boys flipped to the next page, mesmorized by this Daniel guy, they didn't realize that the name was uncommon and that it was the uncle of Eliza. It seems like I was right, theres a common figure behind
all the masks he does.)
                                                -To be continued
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