New Year 2018 Update Suggestion

rizal987rizal987 Posts: 2Member Beginner
In conjunction with the upcoming new year, I would like to give an suggestion on the update. I hope that my suggestion will be considered by all of your team and developer.

1. Increase storage space/remove storage space limit.
- Most of BlackShot players are full of storage space because they keep too many cash weapons/items especially when receive daily login reward. When the storage space is full with cash items that can't be delete then its very possible to play the GOLDBOX.

2. Adding 'Voice Chat' function.
- The latest shooting games really need this "voice chat" function because it's a teamwork and strategy game. But make this setting only available for Team in Clan War match. Typing system still good for those who dont have a mic.

3. More clan marks.
- Please add more options to choose the Clan Mark because most of it already been used by another clan. Therefore, we have no choice to make our own ideas for Clan Mark.

4. Dismissal the Host.
- The button to dismiss the host in casual room not work anymore. Please fix it or else just remove it. Some of the host are hacker/AFK so 3 people voted for dismissal but nothing happen. Sure it will be great if can be fixed.

5. Two-step Verification Security.
- Most of the online account use this 2nd step verification to make sure that any process make by the real owner of the account. As you know 70% of the BlackShot SEA players are playing in the LAN Cafe. Some of their friends can staring when they are typing the PASSWORD. Just in case if they want to change the password they need to have verification code from the owner phone Number. So its hard to have the scam issue. Every account that want to change the password need to have verification code through the verify owner phone.

6. RAMD PARA Skin Bug.
- As we all know RAMD PARA skin in BlackShot SEA got bug that can walk through wall if use SPEEDKIT+. Their gameplay showed not break through any walls but enemies saw they are walking through wall. After that when they are in Speedkit no damage taken when people tried to shoot them. It does't make any sense for this bug. Hope it will be fix soon.


  • GMMrAntsGMMrAnts Posts: 28Member, Approved Member Beginner
    Dear rizal987,

    Thank you so much for your precious suggestion and feedback on our game!

    We have taken note of all the things you have suggested to us and we will review it and see what we can do.


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